What Kind of Milk Powder Is Good for A Newborn Baby?

What Kind of Milk Powder Is Good for A Newborn Baby

Are you stocking supplies for your baby? You may probably have gotten everything except the milk powder. That’s probably because your baby is not 6 months old.

Most parents nowadays follow the WHO’s advice to breastfeed babies until they are 6 months old. It is the best way to nourish a newborn and ensure his proper growth. What if you are unable to provide sufficient milk to the baby? Should you still avoid formula feeding? No, formula feeding is a good alternative to try!

Even though formula milk doesn’t provide everything breast milk offers, good research can lead you to a nutritious product. Continue reading to learn what kind of milk powder is good for a newborn baby. This information will help you in feeding the most nutritious baby formula to the child.

What Are the Options in Baby Formula?

You got some great varieties in baby formula. Those are as follows:

1. Hydrolyzed formula milk

Many people consider this type’s formula milk nutritious because it contains broken down or hydrolyzed proteins. The baby can easily digest it and gain maximum nutrients out of it. Different brands follow a different approach to produce this kind of baby formula.

It can be calm or gentlease and brands sell it as partially or exclusively hydrolyzed formula milk. This type of formula milk is perfect for your child if he cannot consume cow’s milk. Babies with protein allergy can also consume the hydrolyzed formula milk.

2. Cow’s milk-based baby formula

Most brands use cow’s milk to produce a baby formula. It is quite a popular choice because cow’s milk is easily available. Raw cow’s milk can be harmful to newborns. It is much thicker and it contains proteins, which newborns can’t digest easily.

Some brands modify it and make it suitable for young infants. Therefore, you can search for some options that suit your child. Make sure your child is not allergic to cow’s milk. Switch to a better alternative if your child can’t digest the milk properly.  

3. Soy formula

This milk is rich in protein and carbohydrates, such as sucrose and glucose. This soy-based formula is suitable for babies, who cannot consume animal-based milk. It is perfect for your child if he is lactose intolerant. The child won’t experience any kind of allergy after consuming this baby formula.

4. Specialized formula

This formula milk is produced specifically for premature babies. It contains nutrients, which newborns with certain medical conditions and premature babies need. It is easy to feed and digest. Therefore, parents should not worry if they are feeding specialized formula to the child after birth.

Parents can also choose from the powdered formula, which they can blend in clean water to feed the child. The ready-to-use formula is another good option. It comes premixed and ready to feed. Another alternative includes the concentrated liquid formula. You have to blend it in water to feed your child.

How to Choose the Perfect Milk Powder for Your Baby?

You probably can’t breastfeed the newborn baby if you are looking for the best milk powder for the newborn. As mentioned earlier, you got several good alternatives to choose from. Carefully assess each type of milk powder before placing the order.

1. Choose a milk powder that meets your baby’s nutritional needs

Every newborn baby is different and requires a different kind of care. Therefore, the same type of milk powder cannot be perfect for every child. When you assess what kind of milk powder is good for a newborn baby, assess his eating habits. Do not forget to check whether the child is lactose intolerant or not.

The expensive price of a product does not guarantee better nutritional value. It is perfect for the baby if he is having normal bowel movements and if he looks calm. Stop feeding the chosen formula milk if the baby experiences vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Check the product label

Newborns need different kind of nutrients than a 6 or 12 months old baby. It is the time when their immune system and other bodily systems are quite weak. The baby can’t digest proteins and other nutrients in certain forms.

Choose a baby formula that provides nutrients in newborn-friendly form. Your baby should be able to digest the milk conveniently. You can check his stool and day-to-day activities to know whether you have chosen the right baby formula or not.

Choose a milk powder rich in micronutrients, such as fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Milk should also provide an ample supply of iron, calcium, and vitamin D. Thus, it can aid in the smooth growth of your baby.

3. Consider holistic baby formulas

One thing that baby formula lack is immunity-booster nutrients and antibodies found in breast milk. Every newborn baby needs these immunity boosters to fight a variety of diseases. There are some brands selling baby formulas with pre and probiotics.

Such a type of milk powder helps the baby developing a strong immune system. These pre and probiotics help the newborn in developing a resilient immune system to fight infections and diseases. Thus, the baby can easily survive the early days of his life and get healthier.  

4. Carefully assess user reviews

Those days are gone when people used to rely on the retailers and salesmen to choose the best product. You can easily assess each product online and check user reviews to assess the products true performance. Follow the same approach when planning to start formula feeding.

You will find many parents’ comments online revealing both good and bad things about the chosen formula milk. Thus, it will be much easier to pick a perfect baby formula for your child.

5. Ask the doctor

A doctor’s consultation is the ultimate solution for your demands. Your doctor knows you can’t breastfeed the child. He or she will automatically suggest formula feeding. Ask the doctor what kind of milk powder is good for a newborn baby.

An experienced pediatrician will recommend several good options. It will save your time and you can immediately place the order for the recommended milk powder.  

How to Choose the Right Milk Powder Brand?

Check the following things to pick the best milk powder brand for your child:

1. Assess the brand’s reputation in the market

Not every milk powder brand is popular for offering top-quality formula. Some brands have a bad reputation because their products have caused health issues in newborns. Top-rated brands always gain admiration from parents.

A brand doesn’t need to be too big to be reliable. Some small brands also maintain exceptional product quality. They also offer some good variants in milk powder to meet the specific needs of each newborn baby.

Choose a brand that follows a well-researched formula to produce its products. You can trust such a brand for a long time. You can order the same product time and again to meet your child’s growing food demands.  

2. Try to reveal the milk source

The milk source decides the quality of the newborn’s milk powder. If the producer is sourcing milk from a high-quality source, the baby formula will be hygienic and nutritious. A milk powder’s nutritional value also depends on the milk source.

It can be animal-based, soy-based, or other types of source. Get in-depth knowledge about the product source to ensure it is a healthy alternative to breast milk.

3. Don’t just check the expensive cost of the product!

The expensive cost of a milk powder does not guarantee a clean and nutritious product. Brands decide the cost of their products based on their market reputation, milk source, and other factors. A cheap milk powder pack can also be a great alternative to breast milk. So, don’t rule out any brand based on the cost of its milk powder!

4. Can the brand supply the milk powder for 6-12 months?

Some parents choose products from foreign brands, which ship products in a limited quantity. Are you also choosing such a brand? Ensure the brand produces the milk powder in your native country. Thus, you will always get the product on the shelf and it won’t be necessary to switch to another product.

Can You Feed Powdered Milk With Breast Milk?

Some mothers can’t produce sufficient breast milk to soothe the newborn baby’s appetite. Doctors recommend them to breastfeed as long as possible and then feed the baby formula. It is called the mixed feeding technique. You should try it only if you can’t breastfeed the baby. Breast milk is the best food a newborn baby can get. So, give breastfeeding top priority!


Many brands are producing and selling milk powder and formula milk across the globe. Each claims to offer perfect food for your newborn child. It is daunting to know what kind of milk powder is good for a newborn if it’s your first experience!

Follow the guide shared in this post to pick the finest milk powder for your child. Try a few products for the first few weeks to pick one that your child can easily digest.  

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