10 Best RC Servos for Helicopters

Baby Stuff Lab compares top-rated RC Servos for Helicopters by analyzing reviews and customer feedback. You can easily choose the right one from our Editor Pick List.

Top Rated RC Servos for Helicopters

No. 1
DSPOWER 2PCS 4.3G Mini Servo, RC Micro Digital Servo Motor Metal Gear Coreless Steering Servos for Fixed-Wing Helicopter Airplane Drone 1/24 1/28 RC...
  • 【Excellent Quality Workmanship】:The 4.3G Micro Servo made with excellent plastic shell material (lightweight and fast heat dissipation) and high-precision metal gear (prevent tooth sweeping and...
  • 【High Performance Digital Standard】:The 4.3G Mini Servo with electronic burn protection can achieve Low Noise, Good Stability, Small Vibration, Smooth Operation, Excellent Linearity, Precision...
  • 【Coreless Motor】:4.3G Digital Servo equipped with coreless motor and clutch protection function, which can provide better mute effect and quick response ability for the servo, greatly improving...
  • 【Widely Use 】:The 4.3G RC Servo is suitable for micro remote control models such as RC Aircraft,RC Helicopters,RC Drones,Fixed-Wing,RC Car SCX24,Boat,Toys,etc.
  • 【Note】:In the frequency range of 500~2500us, the maximum controllable angle of the servo can be accurately achieved at 180 degrees, and the servo can achieve a control angle of 90 degrees under...
No. 2
6Pack MG996R 55g Metal Gear Torque Digital Servo Motor for RC Helicopter Car Boat Robot
  • Updated - MG996R micro servo motor, updated from SG90 micro servo and MG90S servos, increase the speed, tension and accuracy.
  • Operating Speed - 0.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8 V without load); 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6.0 V without load)."
  • Stop Torque - 13.5kg/cm (4.8 V); 15.2kg/cm (6.0 V ). 180°rotation, high torque, stable and shockproof and even at high speed.
  • Metal Gear - Servo is made of Metal gear, Stable and Shock Proof,connector wire length 300mm.(PWM 500-2500μs)
  • Applicable - MG996R Micro Servo for 1:10 RC car robot helicopter aircraft and suitable for most DIY projects. Compatible with most standard receiver connector.
No. 3
Hosyond 4Pack MG996R 55g Digital RC Servo Motors High Torque Metal Gear Servo for RC Car Robot Boat Helicopter
  • The MG996R servo motor offers an increase in speed, tension and precision over the SG90 and MG90S micro servo motors. This high-speed standard servo motor can rotate 180 degrees (90 in each...
  • MG996R is compatible with most standard receiver connectors, suitable for Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS, etc. It is a digital standard servo with excellent performance.
  • MG996R servo torque is 4.8V 13.5kg/cm, 6V 15.2kg/cm. Positioning speed: 4.8V no-load 0.17s/60 degrees; 6.0V no-load 0.15s/60 degrees. Recommended voltage: 5V, current use: 3A.
  • Stable anti-vibration coreless motor, metal gear, longer service life. External adapter power supply, cable length: about 30CM. Wiring: orange: signal wire, red: positive pole, brown: negative pole.
  • Widely used in biped robots, mechanical arms, remote control boats, suitable for 50-90 methanol fixed-wing aircraft and 26-50cc gasoline fixed-wing aircraft and other models.
No. 4
4Pcs SG90 9g Micro Servos for RC Robot Helicopter Airplane Controls Car Boat
  • Beffkkip High quality and high cost performance.
  • Operating speed: 0.1second/ 60degree ( 4.8V no load).
  • Operating voltage: 4.8-6V.
  • Small size and light weight.
  • Application: Used for fixed-wing, helicopter, KT, glider, small robot, robotic arm and other models.
No. 5
4PCS Servo Motor MG995 Control Angle180 Metal Gear Servo 20KG Digital High Speed Torque Servo Motor for Smart Car Robot Boat RC Helicopter
  • Good performance digital standard Deegoo-FPV servo, which can be a common use for robots, mechanical arms, climbing cars and remote control toys.
  • This high-speed standard servo motor can rotate 180 degrees (90 in each direction).
