Why Your Newborn Baby Crying and Not Sleeping?

Why Your Newborn Baby Crying and Not Sleeping

Should You Worry If the Newborn Baby Won’t Stop Crying and Won’t Sleep?

Newborn babies often scare parents when they don’t stop crying. It is a tough time for moms, especially if it’s their first experience. Moms worry that the baby is not fine and they sometimes lose their cool. It seems daunting but doesn’t worry! You are going to handle it perfectly.

Many things can upset your child. They only know one way to communicate with the parents and that’s crying. It allows them to gain mom’s attention and get what they want. New moms find it pretty tough to understand what the baby wants. It is difficult to interpret the baby’s needs, but you learn that with time. There are some important facts you should know about the newborn baby crying and not sleeping. These facts will help you in doing your job perfectly as a parent.

Why Does Your Baby Cry and Not Sleep?

Your baby cries and doesn’t sleep due to one of the following reasons:

Improper development of the central nervous system:

Newborn babies do not know the day and night cycle. They do not know about sleeping at night and walking during the daytime. They sleep whenever they feel comfortable and wake up when they aren’t feeling fine. It is same for all the newborns across the globe.

Babies take time to get familiar with the day-night cycle. Their brain takes some time to get familiar with the normal sleeping cycle. Babies sleep throughout the day and wake up at night. It is the time when most of the parents sleep. Suppose your baby is in a rocker, he will wake up and cry because you aren’t there.

All the newborns search for their moms as they wake up. They cry because they feel hungry and need mom’s touch to feel comfy. As mentioned earlier, babies cry to gain their mom’s attention. He might not stop crying until you wake up! You will have to be there for the baby at the nighttime until your baby learns to sleep at nighttime. It takes some time but babies are good at adapting to new habits.

You aren’t sensitive enough to react fast!

Parenting is one of the toughest things to do. You need to be there for your newborn child no matter what! You might be physically and mentally exhausted after working hours in the office, but your baby will need you. An exhausting job can make parents a bit insensitive to the baby’s daily needs.

Every newborn baby requires proper care to stay happy and comfortable. A tiring day makes it tough to respond quickly when the baby is crying. Most the newborns cry when they are hungry or feeling wet. Parents should respond immediately to comfort the baby.

Moms should keep the newborn child near them so that they can wake up quickly if the baby cries. The baby will not stop crying if the mom does not respond immediately. He won’t sleep either due to hunger or discomfort caused by wet nappy. Be sensitive parents to feed and clean the baby in time. Thus, the baby won’t feel discomfort and he will sleep calmly.

Calcium deficiency!

Calcium deficiency can also be a major cause if the newborn is crying and not sleeping. The lack of calcium can cause serious health concerns. The baby may feel frightened in a quiet environment during the nighttime.

Such babies do not sleep deeply. Little movements and noises can also wake them up! Chronic health issues can also discomfort newborns. Health issues like malnutrition and tuberculosis can be responsible for the bad mood of the babies. They cry all night long if they experience symptoms of chronic health issues.

You should be extra cautious if you have a newborn baby at home. Make sure he is feeling well and not experiencing any health issue. Take your baby to the doctor for a regular checkup during the early months. It is necessary to comfort newborns until they get mature.

What Can You Do to Comfort Your Child If He Is Crying And Not Sleeping?

You can try the following things to comfort your child:

1. Start training your baby for healthy sleep

Babies have no idea about how to sleep and when to sleep. Sleeping at nighttime is an alien thing for the newborns. The baby will sleep 18-22 hours during the first and second month of his life. Newborns need 16-20 hours of sleep for proper growth. They don’t have any sleeping time because babies can sleep throughout the day and night.

You can make certain changes in your habits to help the baby in sleeping well. Change baby’s diaper during the day time. Make sure your baby wakes up during the daytime for his daily needs. Increase baby’s activities in the daytime and provide a calm environment for sleep in the nighttime. Your baby will quickly adapt to a healthy sleeping routine and stop crying at night.

2. Make sure your baby’s tummy is not full during the daytime

What do babies do when they feel hungry? They wake up and start crying! Babies cry to get fed. Moms try to take the best care of their babies. Therefore, they feed them until the baby’s tummy is full. It is good for soothing babies, but not good for their sleep.

You cannot change your baby’s sleeping habits if you feed him as long as he wants. You should provide your baby with small meals multiple times a day. Thus, the baby will stay awake longer in the daytime and sleep longer during the nighttime. Yes, the baby might cry a little bit due to hunger but his habits will change pretty quickly.

Newborns don’t demand anything else but food. They only seek your attention when they are hungry. Make sure your baby is not hungry during the night time. Thus, he will sleep longer during the night and you can also sleep well with your newborn.

3. Increase the playtime during the day

Babies love to play when they are awake. You can see your energetic baby cycling and constantly moving his hands when he is awake. These are exciting moments for parents. Some babies wake up during the nighttime and they expect their parents to be around throughout the night. It troubles parents because they have daytime jobs and household chores to complete.

Your baby will stay upset if you don’t play with him during the nighttime. He may cry louder for the attention if you don’t wake up. You should gradually change baby’s playing schedule. Play more during the daytime so that the baby can feel a little tired during the nighttime.

Make him laugh, promenade, and do things that please your baby. Thus, he won’t fall asleep easily during the daytime. You will slowly observe that your baby is sleeping longer in the night and playing more during the daytime. Thus, your baby won’t cry during the night!

4. Provide the necessary medical attention

If your baby is suffering from tuberculosis, rickets, malnutrition, or other diseases, you should provide him with the best cure. Observe your baby’s habits carefully to make sure he is healthy. If the baby suddenly stops sleeping and cry most of the time, it can be due to health issues.

Take your baby to the pediatric doctor. The doctor will diagnose the health issue and provide the best treatment to cure the health issue faster. The baby will cry due to discomfort caused by health problems. He will sleep longer and stay happy once the health issue is cured.

What Should You Do If the Newborn Does Not Like to Sleep?

Some newborn babies find it tough to sleep. They may wake up, start playing or look around without making any noise. It worries some moms because their baby does not get enough sleep during the day or night time. You can do the following things to comfort your baby and make him sleep longer.

1. Train your baby to sleep during the night:

Your baby may stay awake longer if he sleeps throughout the day. It is discomforting for parents because they don’t get time to sleep. Keep your baby awake longer during the daytime. Every newborn baby sleeps at least 18 hours. So, if you keep the baby awake during the day, he will sleep longer during the nighttime.

2. Give your baby a comforting bath:

Most of the babies sleep after taking a refreshing bath. Give your baby a hot bath in the evening and he will feel quite sleepy after a few minutes.

3. Take care of baby’s little needs:

Notice things your baby likes to do the most. Even newborn babies like certain things and certain things upset them. Do things your baby likes the most. It will keep your baby happy and he will sleep conveniently.

4. Play with your baby routinely:

Babies love to play and they seek all your attention when they are awake. Play more during the day time so that the baby stays happy. It will help your baby sleeping calmly during the nighttime.

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