How to Wean Off with Mixed Feeding?

How to Wean Off with Mixed Feeding

Breastfeeding is not a task that every mother has to do. It is the simplest way of showing love to the baby. The child trusts the mum since the day he is born. That trust establishes with breastfeeding and lasts throughout life.

It can be daunting to say no when the baby needs it. Some mothers can’t refuse it because they don’t know how the baby will react. They often try to know how to wean with mixed feeding, but they aren’t sure it will work or not.

It can work if you follow the right way to wean. Here you will learn how to wean off and how mixed feeding can help you in weaning.

How to Apply Mixed Feeding For Weaning?

Babies can eat complimentary meals and formula milk after the age of 6 months. It is still quite early to chew properly, therefore health experts suggest feeding mushy foods. Is it the right time to wean off?

No, breast milk should be the main source of food for the child at least for the first year of his life. You can start weaning after the 1-year age of your child. Follow the below-given tips to wean with mixed feeding:

1. Gradually reduce breastfeeding

You can reduce the breastfeeding frequency when the child is on a mixed diet. Feed formula milk and complimentary milk more often. Do not stop breastfeeding suddenly. It should be a gradual change in the kid’s diet. Thus, it will be an easy change for you and the child. Breastfeed the baby regularly during this period, but less often than before.

2. Feed different kinds of complementary foods

Your baby will be ready to enjoy all the flavors this world has to offer. Do not restrict his diet to the same kind of complimentary meal. Introduce new things every day. It will make the child curious about what you will feed the next day.

Change foods in the baby’s diet regularly. Pick nutrient-rich and delicious foods. You won’t even realize and the child will like complimentary food more the breast milk. Thus, weaning won’t be as tough as you think!

3. Replace breast milk with the baby formula

It is easy to suggest a mother reduce the breastfeeding frequency. Only she knows how hard it is to refuse when the child demands with the hope of getting his tummy full. Formula milk comes to rescue the mother in such a situation. It is a great alternative to breast milk once the child is 6 months old.

You can feed breast milk and formula milk alternatively. The baby will enjoy the taste of baby formula. One day he will demand formula milk more. That will be an indication that it’s the right time to wean off.

4. Let the father share the feeding responsibility

Mother alone may find it quite difficult to take care of the child. Household chores, official work, and various other things can keep the mom engaged for hours. She needs proper rest and that’s when the father can take care of the child.

Allow your partner to take care of the child during the evening time. It is the time when the father can play with the baby, feed him formula milk, and make him sleep. Give your partner enough time to show his love and take care of the child. Do not interrupt because men have their ways. Just see how the child enjoys his father’s company.

5. Do not breastfeed before the child sleeps

Babies develop a habit of sleeping after breastfeeding. You should change this habit. Feed the baby when he is in the mood to play. Take the child out or play with him in the house after feeding him. Reduce the feeding frequency and increase the playing time. Thus, the child won’t demand milk before going to bed. Thus, it will be quite easy to wean off.

6. Stop offering breast milk

One thing a mother needs to learn is how to stop offering breast milk. There will be a day when your child won’t demand breast milk. Provide all sorts of complimentary meals and feed formula milk. Wait if the child demands breastfeeding. Let the child enjoy his time if he doesn’t.

Babies usually feed breast milk until they are 2-3 years old. There will be a day when your child won’t ask for it. That will be the day to make a decision. It is going to be an emotional occasion, but that’s how you wean!

When Is the Right Time to Wean?

You should decide to wean when the child is 10 months old. It does not mean you should wean within one or two months. Make sure your child consumes breast milk most of the time until he is 10-12 months old. Start reducing the breastfeeding frequency after 10-12 months.

Formula milk and complimentary meals will help you in keeping the baby full. Summer and spring seasons are not the right time to wean. Your baby can suffer from a health issue during these two seasons due to a virus attack. Choose a time when your baby stays active and healthy.

Follow the weaning guide shared in this post to make it a comfortable change for the child. It might be tough to avoid breastfeeding sometimes, but it’s necessary. So, be strong and do it when the time is right for it.

What Should You Feed the Baby After Weaning?

The baby would like to eat anything he gets his hands on. That’s the way babies check things available around them. You have to pick the most nutritious foods for your child. Feed foods rich in nutrients to boost your child’s growth and keep him healthy.

Feed the following foods to your child after weaning:

1. Milk

Continue feeding milk even if your baby is 2 years old. The child should consume baby formula, cow’s milk, or goat milk 500-600 ml daily. You can feed it twice or thrice a day. Feed once in the morning with a delicious baby supplement, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Get your child habitual of consuming 3-4 meals a day. Give him a nutritious breakfast in a small quantity. Make sure he consumes healthy foods during lunch and dinner. Choose complimentary meals, which equally nutritious as breast milk.

2. Foods that the baby can chew easily

Do not put solid foods on your baby’s plate. Serve cuisines that the child can easily chew and digest. Provide mushy foods like cereal, vegetable purees, rice, eggs, fruit juice, etc. All these foods are easy to consume and digest.

Do not force the child to consume more than his capacity. Feed a small amount of foods to not put extra pressure on his digestive system. Always change meals in your child’s diet. Thus, your child won’t become a picky eater.

3. Offer delicious soups

There is a wide range of soups you can feed your child. Tomato soup, mushroom soup, seaweed soup, carrot soup, egg-drop soup, chicken soup, etc. are quite delicious. Feed these soups daily and ensure the baby do not put a spoon of hot soup in his mouth.

You should also blend crushed dry fruits, nuts, and other such things into your child’s daily meals. Avoid feeding too many sweetened things to maintain the good health of your baby.

What Precautions You Should Take When the Baby Is on A Mixed Feeding Diet?

Even though the child is 10-12 months old, his bodily functions are not as good as adults have. Therefore, parents should be careful when feeding the baby. Take the following precautions to avoid a mishap and keep the child healthy:

1. Feed perfectly cooked foods

Do not feed too much raw food to the child. Choose fresh and clean fruits if feeding juice or smoothies. First, boil the milk and then feed it with a flavored supplement. Your baby’s regular meal should be prepared in a hygienic environment. Germs and bacteria can easily affect the child’s health. So, keep the house clean and serve the food in clean vessels.

2. Do not feed the same complimentary food time and again

Your options are not limited to just one or two complimentary meals. Try everything your child can consume. Do some research on the nutritious values of different foods and then pick some delicious meals. Thus, your baby will enjoy his complimentary meals and never refuse to eat them.

3. Use BPA-free tableware

Baby’s milk bottle, plates, spoon, and other tableware should be BPA-free. You should carefully check the build-quality of tableware before using them to feed the child. Always clean his bottles and plates before serving the food.


Mixed feeding makes it super easy to wean off. You have to follow the right way of mixed feeding to make the new change comfortable for the child. Your baby will rely completely on external foods one day. That will be the time to choose the best meals for his good growth. Take some simple precautions and the baby will stay fit and healthy all the time.

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