  • Torque at 6V 12kg/cm, 7.2V 13kg/cm. Positioning speed at 4.8V without load 0.17s / 60 degrees;6.0V without load 0.13s / 60 degrees.
  • Connector wire length 300mm. Stable and shock proof double coreless motor, metal gear, ball bearing design,Through external adapter.
  • This servo offers a full range of 180° with metal gears. Application:RC robot, airplane control, robot arm and boats. Fit for all kind of R/C toys and Arduino experiments.
No. 6
Deegoo [4-Pack] MG996R 55g Metal Gear Torque Digital Servo Motor for Futaba JR RC Helicopter Car Boat Robot
  • This MG996R Servo motor which updated from SG90 and MG90S micro servo motor. (the Speed, Tension and Accuracy all increase)
  • The MG996R model compliant with most standard receiver connector,for Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS etc.
  • Power Supply: Through External Adapter. Stable and Shock Proof. Coreless Motor , Metal Gear .
  • Torque at 6V 12kg/cm, 7.2V 13kg/cm.(Recommended voltage: 5V, current usage: 3A ). Positioning speed at 4.8V without load 0.17s / 60 degrees
  • Universally Applicable: Micro Servo Motor for 1:10 RC car robot helicopter servo remote controlled aircraft and suitable for most DIY projects.
No. 7
12PCS SG90 Micro Servo Motor, Dorhea Mini Servo SG90 9g Servo Kit for RC Helicopter Airplane Car Boat Robot Arm/Hand/Walking/Servo Door Lock Control
  • 100% NEW brand,high quality. Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in (1kg/cm); Operating voltage: 3.0V~ 6V; Temperature range: -30 to +60; Dead band width: 7usec.
  • It is tiny and lightweight with high output power.
  • Compatible with the project like Robot Arm/ Robot hand/ control the servo with potentiometer/ multi servo control.
  • The SG90 has 3 wire interfaces in which the connections should be made as follows: Red wire-5V, Brown Wire-Ground, Yellow wire-digital pin 9.
  • SG90 9G micro servo motor for remote control helicopters, micro robot, robot arm and boats.
No. 8
2PCS AGFRC Micro 9g Servo Servo Motor Kit - Digital 11g Metal Gear Mini Servo for RC Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls, Control Angle 180°
  • ▶High precision metal gears Micro Servo
  • ▶Ideal for robot Plane Helicopter Boat Car
  • ▶Ultra Light 13g, Size 23*12.1*23.8mm
  • ▶Stall Torque: 2.2kg.cm @ 4.8V,2.8kg.cm @ 6.0V
  • ▶Genuine AGF Brand package. Any question please contact us at first time
No. 9
Miuzei MG90S 9G Micro Servo Motor Metal Geared Motor Kit for RC Car Robot Helicopter, Mini Servos for Arduino Project (10)
  • MG90S Micro Servo Motor, updated SG90 serve motor.
  • Stall Torque: 2.0kg/cm(4.8V). Operating Speed: 0.11 seconds/60 degrees (4.8V).
  • Operating Voltage 4.8V~ 6V. Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +55°C. Dead Zone Width:5 Microseconds
  • Metal Gear: Aluminum metal teeth, coreless motor, double ball bearin. Metal Gear with less noise for added strength and durability.
  • Wide Applications: Tiny and lightweight with high output, this mini small micro servo is perfect for RC airplanes, helicopters, quadcopters,boat, car, electronics DIY or robots.
No. 10
Adeept AD002 2 Pcs 90S 9G Micro Servo Motor, Metal Geared Micro Servo for RC Robot Car Helicopter Airplane Controls Boat Raspberry Pi Project
  • 【High Quality】100% new, good quality, AD002 Micro servo motor, Compatible with MG90 servo motor.
  • 【Full Metal Gear】 Metal gear with less noise,the metal gears help with the movement,these will rotate the proper direction.
  • 【Angle】Stall Torque: 2.0kg/cm(4.8V); Operating Speed: 0.11 seconds/60 degrees(4.8V).The servo Maximum angle is 180.
  • 【Wide Application】The great micro servo motors for helicopter/ boat / robot car / robot arm /remote controlled aircraft DIY. Fit for electronics DIY, compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
  • 【Service Guarantee】If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us, we will provide solutions to ensure your experience. We will reply within 24 hours.This AD002 servo motor is...

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