10 Best The Lord of the Rings Toy Building Sets

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Top Rated The Lord of the Rings Toy Building Sets

No. 1
Lord Castle of Magic Rings Building Set Compatible with Lego, Dark Tower Building Block Kits with Glowing Lighting, STEM Toy Gift for Boys & Girls,...
  • 【Awesome Model】: The Dark Tower architecture model, inspired by magical book elements, captures the mysterious powers of the black tower. With the eye of Sauron watching over like the eye of the...
  • 【Rotating top light】:Experience the power of Sauron with the glowing rotating light on the Eye of Sauron. By simply rotating the top, you activate the mesmerizing light that embodies the immense...
  • 【Perfect gift for children】:Look no further! This building set is not only a great present for boys and girls on occasions like Christmas, birthdays, or Children's Day, but it's also a fantastic...
  • 【Enjoy the building process】: Thanks to the 969 high-quality building blocks and detailed instruction book included in this set. Whether you're an adult or a child, you'll have several hours of...
  • 【Perfect size】:This tower building block kit is about 29.7cm (11.7inches) high, 21 cm (8.3 inches) long, and 14.5 cm (5.7 inches) wide. Its perfect size makes it suitable for displaying and...
Save $5.00No. 2
NEWABWN Lord Castle Architecture Building Set with Glowing Lighting for Adults, Compatible with Lego, STEM Gift Toy for Boys Kids 8-14, The King of...
  • 【Unique Design】 This adults building set features an innovative design. The whole Barad-dur tower architecture model is based on magical book element.The black tower contained mysterious powers,...
  • 【Rotating light】There is a glowing rotating light on the Eye of Sauron that can be activated by rotating the top. This light embodies the immense power of Sauron, and as the tower illuminates the...
  • 【Gift Idea for Children】 A perfect gift for 10+ years old boys and girls, whether it's Christmas, kids' birthday, Children's Day or other holidays. Of course, for beginners or adults who like to...
  • 【Easy to Assemble】 Made up of 969 pieces high-quality building blocks, comes with easy-to-follow and detailed instruction book. Adults or kids aged 12-14+ can enjoy several hours of building happy...
  • 【Collection and Display】 This creative Orthanc tower building block kit is about 29cm (11.42 inches) high, 21 cm (8.27 inches) long, and 14.3 cm (5.63 inches) wide. It has perfect display size and...
No. 3
Lord of The Rings Castle Building Blocks Toys,Creator Architecture Dark Tower Magic Book Building Set, Best Gift for 12+ Boys, Girls or...
  • 969 PCS Lord Castle buildigns kit with an exquisite gift package, each step is clearly seperated into different numbered bags. The instruction is accurate and detailed,the whole process is easy and...
  • This authentic lighthouse building block has a special design idea.When you rotate the top of the tower, the light will turn on. It will be a best decoration in your room.
  • This medieval architecture building set has been designed and inspected carefully,the blocks are tightly connected to each other, so it won't fall off easily.
  • The creative dark tower is made of ABS environmental protection materials, non-toxic, non-irritating, as well as free of burr on the surface.But please notice that there are a lot of bayonets surround...
  • This is an interesting & cool building toys gift for your children, your lover, your families and it can be a wonderful present choice in special and grant festivals and event.
Save $11.52No. 4
LEGO LOTR The Council of Elrond 79006 Toy Interlocking Building Sets
  • Features Rivendell setting with unique Elven wall arches, weapon rack, 3 chairs, a podium with minifigure launch function and the hidden Eye of Sauron
  • Includes 4 weapons: Golden Elven sword, bow, Sting, an axe and the One Ring
  • Collect the autumn-color leaf elements; send Gimli flying with the catapult function
  • Beware the evil Eye of Sauron; recreate the majestic home of Elrond
  • Rivendell setting measures over 5" (15cm) high, 9" (24cm) wide and 6" (17cm) deep
No. 5
LEGO Lord of The Rings 79011 Dol Guldur Ambush Building Kit
  • Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Beorn and 2 Gundabad Orcs. Weapons include a sword, long axe and a mace
  • Features a hidden flick missile, huge spikes and swinging hammer and axe traps. Also includes a firing catapult with wheels
  • Beorn minifigure and Gundabad Orcs equipped with new armor is exclusive to this set
  • Use the mighty long axe to fend off the Orcs, fire the mobile catapult, shoot hidden flick missiles, turn the handle to operate the swinging hammer
  • Combine with 79014 Dol Guldur Battle to stage the ultimate Dol Guldur conflict! Dol Guldur fortress measures over 4" high, 5" wide and 5" deep
No. 6
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469)
  • Includes 2 minifigures: Gandalf the Grey and Frodo Baggins
  • Collect an iconic scene from the The Lord of the Rings film series as you build the Shire with Gandalf the Grey and Frodo
  • Accessories include book, staff, backpack and letter
  • Features horse cart, carrot and barrel with fireworks
  • Collect the exclusive Gandalf the Grey minifigure
No. 7
LEGO 10237 Lord of The Rings The Tower of Orthanc Building Set, 2359 pieces
  • Features 6 detailed floors with functions, to include folding staircase, LEGO light brick palantir, opening entrance doors and a trap door
  • The alchemy room features 2 torches, a bomb, 2 potions, bottle, skull, gunpowder keg, pot, cauldron and a long axe
  • Saruman's throne room includes special features and entrance hall has trap doors
  • Attack the tower with the cool buildable and pose able Ent and activate the LEGO light brick and make the palantir glow
  • Measures over 28" (73cm) high, 8" (21cm) wide and 6" (16cm) deep; Ent stands over 9" (23cm) tall
Save $14.22No. 8
LEGO Lord of The Rings 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army Building Kit
  • Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: 2 Gundabad Orcs, Thranduil, Mirkwood Elf, 2 Mirkwood Elf Archers (exclusive to this set)
  • Features tree-splitting ambush mode, rotating joint, poseable elements, detachable wall and flick missile, exclusive Warg, weapon rack and a ladder
  • Weapons include a Elven blade, long sword, spear, Orc sword and 3 longbows. Accessories include a gem, Orc armor, 2 quivers and 2 Mirkwood Elf shields
  • Split the tree in two and launch a minifigure ambush, rotate the tree to fend off attacks from all directions, flick missiles at the approaching Orcs
  • Tree and wall measures over 4" high, 9" wide and 4" deep. Weapon rack measures over 1" high, 1" wide and 1" deep
No. 9
LEGO LOTR The Wizard Battle 79005 Toy Interlocking Building Sets
  • Features throne with flick function, spinning palantir with Eye of Sauron and cool yellow lamps
  • Weapons include 2 staffs
  • Push the throne flicker and send Saruman flying Battle Saruman and stay away from his spinning palantir
  • Avoid being mesmerized by the Eye of Sauron
  • Measures over 7" (18cm) high, 4" (11cm) wide and 4" (12cm) deep
Save $16.00No. 10
LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Set 76191 Collectible Thanos Glove with Infinity Stones, Building Set, Avengers Gift Idea for Adults and Teens, Model...
  • Features a LEGO brick recreation of the iconic Infinity Gauntlet with Infinity Stones, and a sturdy stand with a descriptive tablet
  • The golden Thanos glove captures forever the captivating style of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies
  • This impressive homage to Marvel features Thanos' Gauntlet with movable fingers and vibrant colors resulting in a timeless display piece
  • This LEGO building set for adults offers an iconic office or home décor piece sure to be the center of attention and admiring comments
  • LEGO Marvel collectibles for adults make great Avengers gifts, Christmas Gifts for Men, Women, Him, Her or personal treat for any model-making enthusiast

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