Best Ways to Cure Baby Hiccups of Dec 2022

Best Ways to Cure Baby Hiccups

Hiccups do not scare anyone. Adults do not even consider it a health issue. They simply drink a few glasses of water to avoid them. Should it worry parents if their hiccups happen to their kids? It shouldn’t worry parents because hiccups do not last too long.

It is quite common in babies and there is nothing to worry. Most newborns have hiccups due to several reasons. They get vanished within a few minutes and the baby does not face any health issue.

However, it might worry some parents if hiccups last a bit longer. So, let’s improve your knowledge about baby hiccups to know when to worry and when you shouldn’t!

How to Deal with Baby Hiccups?

Many health experts believe that hiccups are quite normal in newborns. They might get hiccups due to cold, being nervous, consuming excess milk, and also due to consuming cold milk. Some babies learn to cry to get fed. They often get hiccups due to feeding right after crying. What should you do when your baby got hiccups?

Do not get panicked about it!

Newborns can have a few hiccups. There is nothing to worry and you should not get panicked over it. Hold the baby straight and gently pat on his back. Hold the child on your shoulder for a while. The baby will have a few hiccups and then he will burp. Thus, he will get fine.

Most mothers know how to deal with hiccups. This issue goes away quickly when you are holding the child in the upright position. Or, you can let him rest on the bed. The issue will get solved without lasting too long.

Always maintain a perfect breastfeeding posture!

It is possible to prevent hiccups in newborns. You just need to maintain a perfectly comfortable breastfeeding posture. Thus, the child consumes more milk and less air. It prevents hiccups in newborns. Feed your child in the cradle or cross cradle position. It will be less likely for him to have hiccups.

What are the Cases of Hiccups in Newborns and Infants?

Most newborns and infants have hiccups after breastfeeding. Babies may find it a bit discomforting and they may spit milk out with hiccup. It might frighten new parents because they think baby is having severe discomfort. It is totally normal and babies may have hiccups due to the following reasons.

1. Feeding

As mentioned earlier, most babies have hiccups after breastfeeding. Babies suck a lot of air with milk when they feed. That air stays inside the stomach after feeding. Therefore, the baby starts experiencing hiccups. It can last for a while until the child burps. The issue will get solved after releasing that air.

2. Fast milk consumption

Does your child consume milk too fast? It might be a cause of hiccups in your baby. He is getting too agitated to get fed. It might be due to staying hungry longer than normal. You should breastfeed the child whenever he shows the signs of hunger. Thus, he will start consuming milk more calmly. It will also solve frequent hiccup problem.  

3. Poor feeding position

The feeding position should be right, whether you are breastfeeding the child or feeding milk through a bottle. Suppose the baby cannot hold the nipple easily in his mouth, he will struggle to get fed. The child will suck a lot of air during this process.

Mothers should make sure that the baby takes areola completely in his mouth while feeding. Thus, there won’t be any gap for the air to pass in the baby’s mouth. He will feed more calmly and conveniently. It will prevent issues related to poor feeding. Besides, it will be less-likely for your child to burp!

Can You Continue Breastfeeding if the Baby Has Hiccups?

Hiccups are not as troubling for adults as they are for newborns. Some children shake wildly and some even tremble when they have hiccups. It scares mothers to see such kind of reaction from the child.

Every mother wants to ensure it is just hiccup and she can continue breastfeeding him! Some children remain calm while having hiccups. They do not shake or tremble and their mothers have no issues with breastfeeding. Should you continue to feed the child if he is having hiccups? Let’s find out!

Know what caused hiccups!

You must know why your baby is having hiccups before you do anything to prevent it. Some children suck a lot of air while breastfeeding. They feed too fast and consume a lot of air. Therefore, they start experiencing this problem.

Suppose it is quite common for your baby to have hiccup after feeding, you should change the feeding pattern. You should breastfeed the baby in small intervals. Let him consume milk for 15-20 seconds and then stop for a few seconds. Let him breathe and slow down a little bit.

You have to calm him down and ensure he is covering the areola with his mouth perfectly. The chances of having hiccups will be quite low if less air will pass through the baby’s mouth. That’s how he will be fine and you will be fine.

Help the baby in expelling unnecessary air

Once feeding is done, do not let your child sleep. Newborns tend to sleep, eat, and cry. They do not stay awake too long. You should hold the child on your shoulder and let him expel unnecessary air.

It will hardly take 5-7 minutes and the child will burp. A burp reduces the chances of troubling hiccups. Now your baby will sleep calmly until he is hungry again. Suppose the child’s stool changes for no reason, it can be due to indigestion. Observe it for a few days and then contact your doctor!

Feed a bit cautiously

Adults usually guzzle water whenever they are having hiccups. The WHO suggests to not feed water to newborns. Therefore, you should obviously feed milk to the child. It can be a bit daunting if the baby is experiencing this issue after having his meal.

The solution is pretty simple; you have to help the baby in expelling unwanted gases from his stomach. We have already explained how to do that!

You should be extra cautious when feeding newborns. Learn all the comforting breastfeeding positions. Find a way to prevent the child from sucking too much air. Continue breastfeeding, but a bit cautiously.

Make feeding easier for the baby to avoid hiccups

Breast milk is quite essential for the child’s growth. His physical and intellectual growth majorly depends on what you feed him. So, breastfeed exclusively for the first six months. That would be enough to make your child smart and strong.

Prefer the oblique sitting position to breastfeed. Keep the child close to you so that he can easily access the milk source. Keep your child calm and know when he might be hungry. That’s how you can ensure he won’t have troubling hiccups.

What Else You Can Try to Prevent Baby Hiccups?

There are a few solutions proven beneficial when it comes to stopping baby hiccups. You can try them:

1. Change his position

You can cure the baby’s hiccups by changing his position. Suppose he is experiencing hiccups while lying down, hold him for a while in the sitting position. You can also hold him on your shoulder and roam around the house. The baby will feel calm and burp after a while.

2. Pacifier

Feeding is not always responsible for troubling hiccups. Some babies experience this issue on their own! That’s what confuses most mothers because they didn’t even feed the child for more than an hour!

A pacifier can be quite helpful in such a situation. Provide your child with a safe and soft pacifier. It will keep your baby in relaxing his diaphragm. It might also be useful in preventing hiccups.

3. Gripe water

Suppose the child seems in some sort of discomfort due to hiccups, you can use gripe water to calm him. It is essentially a blend of herbs and water. Experts believe gripe water is helpful in curing colic and intestinal health issues. Many parents have claimed that it has solved their child’s hiccup problem. You should try it after consulting with a doctor.

Should You See a Doctor for the Baby Hiccup Issue?

It is completely normal and it is not harmful. Meet the doctor only if your child’s hiccups last too long. It can be due to some other health issue and it can be quite discomforting for some kids. You should see a doctor only if the problem gets worse with the growth of your child.


Newborns are quite mysterious for parents. New parents have no prior experience and therefore every issue seems quite serious to them. Hiccups aren’t something that worries most parents. Most even know the way of avoiding this issue.  

Now, you also know how to take care of baby hiccups. So, try the suggested solutions and your baby will be completely fine!

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