Why Your Newborns Not Sleep Well?

Why Your Newborns Not Sleep Well

Causes that Makes Newborns Not Sleep Well

Poor sleep in newborns is a relatively common phenomenon, and many parents are anxious and do not know why their babies do not sleep well. So, many people want to know what are the causes of insufficient sleep in newborns.

There are many reasons why newborns don’t sleep well. When a baby has a bowel movement at night, the baby will cry endlessly, and it is difficult to fall asleep, not to mention how the quality of sleep is. The baby’s stomach capacity is small. Eating more often if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, it is also natural to cry. Also, lack of security is one of the major culprits that cause babies to wake up quickly. The mother’s womb is closed, safe, and warm for the baby during the fetal period. After the baby is born, they will be in a new environment and see different people and things every day, all of which are unfamiliar to the baby and will be more or less fearful.

Besides, babies are timid and easily frightened by the actions of strangers. The baby’s nervous system is still relatively fragile. If the baby is disturbed during the day, it is comfortable to sleep restlessly at night and always wake up. Or, before going to bed, the baby plays very high, so that the spirit can not be very calm, which leads to sleep difficulties. It is commonly known as “sleepy.” Although they can fall asleep, they wake up again soon after entering the light sleep stage and have difficulty entering the deep sleep stage.

What to Do WhenYour Newborn is Not Sleeping Well?

The baby sleeps badly, and the mother and father will also suffer, so many people want to know when newborn babies do not sleep well, what to do?

Newborn baby sleep is not good. First of all, we must find out the cause of bad sleep to enable the baby to sleep well. Generally speaking, within three months of birth, the baby is basically sleeping. At this time, parents absolutely can not change the sleep time, but it should be based on the baby’s physiological clock feeding on time to sleep to correctly train the baby’s sleep habits and avoid the baby’s sleep terribly.

The human body will secrete many hormones that promote sleep and help growth in a dark environment, so parents can create a sense of tranquility for their babies when they should sleep. You can use a small light in the baby’s room, and preferably warm yellow, and try to maintain a comfortable feeling of darkness and quiet at home. In a dark environment, we can secrete more sleep-promoting hormones, and at the same time, it can slowly make the baby aware of the night so that he slowly develops the habit of being active during the day and resting at night. Then, this will gradually tune the baby’s physiological clock to a normal state. Besides, in addition to the brightness, maintaining the right temperature is also very important for the baby to sleep peacefully.

How to Do if Your Newborn Baby Sleeps Too Short?

I believe that many parents have experienced what it is like to have a baby who does not sleep soundly, wakes up all the time, and sleeps for a short time. Therefore, many parents want to ask how to do a newborn baby sleep too short?

Babies don’t sleep well, wake up easily, and don’t sleep well, so they cry, they make a lot of humming noises, and they don’t look very good, so parents are worried and want to find a solution. First of all, when the baby is sleeping, the room should be kept quiet, parents should reduce the light brightness. It is best to leave only a dark yellow light so that it is not too harsh and will make the baby feel very warm and comfortable. For temperature, it should be appropriate cold and warm, fresh air. You can open windows because fresh air contains sufficient oxygen. Opening the window can also make the child comfortable and relax. The fresh air contains sufficient oxygen. If the windows are open, the child can sleep comfortably and deeply.

In addition to the sleep environment, the baby’s accumulation of food, indigestion, fire, or overeating at night will also cause the baby to sleep poorly. Therefore, parents are advised to feed solid foods such as porridge and noodles at least two to three hours before bedtime and drink a little more milk before bedtime. Also, you can play with your baby a little more during the day to expend his energy. Then at night, he will be able to sleep more solidly. But be careful not to play with him before bedtime to make him too excited but challenging to fall asleep.

What to Do if Your Newborn Sleeps Too Long?

The baby sleeps for a very long time. Parents are not sure what the situation is. They will be worried, so some people want to understand how to do a newborn baby sleep too long to be good?

First of all, we need to understand some of the criteria for newborn sleep time. The newborn’s requirements for sleep time are very different from ours. Generally speaking, newborns sleep for about 20 hours a day. And after two months, babies need to rest for about 18 hours a day. After four months, the baby sleeps about 16 hours a day. By nine months of age, babies sleep about 15 hours. And by about one week of age, the baby needs 13-14 hours of sleep to be fine.

So, the newborn baby spends every day sleeping. Sleeping for a long time is expected. Resting for a short time instead is abnormal. Because babies are in a growing stage, sleeping often means rapid growth, which is why babies can grow to double their weight through 5 months. Although newborns are awake for a short time, please do not panic because this is normal and does not require any intervention. So, never try to wake your baby at this time and interrupt their sleep. It is the long sleeping time of a newborn that is the sign of a healthy baby.

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