What Are the Most Effective Newborn Breastfeeding Methods?

What Are the Most Effective Newborn Breastfeeding Methods2

Colostrum starts developing in breasts during the mid-pregnancy period. It continues to develop after the birth of the child. New mothers have sufficient milk to feed the newborn baby. The proper delivery of breast milk depends on newborn breastfeeding methods.

Breastfeeding is a new thing for the mother and the child. Mothers should be patient because the child may take time to learn to breastfeed. The right feeding technique can help the baby a lot.

Your child won’t take too long to learn how to suck milk if the technique is right. Continue reading this post to learn newborn breastfeeding methods and important facts about breastfeeding.

What Is the Right Way to Breastfeed A Newborn Baby?

The right method to breastfeeding is placing your thumb at the top of the breast and four fingers below it. It should be in a straight cone shape when you are ready to feed the baby. Your child’s face and his shoulders should face towards the breast.

Gently squeeze the breast to take a few milk drops out. Now bring the nipple close to the baby’s mouth so that can take it in his mouth and start consuming milk. That’s how you lure the child for breastfeeding!

Be patient when feeding a newborn baby

Newborn babies feed quite slowly. Some even don’t know what to do for the first few times. Stay relaxed and lean slightly forward. Use your hands to hold the baby’s neck and head against the breast. The baby will consume milk patiently when you hold him in the right position.

Switch the sides when you feel there isn’t enough milk to feed the child more. Your baby will stop sucking the breast when he feels full. Now, hold the child in an upright position and pat gently on his back. The child will burp and then you should let him sleep.

How to avoid pain?

It can be a painful experience when you breastfeed the baby for the first time. You can reduce that pain if the baby sucks nipples properly. Gently open your baby’s mouth and put the nipple in his mouth. Make sure the baby takes the nipple and most of the areola in his mouth.

You will not experience too much pain if the baby’s mouth covers most of the areola. It will help the baby in sucking milk easily. His nose should be away from the breast and chin closer to it. The baby needs some practice and then he will suck milk properly on his own!

What to do when the baby is full?

The baby might continue sucking for a while, even if he is full. The mother should use her index finger to slowly open the child’s mouth. Thus, the baby will stop sucking. Gently take the nipple out of your baby’s mouth. There won’t be negative pressure and you won’t feel any pain.  

The baby will consume the milk remaining in his mouth and then sleep calmly. That’s how you breastfeed a newborn child. This newborn breastfeeding method works for all babies. So, try it if you have a newborn baby!

Which Breastfeeding Position Is Accurate to Feed A Newborn Baby?

You should use your fingers to hold the breast in the “C” shape. The baby can easily take the breast in his mouth in this position. You can sit or lie down while feeding the baby. Use a few pillows to stay comfortable and take a rest when your baby is consuming milk.

You can also place a pillow on your belly to hold the baby in the right position. Make sure the baby is close to you all the time so that he can feel your warmth. It comforts the child and thus he feels safer.

You can try several breastfeeding positions to feed the baby. Each position is different and it has some unique advantages. Let’s reveal the most popular breastfeeding positions:

Cradle holding position

Every mother prefers this position to breastfeed the baby. It is quite common and comforting too. The elbow of the breast side’s hand should support the baby’s head. The child’s abdomen remains close to the mother’s breast. The other hand holds the baby’s lower body to keep his body straight.

This position not only comforts the mother but also keeps the child calm. He can patiently have his meal and sometimes even fall asleep. New mothers do not need any practice to learn this posture. Try it once and it will become your favorite breastfeeding posture.

Side-lying position

The side-lying hug position is a great alternative to the cradle holding position. This posture allows you to take a rest while breastfeeding the baby. The baby will lie next to you and his mouth should be against the breast. You will have to lean slightly towards the child to take the nipple close to his mouth.

Hold the baby with a hand to keep him lying on his side. You can also use a pillow to keep the baby in position when you are putting the nipple in his mouth. It’s the best breastfeeding position for mothers who aren’t completely recovered yet. You can take a rest while feeding the baby. It will be a less painful breastfeeding experience if you feed in this position for the first time.  

Cross-cradle position

This breastfeeding position is quite similar to the cradle posture, but your hands switch in it. The breast-side hand holds the baby’s lower body and the opposite hand holds his neck and hand. Suppose you are feeding the child from the left side breast, the left hand will mainly hold the baby. Your right hand will adjust the baby’s head and the breast while feeding.

These position suites to some mothers because they can maintain the breast in C shape to avoid pain. It also allows you to keep the child’s upper body in the right position. The baby’s nose won’t touch the breast and he can breathe easily.

Can You Use Microwave to Warm up Milk?

Some mothers use the breast pump to collect breast milk in bottles and feed the child outside. You may like to feed the milk at the right temperature to avoid health problems. Can you use the microwave to heat milk? No! You should not use the microwave to heat it!

You can put the milk bottle in a pot and fill it with water. Now heat the water until the milk in the bottle become warm enough to feed the child. It’s much better than heating breast milk in the microwave oven. Microwave heating can affect the molecule structure of breast milk because it is uneven. It can affect the health of your baby. Therefore, you should avoid it.

Can You Take A Nap While Breastfeeding the Baby?

It is not easy to take care of a newborn child. You have to be around the baby 24-7 to keep him healthy and meet his demands. It is quite tough to resist a nap when you are feeding the baby. You should avoid it as much as possible, especially during the nighttime.

Newborn babies demand milk whenever they feel hungry. They start sucking their fingers and soon start crying. It’s an indication that you must feed the baby. Wake up and sit when you are breastfeeding. Do not fall asleep because you have to ensure the child is breathing normally!

Do Newborn Babies Have Hiccups After Breastfeeding?

Yes, every baby will have some hiccups after breastfeeding. It is natural because newborn babies consume a lot of gas along with breast milk. That’s why you should hold the child in an upright position for a while.

Suppose you put the baby on the bed to fall asleep, he may vomit or choke due to consumed gases. Hold the baby in an upright position and pat on his back so that the child can burp. Thus, he will expel excess gases and he won’t experience hiccups anymore. Suppose your baby still vomits milk, let him lie down on his side. Thus, he will soon start digesting more than before.

Can Your Baby Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding?

Babies often fall asleep while consuming milk. You should not let it happen to your child. It is dangerous for your baby’s health! Keep the baby awake until he has consumed the milk. Many babies fall asleep and collect some milk in their mouth. It can choke them and that can be quite dangerous for a child’s health. Therefore, both the mother and the child should stay awake while breastfeeding.


Newborn babies do not know how to feed and how to cope with the discomfort. It is the parents’ job to ensure the baby is full and comfortable. Parents need to check several things constantly to keep the baby calm and healthy.

Breastfeeding is quite essential for the good health and growth of the child. Mothers should follow the accurate breastfeeding method explained in this post. Thus, the baby will consume ample milk to sleep 2-3 hours calmly. The mother can also take some rest during this span and keep the child happy whenever he wakes up!

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