How to Make Newborn Babies Sleep Well?

How to Make Newborn Babies Sleep Well

Why Newborn Babies Do Not Sleep Well?

The performance of the newborn sleep is not stable: easy to wake up, sleep quality is not high, and every cry often makes a variety of humming sounds, and the baby’s color is not very good, these are the performance of the newborn baby sleep is not stable.

Here are top 5 reasons that make newborn babies sleep not well.

1. Overeat or hungry. The baby overate, the abdomen is swollen uncomfortable; or the baby did not eat enough, hungry, will cry a lot. Newborn babies are fed on demand, but parents still have to pay attention to the amount of food the baby eats, do not give the baby too much at once, and do not let him starve.

2. Wet diapers. If the diaper is wet and the mother doesn’t have time to change the baby, it can also cause the baby to cry and refuse sleep. Parents should be sensitive to the baby’s reaction, pay attention to whether the baby’s diaper is wet, wet to change his diaper in time, and have a dry and comfortable environment so that the baby can sleep at ease!

3. The clothes are too tight, the blanket is too thick will make the baby feel uncomfortable. These for the baby still can not express their emotions with words, can only be through crying to the mother’s complaint.

4. Mosquito bites and insect bites. If there are mosquitoes or eczema to find the baby, it will also make the baby cry because these will make him feel itchy skin unbearable. So parents may want to check the baby’s body for red bumps when the baby is crying.

5. Calcium deficiency. The baby is also crying because of calcium deficiency so that parents can test the baby for trace elements. If the baby is deficient in calcium, parents should pay attention to the baby’s calcium supplement. You can also give your baby more sunshine, which can also prevent your baby from calcium deficiency.

Why Newborn Babies Make Noises When Sleeping?

It is a normal phenomenon for newborns to make sounds in their sleep, as long as it does not affect their lives and there are no abnormalities in other aspects of their performance, parents should not worry too much. There are various reasons why babies make sounds in their sleep, most commonly because their central nervous system and respiratory system are not yet developed. Occasionally it will suddenly twitch and hum a few times when sleeping, if only once in a while, is a normal phenomenon, after the baby is a little older, there will be no sound.

However, some cases need to be recognized by the mother. For example, if the baby gets cold and has a runny nose, it may be caused by the backflow of snot into the throat. The baby’s throat is inflamed, which can also cause the baby to make sounds in his sleep, so it is vital to seek medical attention.

When Newborn Hiccups During Sleeping?

Most newborns sleep hiccups are due to abdominal flatulence after eating milk, so parents can hold the baby for a while after drinking milk, gently pat the baby’s back, or gently massage the abdomen to help exhaust, which can prevent the baby from hiccups and overflow.

Parents can also try to feed their babies in small quantities and not let them eat too much, improving the symptoms of hiccups in their sleep.

Why Newborn Baby Twitching at Bedtime?

The newborn baby’s twitching during sleep is a normal phenomenon, so parents don’t need to be too nervous.

The newborn twitching is a manifestation of a temporary disorder of brain function. The newborn’s cerebral cortex development has not yet been perfected, so the subcortical center mainly controls the limb activity. Thus there will be involuntary, purposeless shaking of the limbs. With the gradual maturation of the cerebral cortex’s development, the control of the child’s limb activities is gradually transferred from the subcortical center to the cerebral cortex, and this involuntary shaking of the limbs gradually disappears.

When the child is found to be twitching in his sleep, the parents need to use their hands to gently press any part of his body to make him quiet. For newborns who are not wrapped, hold his shoulders or hold him in your arms to quiet him down.

However, if the baby’s sleeping twitches are too frequent, this may be caused by the baby’s calcium deficiency or brain damage. Parents need to pay attention to the baby’s calcium supplement or go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

How to Make Your Baby to Sleep Well?

1. Require your baby to sleep regularly: parents should train the baby to form a biological clock when the baby is younger so that the whole night sleep to form a habit. Babies need to develop a routine and supplement their sleep with naps during the day. Waking your baby at the same time every morning will make his naps more regular.

2. Develop good napping habits: baby’s naps should be regular and scheduled, generally sleep at noon or early afternoon, for example, half an hour to an hour from one o’clock at noon.

3. Control the bedroom light and sound: light and sound to promote the baby’s biological clock formation through the contrast of light and darkness so that babies learn the difference between day and night, awake and asleep.

4. Follow the bedtime routine every day: arrange a whole bedtime process. The baby’s regular sleep habits are also beneficial. 

5. Safe and comfortable bed environment: in the baby’s crib to create a safe and comfortable, like the warm embrace of the mother’s background is the best way.

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