Easy Ways to Bathe a Baby

Easy Ways to Bathe a Baby

You have a newborn child, who has soft skin, delicate limbs, and special needs. Everything about the baby is unique. That’s why newborns need special care. Cleaning the baby can be a daunting task for new parents. They do not want to hurt the child during the cleaning process.

How to give a baby shower? How to keep him clean? What to avoid when cleaning the baby? Continue reading to reveal some important facts about the baby shower.

How to Prepare for the Baby’s First Bath?

The preparation is quite simple. Pick the clothes your child will wear after the bath. Keep his moisturizer and diaper ready. Now, you are all prepared to give the baby a bath. Check the water temperature before you start bathing the child.

The bathwater temperature should be 38-40°C. The room temperature should be between 24°C and 30°C. Thus, the baby won’t catch a cold and enjoy the bath. Prepare this way and you will give a comforting bath to the child every day!

How to Give Your Baby a Bath?

The baby might not like it when you give him the first bath! The child might get a little upset, but cleaning is important. Follow the below-explained tips to bathe the baby properly.

Step1-Clean your hands:

Begin with cleaning your hands. Use a hand sanitizer to kill all the germs and then get ready to bathe the child. Begin by gently scrubbing the baby’s eyes with a soft cloth. Now, scrub his entire face to relax the child.

Step2-Give the child a bath:

Ensure the water temperature is just perfect to comfort the baby. Now, pour water on the baby’s head. Wash his hair, face, and then his entire body. Use both hands to handle the child properly. You can put him on your lap or in a small tub to ensure the baby is comfortable.  

Step3-Apply the soap:

Brands produce special soaps for babies. Apply the soap over his skin and then gently rub the baby’s skin. Now, give him a refreshing shower to clean the soap. Your baby may cry a little bit, but he will feel quite happy after bathing.

Step4-Wipe your child:

Use a clean and soft towel to wipe excess water. You should dry the baby’s hair and then his entire body. Thus, your child won’t catch a cold and feel more comfortable.

Step5-Apply moisturizer:

Babies have pretty delicate skin. Soap water can wash the naturally moisturizing oil of the skin. Therefore, you have to apply a baby moisturizer to take care of the baby’s delicate skin.

You can put on clothes once moisturized the baby’s skin. He will look clean, calm, and he will probably sleep after bathing.

What Precautions to Take When Bathing the Baby?

You have to be a bit careful when bathing your newborn child. Take the following precautions to ensure your child is safe and comfortable.

Do not bath him daily during the winter season:

You should not bathe the child regularly during cold days. Bath him every second day and during the afternoon time. The bathwater should be a bit hotter and comfortable. You can clean the baby every day during other seasons if it’s not too cold outside.  

Go gentle!

Every action should be gentle when bathing the child. Take your partner’s help to hold the baby and clean his skin gently. Make sure the soap does not enter his eyes. Do not spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom. A 5-10 minutes’ bath is enough to keep the child away from germs.

Always use a baby soap:

Baby product manufacturers offer special products to clean the child. Use the baby soap because it doesn’t burn the baby’s eyes. It is also not as harsh on the baby’s skin as regular soaps are.

Make sure the baby doesn’t catch a cold!

The bathing water temperature should not be too cold! Use a room heater to ensure the temperature inside your room is also not below 25°C. You have to wipe the baby quickly after bathing him. Thus, he won’t catch a cold and stay healthy.

Prepare well before giving the bath:

Think about what your child will need during and after the bath. Prepare everything in advance to avoid unwanted delays. It will help you in preventing health issues due to long bath or delayed cleaning after bath.

When You Should Bath Your Newborn Child?

Doctors do not suggest bath a newborn child right after birth. They check the baby’s health condition to ensure he is healthy and fit. Now, the doctor will ask the nurse to give the child his first bath. There are a few important things you should know about bathing the baby:

  • It is not suggested to bathe the child right after birth because it can be dangerous for his health.
  • Bathing is important because it protects the baby from germs. Bathing improves blood circulation and helps in the proper development of the child.
  • The doctors allow bathing a child only when his body temperature is above 36°C. He might need treatment if he has health issues and a lower body temperature.
  • Doctors can use a dry cleaning method to clean the umbilical cord area if the baby is not ready for the bath.

You can bathe the child every day if the conditions are right for cleaning. Always use a bathtub to clean your child. Babies love it and it becomes easier to clean his body perfectly in a bathtub. 5-7 minutes are enough to clean the child. Always change the towel to clean the baby.

How to Take Care of the Baby after Bathing Him?

Bathing is important to remove dead skin cells, improve hygiene, and keep the child healthy. You will have to spend a few minutes after cleaning the child on grooming. This is how you should take care of the baby after bath:


Do not let the baby’s skin get dry because it might cause skin issues. Apply a moisturizing lotion on his face and the entire body. Use a good moisturizing cream if it is the winter season. It will protect your child from issues like eczema. Suppose the baby has a skin issue, apply an ointment to soothe itching and cure the problem.  

Eye care:

Use your fingers to gently massage the baby’s eye sockets. It helps in the proper growth of eye muscles. It also clears the lacrimal sac duct so that the baby’s tears do not come out of his eyes.

Nose, ear, and mouth care:

Water can easily enter the baby’s nose, ears, or mouth. Use a soft towel to dry your child’s ears right after a bath. You can also use a cotton swab to soak all the water and keep his ears dry. The towel would be enough to clean water from the nose and mouth.

Umbilical cord care:

You should not rub the umbilical cord with a towel because it can be painful for the child. It will dry automatically within 7-15 days. You should apply a sanitizer with 75% alcohol on the umbilical cord. Thus, there will be no risk of infection!

Is There Any Risk Associated with Bathing the Baby?

Newborns are not aware of any danger. They do not sit calmly when you are bathing them. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when bathing the child. Pay attention to the following things when bathing the baby:

  • You should never leave the newborn alone in the bathtub! There is always a risk of slipping into the water.
  • Always hold the baby firmly. The infant will try to stand up when he is 6-8 months old. Do not loosen your grip because the child might get injured!
  • Even though the baby can sit for a while, you should not leave the bathroom when he is sitting. Always be around to hold him if he loses his balance.
  • Take your partner’s help if you are busy with work. Distribute cleaning and grooming works to ensure there won’t be any mistake when bathing the child.

Never be in a hurry when bathing the child. Stay focused on your child to avoid injuries.

How to Celebrate the Baby Shower Event?

The baby shower event is quite special because you welcome the new family member. Pick some games to celebrate and serve some delicious meals to guests. They will bring amazing gifts for your child to be a part of your celebration.

You can search for some amazing baby shower food recipes and games online. Take your partner or friend’s help to organize a memorable baby shower.


Not all babies like to bathe. Some get pretty upset when you take them in the bathroom. They may also cry a lot. Be ready for a little tantrum. Bathing is quite important and the baby will stop crying as he gets older.

Make sure he does not have a health condition of physical condition before going for a baby shower. Wipe the baby with a wet cloth if bathing is not an option!  

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