How to Feed A 4-Month Old Baby?

How to Feed A 4 Month Old Baby

What Should You Know About Feeding A 4-Month Old Baby?

Your child has started playing and responding to your voice. He smiles, laughs, and sometimes shouts to gain your attention. Your cute munchkin’s appetite has also increased. His sleeping schedule has improved and now his company disturbs him a lot during the night time.

That’s what happens when your child is four months old. He has become smarter and made your life more entertaining. You will observe some changes in his diet. He needs proper nourishment to grow stronger and get stay healthy.

Should you continue breastfeeding your 4 months old baby? Is it the right time to add formula milk to your child’s diet? Such questions may puzzle you a lot. This post is offering a four-month baby feeding guide, which you can follow to take better care of your child.

How Often You Should Feed Your Four Month Old Baby?

Even though your baby is four months old, he still does not have a perfect feeding schedule. It is still quite early for him to develop a schedule. The baby feeds whenever he wants. The baby would demand milk 5-6 times a day. It can be tough for some mothers to soothe the baby’s appetite 6 times! Therefore, many mothers wonder about adding formula milk to the diet.

Notice the hunger signs: You have learned a lot about your 4 months old child. Look for the signs your baby passes when he is hungry. Most babies get upset and start crying when they are hungry. Does your child cry to get fed? You must feed him if it is a sign.

Your baby’s belly will seem a bit bloated when he is full. He will play and get active on the bed when the child is not hungry. His tummy would look a bit deflated and his activities may stop for a while due to hunger. It’s an indication that you must feed your child now!

Don’t delay your baby’s request for too long! Your baby’s proper growth mainly depends on the food he consumes. Most 4 months old babies start gumming fingers, sucking thumb, and moving the dead when hungry. Such signs are important to understand if you are a mother. Do not wait until your child cries. Feed him to comfort him and keep him happy!

Can You Feed Complimentary Food to A 4-Month Old Baby?

It might seem a bit frustrating that there isn’t enough milk left to breastfeed the child again. WHO strictly recommends the mother’s milk for the first 6 months! It may not be possible for all the mothers to feed their 4 months old child five times a day. Therefore, they seek more alternatives.

A 4-month old baby can digest starch! This information may surprise many readers. The Chinese government allows parents to feed complimentary food to 4 months or older babies. It’s the age when the secretion of amylase in the saliva increases. The pancreas is developed in the baby’s stomach to turn food into fuel. Therefore, many Chinese parents include iron-containing cereals into the baby’s diet.

Some health experts also recommend adding vegetable and fruit smoothies to the baby’s diet. Sift solid particles and provide a lukewarm smoothie to the child. He will enjoy the new taste of food, which he will soon consume in its solid-state.

You should not provide complimentary food in large quantities. Breastfeeding should be the main feeding method. Consider nutrient-rich iron milk, cereal, and smoothies an additional food source for your child.

How Much Milk a 4-6 Months Old Baby Needs? 

Every 4-6 months old child requires a different amount of milk to soothe his cravings. However, most 4-6 months old children consume milk five times a day. They need 150ml to 200ml milk in each meal. Thus, a 4-6 months old baby would need 1000ml milk in a day.

You should add baby formula to your child’s diet if you can’t provide the required amount of milk. Do not worry about your child’s health. He will be happy, healthy, and he’ll grow normally if you choose a top-quality formula milk brand. It will be his initial step to consume external food. Most babies like it!

Should You Worry If the Baby Feeds Less Often?

It is completely normal for a 4-month old baby to breastfeed less often. His diet has changed with growth. The child is now consuming more milk in each feeding. Your baby’s stomach is growing and so his appetite.

The baby digests consumed milk easily. Therefore, he demands food every 4 hours. It is the time when the baby consumes as much as possible to fill that tiny tummy. That’s when mothers face the problem.

It should be less concerning for you if the baby feeds less often. Ensure there isn’t a shortage of milk. Your baby is still growing and he needs essential nutrients to develop better. Therefore, baby formula, goat milk, etc. are good food alternatives for a 4-month old child.

What Precautions You Should Take While Feeding The Child?

Take care of the following things when feeding your 4-month old child:

1. Do not follow a strict feeding schedule!

Most mothers start working at home when the child is 4 months old. Some even get back to their jobs! They set a strict schedule to feed the child. It is not good for a child’s health. Your baby, his good health, and his proper growth should be your top priorities.

The baby may sometimes enjoy the meal according to your schedule, but not always! He might feel hungry and you might not be available there to feed him! So, find a better way to complete your work and take care of your child.

2. Check food temperature before feeding it to the child!

Your baby will enjoy his food if it is lukewarm. That doesn’t mean you should lick his food by spoon to check its temperature. Fill the bottle with formula milk and then check its temperature. Pour a few drops of the milk on your skin. You will know whether it is too hot or warm enough to feed the child.

There is no need to check the temperature if you breastfeed the child. Be careful only when you feed him cereal, formula milk, or smoothies.

3. Do not feed solid food to a 4-month old baby!

Most babies get a few teeth when they are 4-6 months old. It is a new experience for the child. Although he got a few teeth, it doesn’t mean the baby can chew properly. He will simply swallow whatever solid food goes into his mouth.

Parents should feed only liquid food to a 4-6 months old baby. Prepare juice or smoothie if you want to feed him nutritious veggies and fruits. The baby will love to have something new once he is old enough to digest that food.

4. Feed him calmly

A 4-month old child is quite sensitive. It is the age when the baby starts grasping knowledge from his surrounding environment. The baby responds to everything he sees and hears. That’s why loud noises and sudden movements distract 4-6 months old babies. They stop feeding and focus on what’s going around them. Feed the child in a quiet and comforting environment. Thus, he will finish his meal quickly.

How to Know Your Child Is Getting Enough Food?

Many parents do not know how much milk their baby consumes each time. Therefore, it becomes more daunting to know how much formula milk, smoothie, or cereal they should feed him. You are afraid that your baby might not get enough to soothe his appetite. So, consider the following cues. These cues will tell you whether the child is full or not.

  • The baby will look satisfied and calm if he is full.
  • Your breast will feel soft if you breastfeed him.
  • The baby will wet at least six times a day if he is getting the necessary amount of food.
  • Your baby’s weight will increase!

Your child is consuming sufficient food if you get these four signs. There is no need to measure everything according to what you read online. Just look your child for the signs of hunger after feeding him. He is not full if he continues to show those sign. You should prepare more food to keep him happy!

Can You Feed Cow’s Milk to A 4-Month Old Baby?

Cow’s milk should not be your first choice for your 4-month old baby! Even though his digestive system is working better, it’s not good enough to digest external milk perfectly. Some babies suffer from diarrhea and vomiting due to cow’s milk. Goat milk is a better choice if you want to feed him with external milk.


Things can get trickier as the child grows. Food options improve as the child grows. You just need to know what to feed him and how to feed him. He will enjoy new foods and look much happier. So, follow the four-month baby feeding guidelines shared in this post to take better care of your baby’s food demands.  

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