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Top Rated Polly Pocket Dolls

Save $5.77No. 1
Polly Pocket Travel Toy Playset with 4 (3-inch) Dolls & 50+ Fashion Accessories, Splashin' Style Fashion Pack
  • Make waves with the Polly Pocket Splashin' Style Fashion Pack!
  • Fashion Pack features four 3-in/ 7.62-cm dolls including Polly, Shani and two friend dolls dressed in cute outfits plus all the essentials for a fashionable water-themed day of fun!
  • Each doll comes with 13 to 15 water-themed accessories like a surfboard, snorkel, fins, hula hoop, skateboard, roller skates, ball, bucket, circle floatie, water board, a towel and more to get them...
  • They can also use the bucket to make sandcastles, play beach volleyball, hula hoop, skateboard and roller skate
  • The dolls also come with several outfits and accessories like a hat, visor, sunglasses and more to complement their outfits!
Save $8.30No. 2
Polly Pocket Set with 4 Dolls, 3 Pets & 50 Fashion Accessories, Stylin' Safari Fashion Collection, Animal-Themed Case
  • This Polly Pocket Stylin' Safari Fashion Collection is wild styling fun with 4 dolls in 3-inch scale, 3 adorable animal friends and 50 fashions in a sweet themed travel case!
  • There are endless play possibilities with a total of 50 pieces, including trendy clothes, competition attire, garments fit for a formal ball, and even an animal onesie costume.
  • Accessorize with shoes, hats, purses, jewelry, hairpieces, glasses, legwarmers, and butterfly wings!
  • Style stories with pieces like binoculars, a camera, and the jungle animals -- there's a baby monkey, koala, and hippo!
  • Open the case for a cool closet -- store the pieces on hangars and in cubbies and dress dolls in front of the 'mirror' while an animal snoozes in the pet bed!
No. 3
Polly Pocket Travel Toy with 3-inch Doll & 18 Accessories, Puppy & Flower-Themed Fashion Pack
  • "Bee" totally stylish with Polly doll and the blooming fashions in this Polly Pocket fashion pack!
  • The set includes 1 doll, 1 puppy and 17 fashions and accessories with a flower theme, like a flowering plant -cute bee stripes, glittery accents and pearlescence add cool details!
  • Standing at 3 inches tall, Polly doll is the perfect size for on-the-go play.
  • Kids can mix and match the easy-to-remove doll clothes and accessories!
  • With so many pieces, Polly Pocket fashion packs are the perfect gift for kids ages 4 and up, especially those who love fashion and adventure!
No. 4
Polly Pocket Doll With Trendy Outfit 2018 Edition Measures Approx. 3.5" Tall (1 Doll)
  • It's always time for fun with Polly Pocket doll and friends!
  • Each doll is dressed in a trendy outfit with stylish shoes and hairdos!
  • These dolls are always fashionable wherever they go!
  • Get ready for the next adventure in style!
  • It's trendy fashion fun with Polly doll and her friends!
Save $1.87No. 5
Polly Pocket Vehicle Toy with 3-inch Doll & 14 Fashion Accessories, Arrive In Style Limo Playset
  • Go for a fun-filled makeup and fashion ride with Polly doll in the Arrive in Style Limo!
  • Ready to roll, the limo has a sleek design and is perfect for transporting Polly to the party.
  • Dressed in her romper, robe and slippers, Polly doll gets ready in the limo with her makeup case, perfume and more! Will she make it in time
  • They're almost there—Polly doll quickly slips into her dress and shoes. What a transformation! Now it's time for her grand entrance at the party! Wow—she made it and looks great!
  • Arrive in Style Limo set includes 3-inch Polly doll, Limo vehicle, 3 hangars, makeup case, perfume bottle, lotion bottle, locket, shopping bag, romper, robe, slippers, shoes and dress.
Save $4.99No. 6
Polly Pocket Dolls & Playset, Seaside Puppy Ride Compact with 11 Accessories, Travel Toy with Fidget Exterior
  • This Polly Pocket Seaside Puppy Ride compact includes two micro dolls, 12 accessories, and 5 storytelling features for an amazing road trip adventure!
  • The compact has a puppy van exterior with a fun fidget feature that makes the puppy’s ear and arm move! Open the compact to reveal the ultimate oceanside campground!
  • Get ready for storytelling fun with features like a water ski in the ocean, a sand sculpt area on the beach, and a camping van that becomes a bunkbed!
  • Have a bonfire by the water or head up to lifeguard tower to check out the beautiful views! There’s so much to do!
  • Take the compact anywhere for on-the-go fun! Makes a great gift for ages 4 years old and up, especially those who love outdoor adventures and travelling!
No. 7
Polly Pocket Travel Toy Playset with Four (3-inch) Dolls and 40+ Fashion Accessories, Themed Characters Fashion Pack
  • Polly Pocket Fashion Super Collection features 4 dolls in 3-inch size plus 40+ themed accessories!
  • Each 3-inch doll comes with their own themed fashions and accessories.
  • Polly doll includes a snow, surf and soccer theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
  • Lila doll features a fashion and makeup theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
  • Shani doll features a music theme with multiple fashions and accessories.
No. 8
Polly Pocket Outdoor Toy with 3-inch Doll, Toy Cars & Playground Accessories, Sunshine Splash Park Playset
  • Have splashy fun-in-the-sun with the Polly Pocket Sunshine Splash Park.
  • Features 3-inch Polly doll wearing a cute swim outfit plus15 water and sports-related accessories.
  • Included is a giant water slide with rainbow arch and go kart racing (includes unicorn and flamingo go karts), landing pool (can be filled with water), volleyball net with ball, a swing, dog figure...
  • Play out the fun by climbing the rock wall or rope ladder, race down the slide in the go kart and go through the rainbow arch, swim in the pool, play volleyball, swing on the heart swing and more.
  • Makes a great gift for ages 4 years old and up especially those who love water sports and splashy fun!
No. 9
Polly Pocket Travel Toy with Two (3-inch) Dolls & 25 Accessories, Outer Space Fashion Pack with 2 Glow-in-The-Dark Pieces
  • ​Imaginations can take the stage with this Polly Pocket fashion pack featuring 2 Polly dolls and 25 accessories that include an adorable puppy!
  • ​The set is themed to pop stars with pieces like a guitar, microphone and mic stand -- 2 accessories glow in the dark!
  • ​Standing at 3 inches tall, each doll is the perfect size for on-the-go play!
  • ​Kids can mix and match the easy-to-remove doll clothes and accessories and can collect the packs for even more options!
  • ​With so many pieces, Polly Pocket fashion packs are the perfect gift for kids ages 4 and up, especially those who love fashion and adventure!
No. 10
Polly Pocket Doll & Playset, Tropical Treats Carnival Food-Themed Toy includes 3-inch Doll, 1 Puppy, 10 Accessories & Spinning Ferris Wheel
  • Polly Pocket Doll & Playset, Food-Themed Toy Includes 3-inch Doll, 1 Puppy, 10 Accessories & Spinning Ferris Wheel, Tropical Treats Carnival
  • Lila doll is the perfect height for the main attraction -a Ferris wheel that really spins and has room for 3!
  • An all-play pass for this toy also includes a pineapple swing for puppy, a funhouse mirror that opens to reveal a fashion closet, and more!
  • Kids can bring the carnival to life with 10 storytelling pieces that include clothes and accessories like a watermelon dress, heart shaped glasses, and cotton candy treat!
  • With so much to do at the Tropical Treats Carnival, this Polly playset will amuse kids ages 4 years old and up all day, especially those who love theme park adventures!

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