10 Best Yookidoo Bathtub Toys

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Top Rated Yookidoo Bathtub Toys

No. 1
Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump and Trunk Spout Rinser - for Newborn Babies in Tub Or Sink
  • Yookidoo's compact baby bath shower head rinser makes bathtime for newborns, infants and toddlers fun!
  • Two knob shower heads control the flow of water out of the Elephant's trunk!
  • Bath time becomes fun as baby watches the friendly Elephant spray water; great for tub or sink
  • Designed with patented softness for safety, comfort and ease in mind to allow for the best possible bathing experience
  • Take advantage of this excellent product that will have your baby sparkling clean and provide a bonding experience for parent and child
Save $1.00No. 2
Yookidoo Baby Toddler Bath Wall Toy (Ages 1-3) Waterfall Spinning Gears & Rotating Googly Eyes - Mold Free - Attach to Any Tub or Shower - Spin N...
  • A water bath toy activity center that attaches to the tub and generates a double chain reaction of surprising water effects.
  • 2 bath tub water play accessories: A test tube container with 1-10 numbered volume marks and a detachable funnel for filling, pouring and playing. Test tube holder attaches to tub for playing and...
  • Pour water into the water gauge funnel to spin gauge and create 10 water sprays. Water causes eyes to roll, a stream from the mouth, and spins the propellor for endless hours of fun and learning
  • Boosts fine motor skills and hand eye coordination for toddlers and preschool aged children.
  • Encourages independent play and scientific exploration. Supports STEM by putting physics & mathematic concepts into play
No. 3
Yookidoo Fishing Pole Baby Bath Toy: Fishing Set with 3 Magnetic Moving Fish & Dancing Worm - Toddler Bath Time Game With Unique Movements For Each...
  • Keep the kids entertained during bath time with  Yookidoo's magnetic fishing pole bath toy. Each fish has its own different, silly water effect and surprise mini fish hiding inside.
  • Drop the fish in tub water that is at least the height of the fish.
  • Watch with awe as the fish straighten up by themselves to float elegantly with their open mouths facing up, always ready for the catch.
  • Cast the rod and dangle the worm into the mouth of one of the fish.
  • Catch it, raise it up, and the water that has filled it will spray out the tail. Surprisingly a fish in hiding will peek out from one of them.
No. 5
Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy (Ages 1-3)- Submarine Spray Whale With Hand Pump and Hose - Mold Free Battery Operated Toddler Water Toy with Easy to Grip Hand...
  • Submarine Spray Whale Bath Toy For Babies Allows Your Child To Explore and Experience Independent Play During Bath Time
  • When The Submarine Is Submerged Underwater, Water Is Drawn Up To The Whale Shower Head, Creating A Steady Stream That Will Have Your Little One Fascinated And Entertained.
  • Handheld Whale Shower Head That Is Easy To Grip With Small Hands And Allows Your Child To Direct The Steady Water Flow.
  • This Bath Time Toy by Yookidoo Includes A Battery Operated Water Circulation Pumping System That Helps To Recycle Water In The Bath Tub, So It Doesn’t Need To Be Wasted From The Tap (Batteries Not...
  • Recommended for Ages 2-6.
Save $10.00No. 6
Yookidoo Toddler Kids Bath Toys (Ages 4-8) - Water Cannon Ball Blaster - Suction Cups to Any Bath Tub or Shower - Includes 5 Balls & Hoop to Shoot...
  • Make bathtime fun and witness the use of water power with Yookidoo's Water Cannon Ball Blaster Shooting Game. This water blaster includes five water balls and a target hoop so they can play with their...
  • Attach the cannon to the bottom of the tub and the target hoop to the bottom or side. Place the target at a distance from the cannon.
  • Load one of the five balls inside the cannon, aim towards the target, and fire!
  • Have fun swiveling the cannon from side to side and up and down, and firing in different directions.
  • Change the height of the cannon by raising or lowering it.
Save $10.00No. 7
Yookidoo Baby Bath Elephant Sprayer Toy Set -EleFountain Sprinkler Water Show - Features 3 Spouts w/ Different Spray Patterns -Fun STEM Based Toy for...
  • It's sprinkling time! This battery-operated elephant bath toy will wow kids with its 3 interchangeable accessories that creates different water effects plus a colorful ball that lets them play in the...
  • Submerge the base of the adorable elephant bath fountain toy and attach it to the bottom of the tub with its suction cups.
  • Activate the fountain by flipping the tail upwards and let the show begin!
  • Show your child how to put a finger in the nozzle and spray the water in surprising directions.
  • Easily add the three interchangeable accessories to create different water effects – the twistable trunk will make a shower, the spinning umbrella will turn and spray, and the trumpet will flow...
No. 8
Yookidoo Baby Bath Toy - Spin 'N' Sort Water Gear - Childrens Sensory Water Wheel Set That Attaches to Any Size Tub - Includes Suction Cups, 3 Googly...
  • A water gear toy with a shape and color sorter that attaches to the tub. Sort and fit the 3 different gears according to the shapes and colors
  • Pour water and spin the whole gear mechanism, creating a chain of reactions
  • Test tube water container with 1-10 numbered volume marks and a holder that attaches to the tub for playing and storage
  • Promotes fine motor skills, accuracy and hand eye coordination
  • Supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, constructing, and putting physics & engineering into play
No. 9
Yookidoo Elephant Trunk Funnel Baby Bath Toy - FunEleFun Fill ‘N’ Sprinkle - Fun and Imaginative Play with 3 Interchangeable Trunk Accessories for...
  • ELEPHANT TRUNK FUNNEL BATH TOY - fill, sprinkle, & flow bath toy.
  • COUNTLESS HOURS OF BATHTIME FUN AND IMAGINATIVE PLAY: with 3 Interchangeable trunk accessories- spinning water mills, twistable trunk spray and sprinkler nozzle, this super engaging fantastic bath toy...
  • DEVELOPS HAND – EYE COORDINATION AND BOOSTS TODDLER’S MOTOR SKILLS : especially made for small hands, it is easy to grasp by the ears and fill with water. Attach one of the the 3 interchangeable...
  • PROMOTES STEM BASED LEARNING : FunEleFun by Yookidoo introduces your child to the sensation of water, teaches them fundamental constructing, and demonstrates cause and effect process. It is an...
  • FUSS FREE : Includes a suction cup tub hanger which attaches to the bathtub for easy play and mold free storage.
Save $9.96No. 10
Yookidoo Baby Bath Toddler Toys (Ages 3+) - Reddy Freddy Spray ‘N’ Sprinkle Fire Hydrant Bathtime Toy - Includes Hose, Spray Nozzle, Wheel, &...
  • BATTERY-OPERTAED CIRCULATING WATER PUMP BATH TOY : an amazing action-oriented fire hydrant bath toy for children age 3 and up.
  • COUNTLESS HOURS OF BATHTIME FUN AND IMAGINATIVE PLAY: with 4 supercool interchangeable fireman accessories: a flexible hose spray with an attachable spray nozzle. A spin ‘N’ splash water gauge and...
  • PROMOTES STEM BASED LEARNING : Introduce your child to the fundamental principles of physics and hydro dynamics with so many engaging features and developmental benefits, while still fun in the...
  • FUSS FREE : bath tub storage is easy with the suctions cups for easy play and storage
  • WATERPROOF - IPX7 CERTIFIED : Yookidoo’s bath products are completely waterproof and IPX7 certified

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