10 Best Tobot Action Figure Vehicles

Baby Stuff Lab compares top-rated Tobot Action Figure Vehicles by analyzing reviews and customer feedback. You can easily choose the right one from our Editor Pick List.

Top Rated Tobot Action Figure Vehicles

No. 1
Tobot V Mini Regent Robot Vehicle Mode Buggy Car Transforming Transformation Action Figure Korean Toy
  • A robot from the Korean animation Tobot V.
  • Two-stage transformation into robot mode and vehicle mode!
  • Package Size: 5.1 X 2.7 X 6.3 in (130 X 67 X 160mm)
No. 3
Tobot V Big Boss Transforming Robot to City Bus Transformation Action Figure
  • The strongest Tobot V Space Protection Unit!
  • Big Boss, the most energetic entertainer in the universe
  • Step 1. Vehicle mode! Step two, Robot mode! Transformation!
  • Contents: Robot body, Tokki / Age: 3+ / Size: 220×108×280 mm
  • The Product of Korea / Ships from Korea
No. 4
Tobot Youngtoys Car Transforming Collectible Car to Robot Animation Character (Tobot GD Sergeant Justice)
  • Tobot GD Sergeant Justice, the super police car!
  • Figure converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back
  • Includes 1 figure, 2 accessories (1 animal-type tokey, 1 shotgun)
  • Quick & Easy transforming steps, high-quality painting!
  • Figure size: 9"" / Age: 4 Years +"
No. 5
Tobot V Mini Classic Transformation Mini Action Figure
  • Small but strong MINI Classic. Small but meaningful!
  • The mini Tobot series that comes in one hand - Classic!
  • You can transform into a robot and a classic car.
  • Contents: Robot body, mini-vehicle / Age: 3+
  • Size: 125×50×160 mm / The Product of Korea / Ships from Korea
No. 6
Tobot V Twin Blade Transforming Robot to Car Transformation Action Figure
  • ✔️ Tobot V Twin Blade!
  • ✔️ Step 1. Vehicle mode! Step two, robot mode! Transformation!
  • ✔️ Join with Gigant V! The Gigant V and Twin Blade combine to transform into a 4-stage legendary Gigan Saver.
  • ✔️ Contents: Robot body, Tokki
  • ✔️ Size: 245*100*300mm /The Product of Korea /Ships from South Korea
Save $15.48No. 7
Tobot V Mini Captain Police Sergeant Justice Robot Transforming Transformation Action Figure Toy Korean Toy
  • Tobot runs to wherever there is an incident.
  • Box packaging size 4.1 X 3.1 X 6.3 in
Save $5.50No. 8
Tobot V Mini Gigant Saver Transformation Action Figure Mini Robot Toy
  • Small but strong MINI Gigant Saver
  • Transformation into 4 vehicles: Fire trucks, ambulance, police car, rescue helicopter
  • Contents: Robot body
  • Age: 3+. / Size: 215×8×240 mm
  • The Product of Korea / Ships from Korea
No. 9
Tobot V Wild Chief Transforming Robot to Car Transformation Action Figure
  • ✔️ The best Tobot V Space Guard!
  • ✔️ Follow the starlight to the end of the universe!
  • ✔️ Wild Chief, the best explorer in the universe.
  • ✔️ Contents: Robot body, Tokki.
  • ✔️ Size: 220*85*280mm /The Product of Korea /Ships from South Korea

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