Top 10 Best Toddler Mattresses

Top Best Toddler Mattresses

Top Pick Toddler Mattresses

American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler...
  • Top & Bottom: 100% Soft Polyester; Middle: Waterproof Layer. Measures 28 inches x 52 inches x 9 inches
  • QUIET: Extra soft materials eliminate noisy “crinkling” sounds.
  • EASY CLEANUP: Our Pads make for an easy way to clean up after that occasional night time accident. Just pull...
  • VALUE: Deep pockets that fit a standard 6” crib mattress. Machine washable and dryable.

Last update on 2021-07-29

What are Toddler Mattresses?

Even if children seem to fall asleep anywhere, it is essential to provide them with a quality toddler mattress adapted to their morphology. An ideal toddler mattress is one that is cozy, sizeable, made of safe and healthy, and comfortable material. It must have a breathable and healthy filling that wouldn’t cause allergies or other breathing problems. So, a toddler mattress is more than just a sleeping accessory, but another form of health insurance for your little cherub!

Why Should You Buy Good Toddler Mattresses?

The choice of mattress is significant for the proper development and optimal rest of a child, regardless of age. Sleeping on a bad toddler’smattress can have harmful consequences in adulthood. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a good quality mattress, with support adapted to the age and weight of the child, and the size of the bed, of course.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Mattresses?

The range of toddler mattresses is particularly rich and offers many possibilities of choice. Besides materials, toddler mattresses are categorized according to other characteristics, properties and structure.

  • The reversible baby mattress: To provide your little one with pleasant moments of sleep, whatever the season, the reversible baby mattress is a perfect choice. Usually equipped with polyurethane foam, this family of mattresses offers two sleeping surfaces. One is made of wool for a warm feeling during the winter, while the other has a quilted ticking for better ventilation and a sense of freshness.
  • The evolutionary models: These are a good choice if you are looking for a mattress that will support your toddler’s growth. For example, they can be made up of two sides, one of which is more flexible – for children weighing up to 10 kg – and another more firm that supports babies beyond nine months.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Toddler Mattresses?

From the material type to comfort and safety features, below are some of the top-most criteria to consider before adding a toddler mattress to the shopping cart:

  • Materials: Bamboo viscose is often used for ticking and is particularly appreciated for its ability to absorb perspiration, as well as the remarkable touch of softness it gives. Mattress manufacturers widely use wool because of its thermoregulatory properties. Perfectly insulating, this is a natural and recyclable material. Made of foam rubber, latex is appreciated for its flexibility. It allows the mattress to have comfortable support but also to adapt perfectly to the body of your toddler. It also has the particularity of being suitable for all seasons and preventing the development of bacteria. Due to their good value for money, foam mattresses are known to be very resistant and consist of flexible cells with a honeycomb structure. Soft and elastic, they have a shape memory for 100% comfortable sleep. Likewise, their lightness makes them easy to clean. However, foam mattresses wick away less moisture.
  • Size: The ideal size for a baby mattress is one that conforms to the exact dimensions of the child’s crib or bed. Too large bedding is just as inappropriate as a tiny mattress. Too large, the mattress will tend to quickly get damaged against the bars of the bed, while a very small mattress could be disadvantageous in terms of safety. The most common dimensions for a mattress are 60x120cm or 70x140cm for a crib, and 33x72cm for a cradle.
  • Density: The density determines its firmness and it is recommended to choose a model with a density between 20 and 22 kg/m³. Mattresses respecting this range are not too firm and play their supporting role well. They also do not sag quickly, which allows the toddler to enjoy great moments of sleep in comfort.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Toddler Mattresses Cost?

Top-rated high-end toddler mattresses can set your pocket back for just around $100. There are, however, top rated affordable toddler mattresses that cost less than $70. Some cheap toddler mattresses made of bamboo are also available for as low as $30-50.

Final Verdict

In addition to the budget, choosing the right toddler mattress involves taking certain criteria into account. First of all, you need to make sure that the safety requirements are met. In this aspect, we mean the conformity of the mattress to the structure and conventional dimensions. Asides the safety features are the comfort features, which are basically determined by the type of materials the mattress is made of.

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