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Top Rated Polly Pocket Dolls

No. 1
Polly Pocket Fashion Pack
  • Kids can feel like a star with the doll and poodle in this Polly Pocket fashion pack!
  • The set includes 1 doll, 1 poodle and 17 fashions and accessories with starry-night accents, like a star-shaped balloon -metallic accents and glittery touches add cool details!
  • Standing at 3 inches tall, the doll is the perfect size for on-the-go play.
  • Kids can mix and match the easy-to-remove doll clothes and accessories!
  • With so many pieces, Polly Pocket fashion packs are the perfect gift for kids ages 4 and up, especially those who love fashion and adventure!
Save $12.89No. 2
Polly Pocket Splashin’ Style Fashion Pack, Four 3-in/7.62-cm Dolls: Polly, Shani, Margot and Bella, Each Doll Has 13 to 15 Outfits & Accessories for...
  • Make waves with the Polly Pocket Splashin' Style Fashion Pack!
  • Fashion Pack features four 3-in/ 7.62-cm dolls including Polly, Shani and two friend dolls dressed in cute outfits plus all the essentials for a fashionable water-themed day of fun!
  • Each doll comes with 13 to 15 water-themed accessories like a surfboard, snorkel, fins, hula hoop, skateboard, roller skates, ball, bucket, circle floatie, water board, a towel and more to get them...
  • They can also use the bucket to make sandcastles, play beach volleyball, hula hoop, skateboard and roller skate.
  • The dolls also come with several outfits and accessories like a hat, visor, sunglasses and more to complement their outfits!
No. 3
Polly Pocket Fashion Super Collection with 3-inch Polly, Lila, Shani & Nicolas Wells Dolls Plus 40+ Themed Character & Fashions; For Ages 4 and Up
  • Polly Pocket Fashion Super Collection features 4 dolls in 3-inch size plus 40+ themed accessories!
  • Each 3-inch doll comes with their own themed fashions and accessories.
  • Polly doll includes a snow, surf and soccer theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
  • Lila doll features a fashion and makeup theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
  • Shani doll features a music theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
No. 4
Polly Pocket Doll With Trendy Outfit 2018 Edition Measures Approx. 3.5" Tall (1 Doll)
  • It's always time for fun with Polly Pocket doll and friends!
  • Each doll is dressed in a trendy outfit with stylish shoes and hairdos!
  • These dolls are always fashionable wherever they go!
  • Get ready for the next adventure in style!
  • It's trendy fashion fun with Polly doll and her friends!
Save $5.00No. 5
​Polly Pocket Doll and Accessories, Compact with Micro Bella and Friend Dolls, 5 Reveals, Soccer Squad​​
  • ​The Polly Pocket Soccer Squad compact has a soccer ball design featuring cute sunglasses on the exterior filled with shakable glitter and comes with micro Bella and friend dolls.
  • ​Kids can discover these fun activities: peg one of the dolls to the rock climbing wall, fold down the swimming pool to do laps, shoot basketball hoops, move the volleyball back and forth over the...
  • ​Compact features 12 accessories--some pieces have a Pop & Swap feature so kids can peg them into different areas of the compact for endless play possibilities.
  • ​Play out sports-inspired adventures with the soccer net, basketball hoop, volleyball net and more!
  • ​Compact also comes with a strap so kids can wear it as a wristlet to take on the go!
Save $1.45No. 6
Mattel Polly Pocket Impulse Doll (Random) (GCD63)
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: MALGCD63
  • Item Package Dimension: 1.57" L x 4.02" W x 6.5" H
  • Item Package Weight: 1.92 oz
No. 7
​Polly Pocket Dolls & 25 Accessories Mermaid Fashion Pack with 2 Dolls (3-inch) and 2 Glow-in-the-Dark Pieces, Seashine Mermaid, Travel Toys
  • ​Imaginations can dive into storytelling with this mermaid-themed Polly Pocket fashion pack featuring 2 Polly dolls and 25 accessories that include a dolphin friend!
  • ​The set is themed to mermaids with pieces like mermaid tails and a sandcastle -- 2 accessories feature color-change transformation! Activate with warm water, change back with icy cold!
  • ​Standing at 3 inches tall, each doll is the perfect size for on-the-go play!
  • ​Kids can mix and match the easy-to-remove doll clothes and accessories and can collect the packs for even more options!
  • ​With so many pieces, Polly Pocket fashion packs are the perfect gift for kids ages 4 and up, especially those who love fashion and adventure!
Save $6.01No. 8
Polly Pocket Arrive in Style Limo Vehicle with 3-inch Polly Doll, 3 Hangers, Makeup Case, Shopping Bag, Romper, Robe, Slippers, Shoes, Dress & More,...
  • Go for a fun-filled makeup and fashion ride with Polly doll in the Arrive in Style Limo!
  • Ready to roll, the limo has a sleek design and is perfect for transporting Polly to the party.
  • Dressed in her romper, robe and slippers, Polly doll gets ready in the limo with her makeup case, perfume and more! Will she make it in time
  • They're almost there—Polly doll quickly slips into her dress and shoes. What a transformation! Now it's time for her grand entrance at the party! Wow—she made it and looks great!
  • Arrive in Style Limo set includes 3-inch Polly doll, Limo vehicle, 3 hangars, makeup case, perfume bottle, lotion bottle, locket, shopping bag, romper, robe, slippers, shoes and dress.
No. 9
Polly Pocket Lil’ Lake House with 2 Stories, Slides, Lake Accessories, Living Accessories, 3-inch Polly Doll & Her Dog Peaches; for Ages 4 and Up...
  • Explore 2 stories of fun and adventure with the Polly Pocket Lil' Lake House!
  • Features bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining areas plus lots of fun activities!
  • Bed turns into a bunk bed for fun sleepovers with friends!
  • From the Lil' Lake House top deck, 3-inch Polly doll can slide down the pole into the lake and make a splash or she can go on the slide from the second floor, too! She can also swim in the lake with...
  • There's also a swing on the side of the house for relaxing as well.
Save $7.00No. 10
Mattel - Mini Dolls Polly Pocket, GKJ69

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