How to Remove Baby Cyan Birthmark Safely?

How to Remove Baby Cyan Birthmark Safely

Is Cyan Birthmark Removal Treatment Effective?

About 40% of babies are born with some sort of birthmarks. Some birthmarks disappear during the first year of the baby’s life and some remain as it is till adulthood. These discolored spots do not cause any harm to the baby’s health. Most of them are safe, but a few weird ones can be a sign of a health condition.

Cyan birthmarks are not quite common. These discolored skin spots reduce the baby’s appearance if they occur on an exposed body part. Therefore, parents get concerned about their baby’s health and social life. Quality treatments are available now to get rid of such birthmarks. Continue reading to learn more about cyan birthmarks and their treatment.

What Is Cyan Birthmark?

If your baby got light blue spots on his skin, these are cyan birthmarks. This type of discolored skin blemishes can occur on the skin since birth or a few days after birth. Such birthmarks appear mainly on the forehead, one side of the baby’s eye socket, on the nose, and zygomatic area.

This type’s birthmarks can scatter across the affected region or appear in small patches. Some babies get these discolored skin spots on both sides of their face. They seem to spread bilaterally symmetrical. Some cyan birthmarks occur on body parts such as the cornea, conjunctiva, and retina.

This type of skin blemishes can appear in clusters of tiny dots on the skin. Their density varies and every person does not get these spots in the same shape and density. The central part of the birthmark looks quite darker whereas the edges look light blue.

These dark-colored birthmarks can appear as black, brown, cyan, and other dark color spots on the skin. Dermatologists have also reported that some babies have gotten cyan birthmarks on the sclera of their eyes. These spots look like blue spots on the skin.

Parents usually do not seek a professional’s support if the birthmarks have appeared on hidden body parts. They get worried about the baby’s social life if the birthmark appears on the face. Therefore, they start searching for a reliable birthmark treatment.

Birthmark removal is possible and your baby won’t experience any kind of pain during the treatment. Continue reading to learn how to remove cyan birthmarks completely!

What Causes Cyan Birthmarks On The Baby’s Skin?

Cyan birthmarks and other dark-toned birthmarks, such as flaky pigment spots, brown spots, or bluish-black birthmarks trouble many people. These spots are visible on the skin because of their different color. Many babies get these marks on their face, neck, back, and upper or lower limbs. It is still not clear how or why birthmarks or formed.

Some doctors speculate causes of birthmarks, but they still do not know the cause of most birthmarks. It is quite tough to prevent the occurrence of birthmarks. These discolored skin spots do not occur due to things moms do during pregnancy.

These birthmarks are also not related to any skin issue or trauma at the time of birth. Some birthmarks are genetic and run in families whereas others are totally random. Doctors believe the following things cause cyan birthmarks:

1. Excess melanin production

The main cause of cyan birthmarks is the increased production of melanin in the dermis. It can also occur due to genetic history. This type of birthmarks can run in families. Trauma and injuries can also cause such kind marks on the skin. Some people also get this type of marks on their body in adulthood. It is not a concerning issue, but you should meet the doctor if you get such marks.

2. Overgrowth of pigmented cells

Some people get cyan birthmarks due to the overgrowth of pigmented cells. It can be removed if the right technique is chosen for the treatment. Pick a painless procedure if you decide to remove birthmarks on your baby’s skin.

Which Treatment is the Best to Remove Cyan Birthmarks?

Most parents decide to not remove birthmarks because these are harmless. They only choose to remove such skin blemishes if they affect the baby’s appearance. Many procedures are available for removing cyan birthmarks. However, the following procedures are best to treat birthmarks at an early age:

1. Skin grafting or Microdermabrasion

It is a conventional birthmark treatment procedure. The doctor uses a grinding wheel to scrape the skin from the affected region. Thus, the doctor removes the discolored skin and normal skin is planted over the affected region. That’s how doctors have been removing cyan birthmarks for many years.

