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Nursing Bras – Essential Both For Moms and Babies

If you have never nursed earlier, it will be confusing for you to choose a nursing bra from this section of the store. You will have a lot of questions when shopping. So, before you make your shopping, read on to learn more about these bras:

What are Nursing Bras?

A nursing bra is a specialized brassiere. The uniqueness of this type of brassiere is that they provide additional support when lactating. Breastfeeding should be a wonderful experience both for the mom and the baby. This can be ensured by a bra dedicated to nursing moms.

Why Should You Buy A Good Nursing Bra?

A good nursing bra will help with comfortable breastfeeding without requiring the mom to get rid of the bra for nursing the baby. These bras would have been designed with specially designed bra cups. These cups will have flaps that can be easily opened with a single hand to expose nipples alone to feed the baby.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Bra?

Here are some factors that will make your nursing bra shopping the best:

  • A good nipple opening: When buying a nursing bra, you should check whether it is a good opening to expose the nipple. Most importantly, the opening should be convenient for your baby to latch on the nipples. There should be plenty of room for your baby to comfortably feed.
  • Can you buy after childbirth? It is natural that you would like to buy nursing bras before childbirth. But, it would be good to wait until the birth of your baby. Do not be in an urgency. Just wait until the childbirth happens. The reason is that when you are pregnant, your breast size will be different and it might change after childbirth.
  • Can you use breast pumps? When you buy nursing bras, it would be good to check whether you can use breast pumps. You might not feed directly to your baby at all times. So, the nursing bra should provide the convenience of using breast pumps as well.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying A Nursing Bra?

Do you wish to know the features that can make your nursing bra shopping the best? Here are a few to consider:

  • Cups with one-hand opening facility: When your baby starts crying for milk, you will be holding him in one hand. So, when you shop for a nursing bra, check whether it offers the facility of easy one-hand cup opening. This feature will help you with ensuring that you can quickly feed your baby without making him hungry for long.
  • Cotton-lined straps and cups: When the nursing bra that you plan to shop has cotton-lined straps and cups, you will feel comfortable even after multiple cycles of feeding in a given day. Even, when the cups are cotton-lined, they will absorb any spills. As they quickly absorb wetness, your baby will not feel wet during the next nursing session. Only then, he will comfortably have his treat.
  • Full-coverage: When buying a nursing bra, it would be better to check whether it offers complete breast coverage. Of course, there should be an opening for the nipple or the entire cup. But, only when the bra offers full coverage, you will feel comfortable to wear. Even, it will provide a better grip to your baby to place his hands on when he is being fed.

How Much Does A Top-Rated Nursing Bra Cost?

A high-end nursing bra will cost you around $39. But, if you need an affordable nursing bra, you can find cheap nursing bras at around $18. The average cost will be around $30.

Final Verdict

Nursing bras are convenient additions not just for you but even for the comfort of your baby when he is being fed. So, make the right choice and make the breastfeeding time enjoyable both to you and your baby.

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