3 Easy Ways to Fold Baby Diapers

3 Easy Ways to Fold Baby Diapers

How to Fold Baby Diapers?

A diaper is one of the most widely used baby supplies. Every child needs it until he gets 3-5 years old. Babies take time to learn how and where they should release daily waste. Therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep the babies clean and healthy. Diapers make this job quite easier for parents.

You can find many types of diapers on the market. You will have to choose between disposable and reusable diapers. Disposable diapers are made of highly absorbent materials, but you can’t reuse them. Reusable diapers are easy to clean, but they can’t prevent leaks as good as disposable diapers do.

Whether you choose disposable diapers or reusable ones, you will need a lot of them for your baby. Learn how to stack diapers to be ready to change them whenever your baby needs them.

3 Best Methods to Fold Diapers

There are many ways of folding a diaper. These are reusable diapers made of clothes. You may need above ten diapers in a day for a newborn baby. So, follow the below-given methods to learn how to fold baby diapers.


  1. Pick the diaper and spread it on a table. You can also do it on the bed if it is inconvenient for you to fold the diaper on a table.
  2. Pick the top and bottom edges of the diaper from the left side and then fold it in half.
  3. Now pick the top-left and top-right corners of the diaper and fold it towards the bottom. It will appear like a square.
  4. Divide the folded nappy into three equal parts once you have folded it into four layers. Fold three layers on one side and one layer on the other side.  
  5. Fold the nappy into three folds now and the remaining 1/3 part of the diaper should be folded towards the middle section.
  6. You will get a rectangular-shaped diaper now!
  7. Making final folds:
  8. Now, pick two upper layers and fold them on two sides. Thus, the upper end of the diaper will get wider and the bottom end will look narrower.
  9. Use the wider part of the folded diaper to cover your baby’s butt and the narrower part to cover the front portion. That’s how you should wrap the diaper around your baby’s waist.  

Suppose the diaper pocket is too long you should fold it from the bottom end of the nappy. It must be shorter in length than the diaper pocket. That’s how the folded diaper will fit perfectly.


  1. Pick the diaper and flatten it on a table. Prefer a bed if you find it tough to fold clothes on a flat table.
  2. Cold the nappy in half from the left to the right side.
  3. Now, again fold it from top to bottom. You will get a four-layer square now.
  4. You should be able to open the diaper’s corner from the top-right side.
  5. Now, hold the two layers from the uppermost corner of the diaper and pull them upwards. You will get a triangle shape at the top.
  6. Once you have folded the nappy in a right-angled trapezoid, you will get an isosceles right-angled triangle and a square.
  7. You have to find the right-angled trapezoid to ensure the triangle’s fold ends on the bottom. Its non-crease side should be on the top.
  8. Now, fold the left side square in 3 parts towards the right side and again fold it into 2 parts.
  9. Now, pick the folded diaper and wrap it around your baby’s waist.

The second method is also quite simple and effective to fold leak-proof nappies for the baby.


  1. Pick the diaper cloth and spread it flat on the table or bed.
  2. Keep the shorter side of the nappy towards you.
  3. Fold the diaper into three folds vertically and then fold one side towards the middle portion.
  4. The nappy should still look rectangular after making three folds.
  5. Now, pick two top layers of the diaper from either side and even out them to create a V shape. There will be two wings, which you will use to wrap the diaper.
  6. Assess how long the folded diaper is in comparison to your baby’s diaper pants.
  7. If it is too long, you can fold it from the bottom.

The folded diaper should be smaller than the pants baby wears. Thus, it will fit perfectly and comfort your baby much longer than ordinary diapers.

What Are the Benefits of Baby Diapers?

Modern diapers have been in use since 1930. People have been using nappies made of various materials for many centuries. Diapers are more effective when it comes to preventing leaks and protecting your baby’s delicate skin. Therefore, people across the globe use diapers to comfort their babies.

The following benefits make modern nappies more beneficial for newborns:

1. It’s lightweight and comforting

Unlike normal clothes, manufacturers use lightweight clothes to build baby diapers. You should also pick lightweight clothes to prepare a diaper for the baby if you want to comfort him. Heavy clothes may prevent leaks longer, but the baby won’t feel comfortable. Modern diapers are soft, light, and way more comforting than ordinary clothes.

2. Better liquid absorption

Newborn babies get wet quite often. The normal cloth cannot prevent leakage. It will get wet and cause discomfort to the baby. Many babies start crying as they get wet. You should choose a nappy made of highly absorbent material. It will prevent leaks much longer than ordinary nappies. Your baby will sleep longer and won’t face any skin problem due to a wet diaper.

3. No frequent nappy changing

Most parents prefer modern diapers because they do not want to change the baby’s nappy time-and-again. Modern diapers come with highly-absorbent materials that soak up more liquid than ordinary clothes. Some diapers can even provide overnight protection! That’s how good diapers have become in comparison to early diapers.

4. Diapers prevent skin rashes

Babies have pretty delicate skin. It is the parents’ job to protect babies against all sorts of health issues. If you don’t take proper care, your baby can experience skin problems. Diaper rashes are one of the most common skin problems newborns experience during the early few years of their life. Choose a top-quality diaper to ensure the baby stays dry. It will also prevent diaper rash problem.

Cloth Nappy VS Disposable Diaper, Which Is Better For Your Baby?

Disposable diapers draw the attention of millions of parents. They buy these nappies and use them to comfort their babies. However, millions of other parents also choose cloth nappies. Both come with some perks and some drawbacks. Learn about those perks and drawbacks to choosing the best nappy for your child.

Cloth nappy

Babies do not have any fixed routine to remove waste out. They urinate and poop whenever they want. Ordinary cloth nappies are not capable of keeping the baby dry for hours. Therefore, modern parents choose cloth nappies made of absorbent materials.

Cloth nappies will be your first choice if you are looking for reusable baby diapers. You can remove the diaper and clean it in the load washer. A cloth nappy can last several months. Disposable diapers are designed only for one-time use. Therefore, many parents avoid them.

Cloth nappies or washable nappies allow you to save a lot of money. However, you will have to change it whenever it gets wet!

Disposable diaper

Many diaper brands are producing this kind of diapers. You can find disposable diapers of all sizes. Parents choose these nappies for both newborns and toddlers. That proves how effective these nappies are.

However, disposable nappies are expensive and these aren’t reusable. You should avoid such diapers if you can’t spend a large sum of money on baby diapers. There are reusable diapers for babies, which you can buy.

Some disposable diapers can prevent wetness and leaks for several hours. It means you will need only two or three diapers a day to keep your baby dry. You won’t have a choice to resize the diaper once you order the wrong size diapers though! That’s not the case with cloth nappies. You can fold and resize cloth nappies to fit them perfectly around the baby’s waist. Disposable diapers are perfect for travel and cloth nappies are ideal for household use.


You have learned how to stack diapers and other facts about baby diapers. Newborns can get wet several times a day. It is natural for them and it keeps the baby healthy. Your baby might cry in his sleep once he gets wet. So, keep another nappy ready to replace the old one.

Choose disposable diapers for travel. It will be easy to remove and dispose on the go. Cloth nappies are perfect to use at home. You can change it whenever the baby urinates or poops. It will take just a few attempts to learn how to fold a baby diaper perfectly. You will enjoy this work once you have learned it!

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