Top 10 Best Baby Messenger Bags Reviews of August 2022

Top Best Baby Messenger Bags

Top Pick Baby Messenger Bags

These are the best baby messenger bags you can buy right now:

1. J World New York Thomas Laptop Messenger Bag

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The J World New York Thomas laptop messenger bag is a feminine bag with stylish patterns for carrying laptops and other items. This provides a hands free moment as it features enormous space for storing baby essentials. In addition to laptops, it can also store clothes, books, lunchbox, and water bottles.

The bag has a padded shoulder strap that allows you to strap over your shoulder or in a cross body position. It’s made from Oxford 600D fabric and repels moisture. Although it’s water-resistant, it shouldn’t be thrown into large pools of water.

For most moms that got this stylish messenger bag said it serves as a good conference bag. It came with organizers that kept things in their place. Is not like all items are left to roam around the bag.

2. All-Camp Zebra Diaper Bag

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One of the best baby messenger bags around thanks to its simple design. The All-camp Zebra Diaper Bag is made from Nylon fiber and 5% PU. This automatically makes it waterproof and solid enough to repel moisture. This diaper bag can be used in several carrying positions – in a cross-body mode, as a backpack, or in form of a carrying case.

The diaper bag has several storage pockets. You will find four compartments on the inside, 3 zippered pockets outside, and extra 2 insulated pockets for storing drinks. All these serve as a quick reach option when you want to access your cell phone, credit cards, or small cash

According to mothers, nothing can beat the price and quality this bag provides which makes it their go-to bags every time of the day. It’s perfect for shopping for baby items and holds all baby’s needs.

3. LekeBaby Tote Diaper Purse

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Not too deep nor too narrow, just the perfect size for holding items without making endless searches. The bag has several storage rooms for fitting baby essentials. A total of 8 pockets exist in the interior while there are an extra 9 scattered in the exterior. The bag wasn’t just designed for babies in mind but provide space for keeping several adult items.

The LekeBaby tote diaper purse comes with several accessories. One of them is a long handle that allows you to carry in form of a cross body messenger bag. The diaper purse can also be moved in form of a tote bag for your convenience.

A lot of users were impressed with how easy it’s to use. The exterior pockets allowed parents to store their wallets, sunglasses, and keys. The fabric lining doesn’t get dirty easily and can be spot cleaned

4. Stop Hop Greenwich Convertible Bag

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The Skip Hop Greenwich convertible bag offers two looks in one. Thanks to its convertible shoulder strap, it can be worn as a backpack, carried as a tote bag, or hung around the body like a messenger bag. The bag is made from luxe vegan leather that can be easily maintained. Full-washing isn’t necessary, you can get rid of stains with a damp cloth.

Offering two insulated side pockets, it’s sure to keep your drinks at the right temperature. At the same time, the zipped main compartment will hold all of your items including clothes, shoes, blankets, and diapers. Its convertible nature means wearers can switch from one carrying position to the other.

According to users, this baby messenger bag can hold a lot but its size might be a problem for mothers who only have little items to store. Its convertible strap also influenced buying decisions.

5. Miss Fong Leather Bag

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The Miss Fong Leather bag is one of the best diaper bags around but can also function as a messenger bag thanks to its rectangular shape. Its exterior is made from 100% PU leather while the interior is made from waterproof nylon fabric. The two side bottle pockets are made from insulating materials that keep drinks at their original temperature

The bag measures 15 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width. It had an adjustable shoulder pad that’s 28 inches long but can be stretched to 53 inches depending on the carrying position the wearer intends. What is more impressive is the addition of numerous pockets – 6 on the outside and 9 on the inside.

A lot of buyers loved that the bag can be hand-washed. Spot cleaning will only lead to the accumulation of more dirt. After washing, the bag can be dried with a cloth dryer.

6. Skip Hop Duo Signature Messenger Backpack 

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This is an alternative for parents who aren’t comfortable with backpacks. This offers small storage space for mothers with little items to store. It comes with zipped pockets, insulated mesh pockets, and grabbable adjustable handles. Overall, there are a total of 10 pockets distributed here.

This bag is dad-friendly and provided two carrying positions – as a tote bag or as a cross body messenger bag. This has a remarkable unisex design that moms and dads will love.

Most parents loved its compact design but there was little doubt over the number of items it can hold. As you will have it, this provides enough space to store tablets and laptops in addition to baby items.

7. TimBuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

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The TimBuk2 Classic messenger bag is a traditional cross body type of bag. There are limited carrying options here as you can only use either the grab handle or the padded shoulder strap. This is more dad-friendly and is designed to sit very close to the body.

This is not a typical baby bag with many pockets. Rather, it provides just enough to store books, tablets, and laptops. There are 3 size options provided – small, medium, or large. You can choose which one meets your needs. Lastly, the bag is made from nylon which means it can do well under moisture

Parents were not so much impressed with the quality of the bag. It has a high price tag but didn’t meet their expectations in terms of quality. The absence of outside pockets was not well received.

