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Top Rated Zombicide Board Games

Save $12.50No. 1
Zombicide 2nd Edition Strategy Board Game | Cooperative Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | Avg. Playtime 1 Hour...
  • UPDATED CLASSIC: Dive into Zombicide: 2nd Edition, the thrilling update to the classic zombie-slaying game. Experience enhanced gameplay and new challenges in the zombie apocalypse.
  • COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL: Join forces as Survivors in a world overrun by zombies. Work together to navigate through missions, complete objectives, and fight for survival.
  • ADRENALINE-POWERED ACTION: With each zombie kill, increase your Adrenaline Points. Gain strength and skills but attract more zombies with your actions – a double-edged sword.
  • INTENSE MISSIONS: Face a series of challenging missions, each requiring strategic planning, teamwork, and bravery. Can you accomplish your objectives while fending off the undead?
  • SURVIVE OR BECOME ZOMBIE PREY: The stakes are high - will you emerge as a triumphant survivor or fall victim to the relentless zombie hordes?
No. 2
Zombicide Black Plague Board Game (Base) | Strategy Board Game | Cooperative Board Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6...
  • INTENSE COOPERATIVE ACTION: Join forces with up to 6 players in a relentless battle against hordes of medieval zombies.
  • UNIQUE SURVIVORS: Play as diverse heroes from medieval times and fantasy races like dwarves and elves, each with their own special abilities.
  • ARMOR AND STRATEGY: Experience new gameplay with armor that can block zombie attacks and strategic item specialization.
  • FEARSOME ADVERSARIES: Face powerful Necromancers and the dreaded Abomination in a fight for survival.
  • ENHANCED ORGANIZATION: Quality plastic dashboards, experience tracking, and inventory slots streamline your gameplay.
Save $23.37No. 3
Zombicide Night of The Living Dead Board Game | Strategy Board Game | Cooperative Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6...
  • SURVIVAL HORROR REIMAGINED: Experience George A. Romero's horror classic in a new light with the Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game. A thrilling cooperative board game of survival and...
  • HIGHLY-DETAILED MINIATURES: Immerse yourself with highly-detailed miniature figures, each representing the iconic survivors and ghoulish horrors from the movie, bringing the cinematic experience to...
  • DUAL SURVIVOR MODES: Adapt your strategy with two Survivor Modes - Zombicide Mode and Romero Mode. Watch characters evolve and regress as the terror of the undead onslaught intensifies.
  • DIVERSE SCENARIOS: Engage in various scenarios using modular game tiles. Relive iconic scenes and face new challenges in this nightmare scenario brought to your tabletop.
  • COOPERATIVE STRATEGY GAME: Work together to fend off the undead and accomplish tasks. Survive the night by overcoming shared suspicions and the relentless ghoul menace.
Save $27.57No. 4
CMON Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game: X-Men Resistance - Unleash The X-Men Superheroes to Halt The Zombie Apocalypse! Cooperative Strategy Game,...
  • X-MEN RESISTANCE: Join forces with the legendary X-Men in this thrilling expansion for "Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game," where the mutant superheroes take a stand against the relentless zombie...
  • HERO MODE: Introducing Hero Mode, a new way to play! Step into the shoes of traditional Survivors from the Zombicide franchise as you fight to stop the undead onslaught, providing a fresh perspective...
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Immerse yourself in the action with highly detailed, pre-assembled miniature figures representing both the iconic X-Men heroes and the ravenous zombies.
  • UNIQUE SUPERPOWERS: Each X-Men hero boasts a unique set of super abilities. Strategize, build up Power, and unleash their extraordinary talents to vanquish hordes of zombies threatening humanity.
  • VERSATILE GAMEPLAY: Enjoy the flexibility of playing Hero Mode, where you protect humanity, or opt for the core game experience, where zombified heroes spread the plague. The choice is yours!
Save $8.86No. 5
Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance, A Zombicide Game for Family Game Night, Marvel Comics Strategy Board Game, for Adults and Teens Ages 14 and up
  • COOPERATIVE GAME: Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance is a strategy game where 1-4 players control the last surviving superheroes facing off against zombie heroes and the zombie hordes controlled by...
  • OVER $9 MILLION ON KICKSTARTER: You wanted this adult board game by Zombicide, and you got it. This game takes about 1 hour to play, for everyone ages 14 & up.
  • HOW TO PLAY: The goal of this adult game is to complete mission objectives, defeat your enemies, & rescue endangered bystanders. Work together & push their powers to the limit so you can put an end to...
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Save $17.11No. 6
Zombicide Green Horde Board Game (Base) | Strategy Cooperative Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | Avg. Playtime...
  • UNPRECEDENTED THREAT: Brace yourself for the Zombicide Green Horde, a stand-alone sequel in the renowned Black Plague series, featuring a terrifying new enemy - Orc Zombies.
  • COOPERATIVE SURVIVAL: Join forces as survivors of the zombie outbreak. Work together, strategize, and overcome a daunting green horde in a series of challenging scenarios.
