What Type of Formula Milk Powder Is Good for Newborn Babies?

What Type of Formula Milk Powder Is Good for Newborn Babies

What Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Infant Formula Powder?

You may have stocked high-quality wipes, diapers, and toys in the nursery, but what about formula milk powder? Your baby may need it, even if he is a newborn child!

Doctors suggest only breastfeeding. It is the best way to ensure the complete growth of the child. Some mothers can’t provide sufficient milk to comfort the child and some can’t breastfeed at all! Formula milk powder is chosen to soothe a newborn child’s appetite in such situations!

Many brands produce milk powder. Therefore, it is pretty daunting to shortlist the finest product for the newborn child. This post will provide some important details about formula milk powder and how to choose it. So, continue reading to learn what kind of milk powder is good for a newborn baby.

What Type of Milk Powder Is Best for Your Baby?

Newborn babies are quite delicate. They have delicate organs, especially the liver and kidneys. You can’t feed any random milk powder to your newborn child. It must be a trusted alternative to breast milk. It will cause gestational health issues if you feed a poor quality milk powder!

Every newborn baby has a different physique. Brands produce milk powder based on the baby’s needs. They use a variety of ingredients to increase the nutritional value of the product. Some brands produce more nutritious formula milk powder than others. Those brands get top ratings from users for the exceptional quality of the milk powder.

You will get the following types of milk powder for babies in the market:

1. Milk powder based on cow’s milk

Most brands offer formula milk powder based on cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is considered quite harmful for babies under 1 year of age. However, cow milk-based formula contains ingredients that make it easy to digest.

This type’s milk powder provides your baby with the best balance of protein, carbohydrate, and other nutrients. Thus, your child’s digestive system digests the consumed milk and absorbs essential nutrients.  

2. Soy milk-based milk powder

It can be quite tough for many newborn babies to process cow’s milk-based formula. They quickly show the side-effects of consuming it. It can frighten you because it can cause health issues like diarrhea!

Some babies also get rashes and other skin issues after consuming cow milk powder formula. Look for these signs to ensure your baby is fine. If you spot such side-effects, switch to the soy milk-based formula milk powder. Consult with your baby’s doctor and then pick this type’s milk powder.

3. Hydrolyzed formula

This type’s baby formula powder breaks up the protein into tinier parts. Babies face no troubles in digesting the new type of milk they consume through the bottle. Doctors suggest hydrolyzed formulas when a newborn child has a milk protein allergy. Such children cannot absorb food nutrients effectively. Therefore, they experience skin problems and other health issues. The hydrolyzed formula soothes the hunger cravings of newborn babies, who have milk allergies.

You can find some more types of formula milk powders on the market. These include the following ones:

  • Premature baby milk powder
  • Lactose-free formula
  • Metabolic formula
  • Low birth weight formula
  • Organic formula

Consider all these options and consult with the doctor before choosing one. Some people believe it’s the best milk powder for the newborn child if it is the most expensive one. The expensive price tag does not promise the quality your newborn baby deserves.

4. Look for these signs to ensure the baby digests the food

You should pay more attention to the child’s daily activities once you add formula milk powder to his diet. Make sure the baby doesn’t have dry stools. He is not digesting the milk powder well if he has dry stools.

Your baby’s weight, height, sleeping habits, and appetite will be normal if he is digesting milk powder perfectly. You can switch to a different kind of baby formula if the baby shows signs of health problems. It is the time when you should consult with the baby’s doctor to find the right product. Continue reading to learn how to find the best milk powder for newborns if you can’t consult with the doctor.

How to Choose the Best Milk Powder for Your Newborn Baby?

A newborn child’s good health depends on the milk he consumes and the surrounding environment. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide top-quality food to the child to keep him healthy and happy.

Breastfeeding is indeed the best option! Some mothers can’t provide enough under certain health conditions. Therefore, formula milk powder is chosen as a perfect alternative for breastfeeding. Consider the following factors to choose top-quality milk powder for your newborn baby:

1. Pick a top-rated brand

Do not be in a rush when choosing milk powder for the baby! Look for a top-rated brand which is known for providing the nutrient-rich product. Every baby formula manufacturer follows a different method.

Some brands carefully choose ingredients to ensure the baby won’t face health problems. The rest simply look for profit and provide a poor quality product.

2. Choose a research-based formula

Choose a brand that spends a lot of time on research to develop the best formula. This type’s milk powder won’t hurt your child. It will provide everything your child needs for proper development. Thus, you can provide a well-balanced diet to your child regularly.

Do not take the risk of feeding milk powder developed by a new brand. It might not have the facilities and experts required for developing the best baby formula. Consequently, the milk powder quality won’t be what your baby needs. It might be less expensive, but quite harmful for your child. Give priority to brand reputation instead of the price of the product!

3. Check product ingredients

Product quality directly depends on the milk source and other ingredients of the baby formula milk powder. It will be safer and more nutritious for your baby if high-quality ingredients are used to produce it. There should be several nutrient-rich ingredients that the baby can digest easily.

Take a look at the product label. Check what ingredients used to produce milk powder and in what quantity. Place the order only if that product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient. Avoid the shortlisted milk powder if it contains any allergy-causing ingredient. Thus, you will protect your child from an allergic reaction if has allergic reactions to certain ingredients.  

4. Pay attention to product ratings and reviews

People have been quite vocal about the products they buy online and also from the local market. Buyers often share their experience with the products they buy. They review the purchased products to help potential buyers in making well-informed decision.

Newborn baby milk powder is something all parents buy. It is quite vital for the good growth of the child. Therefore, parents carefully pick the product for their babies. They fearlessly share their reviews if the milk powder has some flaws.

You can read reviews shared by other parents to reveal the true performance of the chosen milk powder. Check its ratings and make sure it is safe. Other parents will reveal the benefits and drawbacks of the product. Thus, it will be easier to assess whether the chosen milk powder is perfect for your child or not.

5. Do not give too much priority to the price

Some mothers believe that milk powder is perfect for their child if it is expensive. Guess what, many expensive brands supply poor quality milk powder. It can cause gestational health issues and you may experience many other health problems.

Buy only a top-rated product to provide top-quality formula milk to your child. It won’t affect your child’s good health. You can feed it with breast milk to keep your baby full and healthy.

Precautions for Feeding Formula Milk Powder to Your Newborn Baby

  • Take the following precautions when feeding formula milk powder to your child:
  • Sanitize your hands and clean the milk bottle before preparing formula milk.
  • Pour some water into a pot and heat it. Put the milk bottle in the pot to heat milk. Avoid the use of microwave!
  • Use only purified water to prepare baby formula for your child.
  • Prepare the milk one hour before feeding the baby.
  • Ensure the bottle’s nipple size is similar to the mother’s nipple size. Thus, the baby won’t refuse to breastfeed once the mother is healthy enough to feed him.

Is Formula Milk Powder A Good Alternative to Breastfeeding?

Every renowned health organization recommends breastfeeding for the first 6 months of the baby’s life. Parents add formula milk powder to the baby’s diet only when the mother is unable to feed the child. It happens to millions of women due to several health issues.

Formula milk powder is a great alternative to breastfeeding due to its nutritional value. Some brands have succeeded in producing baby milk powder as nutritious as breast milk is. Therefore, it shouldn’t concern you!


Choose milk powder developed by one of the most reputable brands. It will nourish your child, aid in his rapid growth, and calm his hunger cravings throughout the day. Follow the tips shared in this post and you will never choose poor-quality milk powder for your baby!

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