8. SoHo Grand Station 7 Pcs Bag

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The SoHo Grand Station 7 PCs bag offers more in terms of quantity but costs half the price of the TimBuk2. The tote bag is the major player from this set. Like other items in the set, the tote bag is made from water-resistant textured fabric and comes with a durable grab handle.

Aside from the parent tote bag, the manufacturers offer 6 extra accessories which includes – padded changing station, two small cases, insulated bottle bags, and a zip closure purse among a host of others. You have little excuse over where each item should go.

A lot of parents loved that all the pockets on the inside of the parent bag held items in place like a sticky note. Considering all the accessories this came with, the bag is considered a good bargain

9. Mancro Backpack for Women

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A sturdy fit-all-in backpack for storing baby essentials on the go. This has a sturdy construction that’s expected to last for several years. The fabric this is made from is tear-resistant and can be strapped into a stroller for a complete hands-free moment.

The Mancro Backpack for Women has a total of 13 pockets. Some of the pockets are stacked against each other for quick access. On each side, you will find insulated bottle pockets for drink, juice, or breast milk. This is designed for convenience, hence it can be carried in several positions.

Users especially liked that it can function as different things at different times. It can serve as an office bag, camping, or diaper bag. Its usage extends beyond baby item storage.

10. Leather Diaper Backpack from Miss Fong

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The Leather diaper backpack from miss Fong is an impressive option that fits most baby strollers and carriers. The bag has external pockets that makes it perfect for registry or gate-check search.

We loved that this come with an additional shoulder strap for adjustability. With this extra strap, it’s easy to switch between several carrying positions. This also comes with an extra purse that allows parents to store small items such as keys, credit cards, and small toys among a host of other items.

The bag came with some quality features parents loved. The storage space was a tipping point. This came in handy for parents who have a lot to be carried around

Baby Messenger Bags to Safely Carry All Your Baby Stuff

A baby messenger bag can come in handy for any new mom. Are you planning for a trip with your new-born? Then, you know that you should carry a lot of things related to your baby. Yes, this is where the right bag can help. Read on to learn more about a bag that can meet your purpose.

What are Baby Messenger Bags?

Baby Messenger Bags are designed in such a way that you can carry all things related to your baby organized. When you are going to any place with your newborn, you will have to carry many things. Right from diapers, wipes, baby feeding bottles and even changing dress for your baby, a messenger bag can carry everything.

Why Should You Buy a Good Baby Messenger Bag?

A good baby messenger bag will help you carry many supplies related to your baby safely. It will ensure that you can stay hands-free and can carry your baby without any disturbance. Further, a good bag will be spacious enough to carry all the required stuff. Most importantly, these bags can be used both by moms and dads.

How to Choose the Best Baby Messenger Bag?

When buying a baby messenger bag, you can consider the following things:

  • A lot of insulated pockets: When the baby messenger bag has a lot of insulated pockets, it will be possible to easily carry snacks, water and bottles for your baby. Even, some bags have dedicated shelves for changing pads. When the bag has dedicated spots, you can easily get what you are looking for.
  • Consider the size: Size matters a lot when buying a baby messenger bag. Of course, the ideal size depends on your personal situations and needs. When you will take a lot of errands and quick tips, small bags can come in handy. On the other hand, if you go on frequent family outings to distant places, you can consider bigger bags for more space and convenience.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Baby Messenger Bag?

When buying a baby messenger bag, you will have to consider the features listed below:

  • Dedicated provision for changing pads: The best baby messenger bag will have dedicated pockets for changing pads. You need quick access to changing pads many times when you are on a trip with your baby. You cannot find your hubby at all times to help you. So, it is better to check whether the bag has dedicated changing pads and also it should be easy to gain access to the pads as well.
  • Stroller-ready: A baby messenger bag that is stroller-ready will come in handy if you use a stroller. When the bag is stroller-ready, you can place it in the right place and can gain easy access to the bag as well. Of course, these bags are designed to be hung on your shoulders. But, when the bag is stroller-ready, it will even be more convenient for you.
  • Dad-friendly: At times, your husband will have to carry the baby messenger bag. If this is the case, he will feel hesitant if the bag has a feminine pattern or color. So, it would be wise to check whether the bag has a unisex design. If so, both of you can carry the bag as and when required.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Baby Messenger Bag Cost?

Are you particular about buying an affordable baby messenger bag? If so, you should be ready to pay somewhere around $60. But, if you are going for a cheap baby messenger bag, it will generally be smaller in size. In case, you decide to go for a high-end baby messenger bag, it will cost you around $175. The average cost of a baby messenger bag will be around $117.

Final Verdict

A baby messenger bag is an essential thing to have to keep all your baby things organized when you travel. So, do get one considering your requirements and choose the right bag.

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