  • ORC ZOMBIES MENACE: Face the brutal force of Orc zombies, presenting a unique and more formidable challenge than their human counterparts. Prepare for an intense battle for survival.
  • NEW WEAPONS AND TERRAIN: Arm yourself with an array of new weapons, including a powerful trebuchet, to fend off the undead. Navigate through treacherous new terrain like hedges and waterholes.
  • EPIC CAMPAIGN SCENARIOS: Engage in a thrilling campaign with diverse goals and strategies. Can you survive the onslaught and determine the fate of humankind against the Orcish zombie horde?
Save $31.01No. 7
CMON Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game: Embrace The Hunger as Heroes Turn Undead in The Ultimate Marvel Crossover! Cooperative Strategy Game, Ages...
  • MIGHTY HEROES, INFECTED: Enter the gripping world of "Marvel Zombies" in this thrilling Zombicide game adaptation, where even the mightiest heroes have succumbed to the relentless zombie plague.
  • SPREAD THE PLAGUE: Unlike previous Zombicide iterations, become one of the infected heroes on a mission to spread the zombie plague far and wide. Heroes retain twisted versions of their former...
  • HEROES vs. HEROES: Face off against other heroes who have yet to succumb to the infection, along with the relentless members of S.H.I.E.L.D., in a battle of survival where the line between friend and...
  • HIGHLY DETAILED FIGURES: Experience the iconic Marvel characters like never before, with highly detailed, pre-assembled, and colored plastic pieces representing both heroes and their undead foes.
  • UNIQUE POWERS: Each super hero in the game boasts a unique skill set and abilities, showcasing their individual powers and quirks. Explore the twisted dynamics of your favorite Marvel characters.
No. 8
Zombicide Black Plague Wulfsburg Board Game EXPANSION | Strategy Game | Cooperative Board Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ |...
  • NEW CHALLENGES AWAIT: Dive into the medieval fantasy with Zombicide: Wulfsburg Expansion! Survive the terror of the zombie wolf pack and the formidable Wolf-Bomination.
  • ELEVATED STRATEGY: Utilize new tiles featuring towers for a strategic advantage. Gain a high vantage point to protect your survivors and unleash long-range attacks!
  • FOUR UNIQUE SURVIVORS: Expand your gameplay with four new survivors, each equipped with their own plastic dashboard, colored bases, and trackers. Ideal for up to 10 players!
  • MAGIC EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Discover and wield powerful magic equipment. These potent spells and weapons become available as you reach higher danger levels in the game.
  • 10 EXHILARATING MISSIONS: Challenge yourself with 10 new, thrilling missions. Strategize and collaborate to reclaim Wulfsburg and become the apex predator in this zombie-infested world.
Save $3.87No. 9
Zombicide Horde No Rest for The Wicked Board Game Expansion | Strategy Game | Cooperative Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Game Green and Black
  • DIVERSE UNDEAD FOES: Encounter new terrifying undead creatures, including swarms of zombie Ratz, ethereal Spectral Walkers only vulnerable to magic, and the colossal Necromantic Dragon.
  • POWERFUL BALLISTA WEAPONRY: Equip your survivors with the new Ballista, a formidable artillery piece capable of piercing through rows of zombies with its massive bolts.
  • ENHANCED STRATEGIC PLAY: This expansion adds new layers of strategy, challenging players to adapt their tactics to combat these diverse and powerful undead enemies.
  • DETAILED MINIATURE FIGURES: Immerse yourself in the game with highly-detailed miniature figures representing the Ratz, Spectral Walkers, Ballista, and the fearsome Necromantic Dragon.
  • EXPAND YOUR ZOMBICIDE EXPERIENCE: Perfectly compatible with the Zombicide: Black Plague series, this expansion enriches your gameplay, offering more thrilling scenarios and battles.
Save $10.85No. 10
Zombicide: Undead or Alive Strategy Cooperative Game for Teens and Adults | Zombie Board Game | Ages 14+ | 1-6 Players | Avg. Playtime 1 Hour | Made...
  • JOURNEY TO THE WILD WEST: Experience the thrills and dangers of the untamed Old West as you face cattle rustlers, bandits, and the relentless undead in Zombicide: Undead or Alive.
  • NEW SURVIVOR TYPES: Embrace the unique rules of Gunslingers, Brawlers, Townsfolk, and the Faithful as you assemble your team of survivors to combat the rising zombie threat.
  • CHALLENGING GAME MECHANICS: Navigate perilous balconies for strategic advantages while avoiding potential traps, and contend with the unstoppable Train that barrels through certain scenarios, crushing...
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Immerse yourself in the game with intricately crafted plastic figures representing both survivors and zombies, enhancing your tabletop experience with lifelike detail.
  • COMPLETE WILD WEST EXPERIENCE: The Zombicide: Undead or Alive core box is a standalone game, offering an entire Western-themed adventure. Combine it with other Western sets to create epic,...

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