Which Is the Best Treatment For Birthmark Removal?

Which Is the Best Treatment For Birthmark Removal

Is Laser Treatment The Best Birthmark Removal Treatment?

Certain areas of the skin look discolored or covered with darker spots. These discolored or darker looking spots are commonly known as birthmarks. Although most of the birthmarks do not indicate any health issue, some can be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Birthmarks can appear on any organ and these are unpredictable. Many factors contribute to the formation of birthmarks on the baby’s skin. Various cosmetic treatments are available now to remove these discolored skin spots.

Old-school techniques are painful, but the latest methods can remove these birthmarks painlessly. If your baby got unsightly skin blemishes and discolored spots on his body, choose the advanced treatment to remove it. Continue reading to learn how to remove birthmarks!

Can You Remove Birthmarks Completely?

Visible birthmarks can affect the visual appeal of any person. No parents want their baby to face bullies due to his different appearance. Visible birthmarks can badly affect a kid’s life if not removed before school. Therefore, many parents search for reliable treatment.

Is it possible to remove birthmarks completely? It is possible to remove those unpleasant skin blemishes. The result mainly depends on where the birthmark is located, its color, and also on the treatment you choose.  

The treatment mainly depends on the nature and appearance of the discolored skin spot. Modern procedures can easily remove red and black marks. Cyan birthmarks are quite tough to remove from the skin. This kind of marks can appear due to subcutaneous flesh. Cyan marks can also spread quickly and therefore skin experts might suggest a cycle of treatments.

The doctor carefully examines the shape, size, and location of the birthmark. If skin blemishes and discolored marks occurred on delicate skin, these aren’t easy to remove. Resultant scars can take time to heal completely.

Some surgeons choose the skin grafting method to remove unsightly marks. However, it can be tough to find clean skin to replace the affected skin. If the birthmark has occurred in a small area, skin grafting won’t be necessary. If that birthmark is covering a large area, the doctor will suggest a different treatment.

Surgical treatments can be effective, but scars take a long time to heal. Surgical scars can also look ugly. Therefore, many people choose a safer alternative. Laser treatment has become quite popular due to its painless procedure!

Which Birthmark Removal Treatment Is Effective?

Many people now search for birthmark removal treatments. They wonder it may cause health issues to the baby in the future. Not all types of birthmarks pose health risks. Only a few kinds of birthmarks can affect body organs and some can also cause malignant changes.

If the birthmark is located on an exposed body part, it can affect that person’s appearance. Some exposed birthmarks also make life more challenging for some people due to their different appearance.

Many people have suffered in schools and it became daunting for them to find employment due to exposed birthmarks. If your baby got a birthmark on an exposed body part or his face, you should look for a reliable treatment. If that birthmark is not exposed, it isn’t necessary to remove it.

Some parents may worry that birthmark removal treatments can be painful. Not all the treatments are painful and most of the birthmarks are easily removable. Preschool time is the best to remove birthmarks.

The doctor may suggest one of laser birthmark removal treatment, which is effective because:

1. Incredible accuracy

It is the best treatment to treat pigmented skin! This procedure targets the diseased skin tissues and it is quite accurate. The system used for this treatment has a high-quality self-checking mechanism. If the treatment doesn’t go as planned, the computer will automatically turn off the system to protect normal tissues.

It is also the most trusted procedure for birthmark removal. There won’t be any scar on the baby’s skin after the treatment. Highly-skilled professionals carry out this treatment to ensure 100% safety. This technique is more effective for children than adults. Therefore, thousands of parents choose this method to treat their kids’ birthmarks.

2. Dynamic cooling

Laser treatment is accompanied by dynamic cooling which ensures no pain at all! The laser passes through a dynamic cooling device. The emitted laser beam goes through a cooling treatment. It eliminates the chances of laser burns and the patient does not get any scar!

The baby will feel like a rubber band is bouncing over his skin. That’s how the laser treatment feels and parents should not worry about it at all!

3. Zero damage to normal skin tissues

Leon Goldman had shown in 1960 that the laser is capable of removing port-wine stains completely from human skin. The technique was quite new at that time and it has grown a lot since its inception!

The instrument used in this treatment produces a high-intensity laser beam. This laser beam completely destroys abnormally pigmented skin cells. It also targets underlying blood vessels to disintegrate and vaporize those weird-looking skin cells.

Blood vessels are then sealed and then absorbed by the body. That’s how abnormal skin pigments vanish quickly and replaced by normal-looking skin. Only pigmented cells of the corresponding colors absorb certain wavelengths of the laser beam. Therefore, only the affected cells are destroyed. This treatment does not affect perfectly fine skin cells. There will not be any scar on your baby’s skin after the treatment.

Does Birthmark Treatment Hurt?

Laser treatment is the most effective way of removing birthmarks. You may have heard lasers are not safe, but that does not apply to birthmark removing lasers. The patient does not feel any pain at all when he undergoes the birthmark removal treatment.

Your doctor will not use anesthesia before the treatment because the patient doesn’t feel any pain at all! However, if the birthmark is spread in a large area, there might be slight discomfort. It is common in laser treatment and does not pose any serious health risk.

All you feel is a rubber band bouncing off your skin and nothing else. It is safe for kids and they do not feel any discomfort during the treatment. Other surgical treatments can cause severe pain without anesthesia and leave scars on the skin. Therefore, most of the patients choose laser birthmark removal treatment now.

How to Take Care Of Skin After Birthmark Treatment?

Birthmarks can reoccur and affect the same or a different part of the skin. Therefore, you should take care of the following things after the birthmark treatment. Those things are as follows:

1. Do not hog the treated skin region

The laser treatment is completely painless and comforting. However, the treated skin region may feel itchy for a few days. Adults may control themselves, but it is extremely tough for kids to not scratch there.

Parents should try their best to ensure the kid won’t scratch the treated region. Do not use a rough towel or cloth to wipe the treated region. Sun protection is also important to protect the birthmark treated skin. Your baby may experience pain or other skin problems if he cannot control that tingling sensation or itching.

2. Do not worry about hypopigmentation

Some patients have experienced different degrees of hypopigmentation after laser treatment. It is completely normal and it does not require any special treatment. You will not get pigmented spots after the laser treatment if you choose a highly-skilled doctor.

Even if it occurs, do not go to the hospital for immediate treatment. These pigmented spots will vanish within a few months. The skin will look normal like the remaining skin. You should not get concerned about it and it happens to many patients during the laser birthmark removal treatment.

3. The treated skin may swell a little-bit

If the birthmark is located on a tiny portion of the skin, the laser treatment may cause slight swelling. That area will swell a little bit, especially if it is surrounding your kid’s eyes. Your baby’s face or other parts of his body may look swollen for 2-3 days. That swelling will disappear after 3 days. Your baby will look completely normal! You should immediately consult with the doctor if you spot blisters on the treated region!

4. Avoid photosensitive food

Some foods can cause photosensitivity! You should remove these foods from your child’s regular diet for a while. Pick healthy meals for your baby to ensure he won’t experience any kind of itching on the treated skin region.


Birthmarks trouble many people at different stages of their lives. These are removable skin abnormalities and parents should not wait too long to provide their child with the best treatment.

As you have learned from this post, laser treatment is the best birthmark removal treatment. Now, you know how to remove birthmarks, so start looking for the best doctor.

This treatment will make your kid’s life much easier and happier if he got an ugly birthmark on an exposed body part. This treatment will not hurt your baby at all and it will completely recover the affected skin region.  

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