It is not a painless procedure. There will be some surgery scars on the skin after the birthmark’s removal. People do not pick this treatment to remove birthmarks from the face, neck, and other exposed body parts due to scars.

Highly-skilled doctors perform skin grafting surgeries. Even the best surgeons do not guarantee the restoration of clean and scar-free skin. Therefore, it is not a popular choice among parents. Other methods seem much safer and reliable when it comes to removing dark birthmarks.

2. Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy

It is another popular treatment used for removing cyan birthmarks. The doctor will freeze the affected tissue layer during this treatment. Cyan birthmarks can occur due to discolored skin layers situated deep inside the affected region. This treatment is performed to remove all the discolored tissues. Therefore, the patient gets scars on the affected skin region after the treatment.

Your doctor will not promise the complete removal of cyan birthmarks. It is quite tough to completely remove such birthmarks by cryotherapy. Therefore, it is also not a popular choice among patients. This procedure is expensive not as effective as the next cyan birthmark removing technique is.

3. Laser therapy

You cannot find a better treatment of laser therapy for cyan birthmark removal. It is the most advanced solution for removing most types of birthmarks. A cutting-edge instrument is used to direct a harmless laser beam on the affected skin region.

Different wavelength’s laser beam target melanocytes in the dermis. Thus, healthy skin cells remain untouched and affected skin cells are destroyed during the therapy. This therapy is quite effective when it comes to destroying discolored lesions. It restores the ideal skin color without causing any scar on the skin.

If you want your baby to live a happy life like a confident kid, choose laser therapy to remove his birthmarks. It is completely safe and it does not affect the patient’s health. Numerous parents chose this painless treatment to remove skin blemishes. They got the best results without painful scars. Although it is a bit time-consuming procedure, it has almost zero side-effects and zeroes health risks.

How To Take Care Of Skin After Removing Cyan Birthmark?

You are most likely to choose laser therapy for cyan birthmark removal. This treatment must be performed before the kid joins the school. Thus, he won’t get bullied or face discrimination due to those birthmarks.

Parents should take care of the following things after removing cyan birthmarks:

  • It is quite normal for patients to feel a slight burning sensation or itching after the treatment. Do not let your baby scratch his skin after the treatment. Use an organic ointment to soothe inflammation and comfort your kid. Let your baby take a rest and things will get normal within 24-48 hours.
  • Laser treatment does not show immediate results. It may usually take 1-3 months to completely remove cyan birthmarks. Some patients also get this treatment in multiple cycles. Therefore, it may also take up to 9 months to completely remove dark birthmarks.
  • All the doctors suggest avoiding oily and fishy food after the treatment because it can cause inflammation. Stick to a vegetarian diet for a few weeks to avoid itching and other side-effects of laser therapy.
  • If the birthmark is spread in a large area over the skin, the treatment can cause swelling. Some blisters can also appear over the skin. These are some common side-effects of laser therapy. Do not pick the skin or scratch the affected region otherwise there might be some scars. Swelling disappears within 2-3 days and your skin will automatically heal blisters.
  • The doctor may provide some antibiotic medications to prevent infection. Surgeons also offer high-quality ointment to soothe inflammation and prevent scars. You may need to take those medicines or apply the ointment for 4-6 days. There won’t be any kind of infection if you follow your doctor’s advice.
  • Parents should avoid taking their kids out in the sunlight after the treatment. Use an umbrella or move out during the nighttime to avoid sun exposure. Direct sunlight can damage the laser-treated skin!


Cyan birthmarks are rare! These skin blemishes appear mostly on exposed limbs. Therefore, birthmarks can be problematic for the social life of a person. Parents should carefully check if the baby got such a birthmark. Meet an expert dermatologist or skin experts to remove that birthmark.

As you have learned in this post, some effective treatments are available for birthmark removal. Laser therapy is a perfect treatment to restore normal skin tone. Therefore, you should consider this treatment and try it as soon as possible.

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