Top 10 Best Sound Machines For Babies

Top 10 Best Sound Machines For Babies

Top Pick Sound Machines For Babies

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  • Rechargeable battery keeps things smooth! Enjoy music and sounds on the go without constantly replacing...
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Last update on 2021-09-19

What are Sound Machines For Babies?

Sound machines for babies are small electronic devices that typically produce white noise or an assortment of noises and melodies that induce them to sleep or pacify them from crying. There are different of noise emitted by these sound machines. These include the famous white noise and its corollaries: brown noise, pink noise, gray noise, etc., ventilation noise, and ambient noises: for example, a chimney fire, waves, or thunderstorm. Even though in the majority of cases, the white sound is the best, you can test and determine which sound helps your baby sleep better and use it.

Why Should You Buy Good Sound Machines For Babies?

Making a toddler sleep isn’t easy. You not only need to worry about the ideal swaddling technique and the ideal amount of swing. You also need to worry about the ideal degree of sound. Many parents find that their babies will sleep better if background noise can be observed. This is the point where the best sound machine can come in handy.

How to Choose the Best Sound Machines For Babies?

There are different types of sound machines to choose from. These are basically a matter of design:

  • The plushy-cuddly soother machine: Designed in the form of animals (elephant, sheep, beer, fish, etc.) in plushy materials, they are attractive to babies and have built-in sounds.
  • The portable sound soothers: These are real machines designed not just for the baby but even moms finding it hard to get sleep time. Unlike plushy models, these are items built in 3D plastics and have better ease of operability and functions.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Sound Machines For Babies?

Here are some features to help you choose more easily products offering the best value for money.

  • The number of sounds: Some machines generally specialized for babies, produce only a few sounds, focused on falling asleep. But, in most cases, you have about 20 sounds, some models up to 30 tracks.
  • The nature of sound: Most baby sound devices have options that allow you to choose the desired noise. These options can include white sound (static sound, much like the noise created by classic radios or televisions), heartbeat (that imitate the sound of mother’s heartbeat), nature (seems like waves, waterfalls, rain, etc.), the sounds of animals (usually the sounds of whales and birds), and instrumental melodies.
  • Mode of operation: Sound machines can operate on mains or via USB. When they are portable, there are two possibilities: on battery or with batteries. Most battery-operated machines last around 10 to 12 hours. You have to remember to recharge them daily.
  • Dimensions, weight, and transportability: It’s really hard to come across a model that you can’t easily carry in a bag or suitcase. However, not all of them are suitable for walks with babies or trips by car with a car seat. Check if a clip-on plastic buckle is present: this will allow you to install the device anywhere, including, for example, on a stroller.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Sound Machines For Babies Cost?

Sound machines for babies are not too expensive and are generally quite durable. Budget around $35-45 for most products. Knowing that this ten dollars difference can cause real differences in terms of functionality, cheap sound machines can be found at the lower end of the price range, affordable sound machines at the midpoint and high-end sound machines can be found on the market for $40 and more.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many audio machines available in the market. Some are specially designed for infants, while some can be used by the entire household, but are all great options to use for toddlers and babies. The dimensions, mode of operation (with or without battery), nature, and number of sounds are features to consider.

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