Goat Milk VS Cow’s Milk, Which Is Better for 1-Year Old Kids?

Goat Milk VS Cows Milk Which Is Better for A 1 Year Old Kid

Should Your Replace Cow’s Milk With Goat Milk If He Has Milk Allergies?

You are planning to add something new to the baby’s diet. Your child has grown up and ready to taste new flavors. You may probably have considered several milk options. Is it better for kids to drink goat’s milk? This question puzzles many parents.

Many people believe goat milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk. You may also find health experts supporting goat milk for its nutritious value. It’s a better choice for kids, who are lactose sensitive. You can feed it to your child if he cannot digest cow’s milk.

There are many important things, which you must know about goat milk. Thus, you will know whether it is good for your child or not!

Goat Milk VS Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk and goat milk are two nutritious choices in milk for young kids. Which one is better for the good health of a 1-year old kid? Let’s find out:

What’s the difference between cow’s milk and goat milk?

Several things make cow’s milk different from goat milk. Many studies prove that goat milk is quite beneficial for children’s health. It is rich in protein, calcium, minerals, and several other nutrients. Cow’s milk has a much lower nutrient count than goat milk.

However, goat milk can hold Prussian bacterial. Cow’s milk does not contain such bacteria. Therefore, users need to boil goat milk before feeding it to the kid. It won’t lose its vital nutrients after boiling. Therefore, you can trust it.  

Goat milk is quite essential for the rapid growth of a 6-year old kid

Kids grow quite rapidly once they are 1-2 years old. Their physical structure changes in this age. They need more nutrients to develop stronger bones and healthy muscles. Your 1-year old needs a healthy diet regularly to absorb more nutrients.

Milk and dairy products offer a rich supply of nutrients. Goat milk is known for assisting in rapid growth because its nutritional value is quite high. Your baby will grow stronger than other kids if you include goat milk in his diet.

It is easy to digest and your kid’s body will absorb most of the nutrients provided by this milk. Therefore, you should replace ordinary milk with goat milk or goat milk-based formula.

How Goat Milk Is More Nutritious Than Cow’s Milk?

Both goat milk and cow milk are nutritious, but goat milk contains more nutrients per ounce than cow’s milk. This difference makes goat milk more favorable than cow’s milk.

Goat milk benefits

The following health benefits prove goat milk is quite essential for your kids:

  • You can add goat milk to your baby’s diet if breastfeeding is not an option. It is easy to digest because it has no agglutinin!
  • Goat milk contains soft protein curds and much smaller fat particles. These particles play a crucial role in reducing regurgitation issues in young kids.
  • Goat milk-based formula or pure goat milk offers rich quantities of niacin, selenium, and vitamin A. Cow’s milk offer these essential compounds in a much lesser quantity!
  • Goat milk proteins are not as allergic as cow’s milk proteins are. It contains less lactose and therefore it is a much healthier choice for your child.
  • Your kids also benefit from the conjugated linoleic acid provided by goat milk. It helps in improving brain functioning.  
  • Recent studies reveal that goat milk prevents reactions between iron and other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Got milk VS cow’s milk protein structure

Both types of milk have different protein structure. You get more casein content in cow’s milk, but less whey protein in it. Goat milk offers a much richer quantity of whey protein than cow’s milk.

Babies, young kids, and elderly family members can also easily digest goat milk. It will play a crucial role in improving the overall health of the user. You will see your kid growing stronger after adding goat milk to his diet.

Now, you must agree that goat milk is much better than cow’s milk. Choose formula milk based on goat milk or pure goat milk to nourish your kid. As explained in the benefits section, goat milk will keep your child healthy and fit. It will keep him well nourished, even if he doesn’t consume food properly.

How Old Your Kid Should Be to Drink Goat Milk?

Even though your child is one-year-old, he still needs milk. Kids take time to switch to foods that all adults enjoy. Therefore, milk remains a crucial part of the kid’s diet. Can a 1-year old kid drink goat milk? Let’s find out:

Yes, goat milk is a healthy alternative to breastfeeding! Every mother tries to reduce the child’s reliance on breast milk as he gets 1-year old. It is the right time to introduce complimentary meals. Many nutritionists believe goat milk is the “King of Milk”. It is perfect to nourish a 1-year old child because of its nutritional values.

This milk contains much smaller fat particles. Your kid’s body absorbs those fat particles more easily. That does not mean your kid will get fat due to regular consumption of goat milk. It contains other nutrients which turn fat into energy. Your kid feels more energetic and stronger than others at this stage.

It’s a nutrient-rich food source for a 1-year old kid! Goat milk provides a much larger supply of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, minerals, etc. than other types of milk. Companies sell goat milk and goat milk-based baby formulas as nutritious products in the USA and other western countries.

Because it is more nutritious, it is also more expensive than cow’s milk. It may cost 7-times the price of cow’s milk in some countries! You must invest your money in goat milk if your kid has milk allergies. It will be a safer food source for kids with bronchial inflammation and gastrointestinal diseases.

Studies support goat milk as a nourishing food for kids. Goat milk has always been an alternative to soy milk, cow’s milk, and other types of milk. Parents used to feed cow’s milk to their 1-year old kid because it is easily available everywhere. Goat milk’s demands increased as studies started supporting big claims.

Researchers found that goat milk contains a rich supply of phosphorus, calcium, proteins, and many other nutrients. It is less likely that a kid would have milk allergies if he consumes goat milk. Thus, people started replacing cow’s milk with goat milk. Its demands are quite high today!

Does Goat Milk Help In Increasing Kid’s Height?

You would surely want your kid to grow taller than other kids. He would look more attractive and much stronger if he is a tall guy. Height growth mainly depends on physical exercises and a healthy diet. Can goat milk be a part of your kid’s diet? Does it help in increasing height? Let’s find out:

Got milk is not an ideal choice when it comes to increasing a kid’s height: Goat milk has many health benefits, but it does not speed up the height increasing process. Cow’s milk is a better choice if you want your kid to grow taller. Cow’s milk contains more proteins, such as lactose. These proteins play a crucial role in increasing the kid’s height.

Goat milk provides other vital nutrients for overall good health. You should add cow’s milk to your kid’s diet for a rapid increase in his height. Keep feeding him goat milk if your child is allergic to lactose and other such proteins. Pure goat milk will be better for his health, but it will be slightly more expensive!

It may taste a bit different! Your kid might love or reject a new food when you introduce it for the first time. Goat milk tastes different from cow’s milk and breast milk. Your kid might reject to drink it due to its different taste. Blend some delicious nutritional powder in it to improve the taste. Your kid won’t refuse it anymore!

Should You Trust Goat Milk For Kid’s Better Health?

People have been using goat milk since ancient time. Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and many other ancient civilizations regarded goat milk as a healthy food. People consumed this milk because it is non-toxic, warm, and good for improving heart and lungs health.

Goat milk also improves kidney’s functioning. Therefore, people still admire it for its medicinal benefits. You can trust goat milk for keeping your child healthy and strong. It will protect your kid against many chronic diseases.


You may have never drunk goat milk before, but now you know how good it is for your kid’s health. It will be a wise decision to add goat milk to your 1-year old kid’s daily diet. Your child will experience all the benefits explained in this post. Goat milk is the best cow’s milk alternative. You should try it if you don’t want your kid to rely completely on breastfeeding!

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