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Top Rated Monster High Dolls

Save $9.00No. 1
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Fashion Doll with Purple Streaked Hair, Signature Look, Accessories & Pet Dog Medium
  • School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style!
  • Clawdeen Wolf doll wears a clawsome fashion featuring an animal-print jumper and boo-tiful long-sleeve top.
  • Gore-geous details include killer sneakers and a chain belt, glasses and jewelry with a glam, golden finish.
  • Take Clawdeen Wolf doll's look to the next level with a fierce, faux-fur vest and scary-chic accessories, like a purse, comb, moon-shaped ice cream sandwich, snack and smartphone.
  • Inspire spooktacular storytelling with her creepy-cute pet, Crescent!
Save $9.00No. 2
Monster High Lagoona Blue Fashion Doll with Colorful Streaked Hair, Signature Look, Accessories & Pet Piranha
  • School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style!
  • Lagoona Blue doll wears a fin-tastic fashion featuring a hot-pink hoodie with mesh sleeves and a trendy, tie-dye bike shorts romper.
  • Gore-geous details include a sea monster-inspired waist bag, sunglasses and freaky-fab platform sandals, while her calves feature blue shading and delicate fins!
  • Take her look to the next level with a 'metallic', fish scale-detailed swimsuit and to-die-for accessories, like a seashell backpack, snacks and a smartphone.
  • Inspire spooktacular storytelling with her creepy-cute pet, Neptuna!
Save $23.50No. 3
Monster High Doll, Abbey Bominable Yeti with Pet Mammoth Tundra & Accessories Including Furry Scarf & Snowflake Backpack
  • This Monster High doll is freezingly fierce in a snowflake-inspired outfit with furry details. She comes with tons of storytelling pieces for lots of fearsome fun!
  • Abbey Bominable doll has long pastel shimmer hair and wears a cropped tee with mesh sleeves and faux-fur cuffs. Her snowflake-printed pants have hem slits, while her platform shoes are icy cool.
  • Styling pieces like a furry scarf, icicle-inspired belt bag, snowflake backpack, and frosted glasses with matching earrings add gore-geously glam touches to her lurk.
  • Other spooktacular accessories include an iCoffin phone, chocolate popsicle, to-go drink and a snowy candy snack.
  • With her furr-ociously friendly pet mammoth Tundra at her side, Abbey Bominable is ready for all sorts of spine-chilling adventures!
Save $9.00No. 4
Monster High Draculaura Fashion Doll with Pink & Black Hair, Signature Look, Accessories & Pet Bat
  • School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style!
  • Draculaura doll wears a fang-tastic fashion featuring heart-print shorts and a vampy corset blouse with sheer sleeves and ruffled details.
  • Gore-geous details include a heart-shaped backpack, sheer stockings, freaky-fab platform shoes, batty sunglasses and a headband in her pink and black hair.
  • Take Draculaura doll's look to the next level with a scary-chic cape and fab-boo-lous accessories, like a backpack, smartphone, snacks and SPF 500 sunblock.
  • Inspire spooktacular storytelling with her creepy-cute pet bat, Count Fabulous!
No. 5
Monster High Doll, Amped Up Frankie Stein Rockstar with Instrument and Performance-Themed Accessories Like Headphones
  • Amped Up Frankie Stein doll sparks to life on stage! They give off major mon-star vibes with a voltageous fashion and performance-themed accessories.
  • Their lurk channels preppy-punk energy with metallic puff sleeves, faux-leather lightning bolt shorts, and a draped chain harness.
  • Peep-toe boots feature zipper details and spiky hardware heels, while a chunky ring, bracelet, and earrings enhance their electrifying ensemble!
  • First, Frankie Stein doll gets ready backstage! They come with all the beauty essentials to style their rocker-glam hair: bolt hold hairspray, a blow dryer, comb, mirror, and clips.
  • Once Frankie Stein slips on their headphones and keytar instrument, it’s time to rock on stage! They zap the audience with a zolt of electric music energy.
Save $9.00No. 6
Monster High Frankie Stein Fashion Doll with Blue & Black Streaked Hair, Signature Look, Accessories & Pet
  • School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style!
