Is Goat Milk A Reliable Food for Newborn Children?

Is Goat Milk A Reliable Food for Newborn Children

Why Goat Milk Is A Better Food Alternative Than Formula Milk And Cow Milk?

Breast milk is the main diet for a newborn child. It is easy to digest and it provides all the vital nutrients with your baby need for rapid growth. Unfortunately, some mothers cannot provide enough to fulfil the baby’s food needs. Parents start looking for other equally nutritious food alternatives in such conditions. Is got milk a good alternative to breast milk? Continue reading to find out!

Is Goat Milk A Healthy Choice For A Newborn Baby?

The World Health Organization recommends only breast milk for a newborn child. Being a complete food for the baby provides everything a child needs to stay fit and develop faster. It is possible for the mother to not meet the baby’s food needs due to certain health conditions. Goat milk seems a good choice in such conditions.

Unlike cow’s milk, goat milk contains the minimum amount of lactose. It is a kind of sugar that babies cannot digest conveniently. Therefore, goat milk seems a reliable alternative. Babies can digest it easily and absorb their nutrients to stay healthy. Parents should choose only top-quality goat milk for the child. It should be rich in DHA, folic acid, algae oil, and IGG.  

Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk

Many people wonder why goat milk is better food for newborn babies than cow’s milk. The reason is quite simple; babies can digest goat milk more easily than cow’s milk! Goat milk is rich in whey protein. It seems almost similar to mother’s milk in many ways. Therefore, moms can feed this milk to the child as long as possible.

However, mothers should closely monitor the health effects of changing the baby’s diet. Look for the signs of constipation, diarrhea, and allergic reactions. Stop feeding your child goat milk if you find any symptom of milk or serious health issue!

Be extra careful when changing the baby’s diet! Many parents chose to provide the baby with goat milk. They usually switch the baby’s diet after 4 months. It is the time when the baby’s digestive system can cope with a little supply of lactose.

A newborn child might find it quite difficult to digest lactose. Therefore, health experts do not recommend feeding goat milk to babies under 4 months of age. Your baby might experience certain health conditions after consuming goat milk. Diarrhea and vomiting are signs that the baby is finding it tough to adapt to a new diet. So, consult with the doctor before you continue feeding goat milk.

Is Goat Milk Better Than Ordinary Milk Powder For Babies?

The nutritional value of the mother’s milk is much higher than goat milk. It provides more protein than goat milk along with other nutrients. However, goat milk is a better alternative to ordinary milk powder. It is rich in carbohydrates. Babies can digest goat milk more easily than cow’s milk.

If your baby finds it difficult to digest formula milk and cow milk, you can try goat milk. Doctors strictly prohibit mothers from feeding cow’s milk to newborns. Goat milk perfectly imitates breast milk. It is a rich nutrient source for babies and therefore it is often looked at as a breast milk alternative!

Difference Between Goat Milk And Ordinary Milk

The following differences make goat milk better than ordinary milk powder:

  • Goat milk is rich in the epithelial cell factor “EFG” that you don’t find in ordinary milk powder.
  • It provides a rich supply of whey protein, which you don’t get in the cow’s milk. Goat milk supplies 82% more proteins than cow milk, which your child can easily absorb.
  • Ordinary milk powder does not contain lactoferrin, which goat milk has!
  • Fat content in goat milk is quite lower than ordinary milk.
  • Goat milk provides thinner and softer protein clots, which the child can easily digest.
  • Goat milk is rich in unsaturated fat.
  • It is low in saturated fat and that’s good for the baby’s health.
  • Goat milk’s lactose content is much lower than cow’s milk or ordinary milk.

These features make goat milk quite reliable for a newborn child. This comparison will ensure you that you chose the right breast milk alternative for your child. Therefore, you can continue feeding him goat milk if he shows no signs of health issues!

How to Pick the Right Milk Powder for Your Baby?

Newborn babies have quite limited food options. Parents should carefully choose the breast milk alternative to ensure the good health of the baby. You can choose between formula milk, goat milk, and other options.

You should pick a food alternative based on your child’s age. You can feed formula milk to babies up to 6 months old. The second stage formula milk is suitable for children 6-12 months old. The third stage of formula milk is perfect for babies 1-year old or older.

Choose the baby’s food according to these stages. Besides, you should carefully choose the product brand. Prefer a well-established and trusted brand for your child. It might be a bit costlier, but it will be a healthier alternative to ordinary milk powders.

Check the following things before choosing milk powder for your child:

1. Check the label

Carefully read everything mentioned on the milk powder label. Look for product information shared by the manufacturer. You will learn whether it is canned or bagged milk powder. You will also know about the type of nutrients this food offers for the baby. The label will reveal details about implementation standards, milk powder formula, how to prepare it, and how you should feed it to your child.

2. Check the manufacturing date

Now, the second most important thing to check is the manufacturing date of the product. Make sure it was not produced several months ago. Also, look for the shelf life of the product. It must be at the bottom of the can or bottle. Bagged milk will have its shelf life and manufacturing date marked on the side of the bag. This check will ensure the chosen product is within the safe consumption period.

3. Look for leaks

There is no need to buy the product if there are leaks in the can or milk bag. Companies use a variety of packaging materials to package formula milk and goat milk. This packaging can get damaged during transportation.

Bagged milk powders have air-filled inside. Increased pressure can cause leaks and compromise the quality of the milk. Squeeze the milk bag gently from both hands to find leaks. It is perfect for your child if there are no leaks. Avoid products with damaged packaging because they can cause health problems.

4. Shake it

There might be tiny lumps in the milk powder. These might be hard to blend in water and your baby might consume them as it is. Therefore, you should carefully shake the package to find the signs of lumps. You will spot such lumps if the manufacturer has used transparent packaging to package them.

You cannot trust product quality if there is agglomeration in the packaged milk. Pinch the bagged milk powder to identify lumps. Avoid purchasing it if you find hard lumps in the package. Choose another brand’s milk powder instead!

What Should You Do If Your Newborn Child Doesn’t Consume Milk Powder?

It is important to feed only breast milk to a newborn child. Avoid other food sources as long as possible. Try the following tactics to feed him goat milk or formula milk if it’s not possible to feed him breast milk:

  • Maintain a quiet environment in the house when feeding the baby. It will encourage him to focus on eating instead of other things.
  • Blend a small quantity of breast milk into the goat milk or formula milk to offer a similar taste to the child.
  • Switch off your phone and other devices while feeding if your baby is super sensitive!
  • Do not provide a large quantity of milk at once if your child doesn’t like it. Feed him in small intervals so that he can consume more milk and feel full easily.
  • Feed the goat milk or formula milk only when your child is feeling hungry. Your baby is already full if he is not eating the provided food. So, wait until your baby shows the signs that he is hungry.  
  • Sing lullaby or play soft music if your child enjoys such things. It will help him in concentrating on his hunger instead of focusing on the food. Thus, your baby will drink milk faster and soothe his hunger cravings.
  • Choose a top-quality pacifier to ensure the baby can drink effortlessly from the milk bottle.


It is always tough for moms to provide the baby with sufficient breast milk. Goat milk is a reliable alternative and it is better than other types of milk. Therefore, you can add it to your baby’s diet. Avoid it is if you can provide sufficient breast milk to keep your baby full. It will keep your child fit and healthy!

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