Why Newborn Hiccups So Often?

Why Newborn Hiccups So Often

Reasons for Frequent Hiccups In Newborns

When the newborn is born, because the body is too weak, it will inevitably make the family very nervous. What is the reason for the frequent hiccups of the newborn?

Most newborns will encounter the problem of hiccups, which is a very common phenomenon. Parents need to first cause the baby’s hiccups, and then take targeted measures to alleviate the discomfort caused by the baby’s hiccups. Breathing in fresh air when breastfeeding, abdominal cold, and the baby abdominal muscle development is not perfect, these are the reasons for the baby may belch, it is recommended not to feed baby when baby crying, pay attention to adjust the nursing posture, and after feeding each time, to hold the baby upright, pat its back, the air discharged.

If it is indigestion caused by hiccups, you can use probiotics to regulate the baby’s gastrointestinal function to help digestion, use drugs under the guidance of doctors, remember to take it by yourself, treasure mother in the diet should also be appropriate high fat food, appropriate to eat more vegetables, so that the baby is relatively easy to digest milk.

The Hazards Of Frequent Hiccups In Newborns

Although newborns will have hiccups, but not too often, so many people want to know what is the harm of newborns’ frequent hiccups?

If the baby is exogenous wind chill, cold and hot air contrary to the contrary, as the saying goes, “drink the cold wind” and induce hiccups; If the baby milk food is not abstemious, or eat raw and cold milk or take cold drugs, Qi stagnation is not good, spleen and stomach function is weakened, Qi lifting disorder and the stomach Qi reverse diaphragm and induced hiccups.

Occasional hiccups in newborns are a very common phenomenon and do not harm without special treatment. However, if the hiccups are frequent and long-lasting, the baby may suffer from indigestion. At this time should pay attention to the baby’s feeding, a feeding time should not be more than 30 minutes, the time should not be too long, to avoid the baby swallows too much air, besides, after feeding must hold the baby burping, air discharged from the stomach, will also reduce the number of burping or vomiting.

How Is Neonatal Belch Frequently Treated?

Frequent neonatal hiccups are bad for the body and may be caused by problems in the body, so it needs timely treatment, so frequent neonatal hiccups how to treat it?

Hiccup is very common in infancy, mainly because the baby just born one or two months, neural development is not perfect, when they are slightly stimulated, such as breathing in cold air, sucking too fast or too much, the diaphragm will suddenly contract and spasm, leading to rapid inspiration, causing hiccups. Burp itself does not have any adverse effects on the health of the baby, there is no need to worry too much, it is suggested to pay attention to reasonable feeding at ordinary times, ensure balanced nutrition, pay attention to keep warm, prevent cold. Worried about can assist with traditional Chinese medicine massage treatment, the effect is also good!

Is Newborn Belch Frequent Normal?

Some newborns always have hiccups, so that the family is particularly worried, then we will understand the neonatal frequent hiccups are normal or not normal.

Newborns, like adults, have a thin layer of muscle called the diaphragm between the chest and abdominal cavity, which separates the chest and abdominal cavity to protect and separate the chest and abdominal organs. Unlike adults, newborns breathe mostly from the abdomen, and the diaphragm is part of the baby’s respiratory muscle. When the diaphragm contracts, the chest expands, causing inspiratory action; When the diaphragm relaxes, the chest volume decreases, causing exhalation.

A newborn’s hiccups are normal, but frequent hiccups are abnormal. Usually, if there is no other disease and sudden hiccups, hiccups strong and continuous, generally caused by cold, can be given to drink some hot water, at the same time the chest and abdomen covered with a cotton warm quilt, winter can also be placed outside the quilt with a hot water bag insulation, sometimes can be cured.

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