  • Frankie Stein doll wears an electrifying fashion featuring a plaid skirt, lightning bolt-printed blouse and a scary-chic vest.
  • Gore-geous details include chunky platform sneakers, a chain belt and lightning bolt-detailed sunglasses, earrings and hair clips.
  • Take Frankie Stein doll's look to the next level with a voltageous varsity jacket and freaky-fab accessories, like a lightning bolt-shaped backpack, insta-camera, pizza snack and smartphone.
  • Inspire spooktacular storytelling with their creepy-cute pet, Watzie!
No. 7
Monster High Doll, Clawdeen Wolf Howliday Collector Edition, Purple Hair and Floor-Length Gown with Furry Boa
  • May your howlidays be scary and bright! This Monster High doll celebrates the season with a furr-ociously festive look fit for a winter ball.
  • Tis the season for spooktacular soirées, and Clawdeen Wolf doll is the night’s lunar queen with a golden phase-of-the-moon crown topping her tumble of purple and blue curls.
  • She reigns over the Winter Solstice festivities in her satiny floor-length gown. Its spiderweb details will glimmer in the candlelight while the tulle hem swooshes dramatically on the dance floor.
  • Clawdeen Wolf doll’s faux fur boa keeps her cozy as snowflakes fall outside, and her caged crystal-inspired heels are perfect for dancing with the ghouls.
  • A moon belt, bow-themed jewelry, and stunning eye makeup paired with shimmery golden lips complete her hauntingly chic attire.
No. 8
Monster High Scare-adise Island Heath Burns Doll with Flame Hoodie, Swim Trunks and Beach Accessories Like Sunglasses
  • Heath Burns runs pretty hot, so there's nothing quite like a beach scare-cation spent basking in the sun for this fiery Monster High doll!
  • He is dressed for a faboolous getaway on Scare-adise Island with a flame-print hoodie, matching board shorts, and sizzling slides!
  • With his volcanic drink and bottle of SPF 30 sunscreen, Heath Burns doll is all fired up for a relaxing day fanging out by the sea!
  • Additional accessories like tinted shades and a flame-detailed beach bag add to styling and storytelling play.
  • Kids can collect all the Monster High Scare-adise Island dolls to inspire friendship storytelling and frightfully fab adventures in the Bermuda Triangle!
No. 9
Monster High Skulltimate Secrets Fearidescent Series Doll & Accessories, Draculaura, Dress-Up Locker & 19+ Surprises For 4 years and older
  • ​Draculaura doll and her fashion surprises shine with gore-geously glam, pearly details in this Fearidescent edition of Skulltimate Secrets! Open her locker for fangtastic finds.
  • ​Can you creep a secret? Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.
  • ​Once unboxed, use the coffin-shaped locker for screamtastic storytelling, as well as storing Draculaura doll and all her clothing and accessories.
  • ​Draculaura looks fangtastically fierce with frosted pink hair. Her scary-chic fashions are catered to her unique vampire scaritage and encourage mix-and-match styling play!
  • From a furry stole and earmuffs to bat ice cream and a handbag, Skulltimate Secrets comes with lots of pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them in creative ways for 125+...
Save $7.50No. 10
Monster High Doll, Twyla Creepover Party Set with Pet Bunny Dustin, Sleepover Clothes and Accessories
  • Monster High Creepover Party dolls feature a detailed outfit and sleepover accessories themed to their unique scaritage, as well as a pet figure!
  • Monster High introduces Twyla, a kind ghoul who puts the “sweet” in “sweet dreams”! She has the power to manipulate shadows and enter dreams of her fellow boos -perfect for creepovers!
  • Twyla doll’s swirly knit sweater is monstrously cozy! She pairs it with a spiderweb-detailed flounce skirt, strappy heels, and a satin bunny eared hoodie cap.
  • This shadow monster is serving lurks with wavy ombre hair and curled bangs. She accents her outfit with a doorknob hair clip, buggy earrings, hourglass bracelet, and doorknocker belt.
  • She wouldn’t dream of going to a slumber party without Dustin, her pet dust bunny, or matching dust bunny backpack!

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