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Top Rated Magical Cauldron

No. 1
Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Fire Magic Cauldron - Reveal a Non-Electronic Mixie Plushie and Magic Ring with a pop up Reveal from The Fizzing...
  • Be amazed as a gem magically pops up out of your fizzing Cauldron to reveal a fire Mixie Plushie and Magic Ring inside!
  • Add the Bubble 'N' Fizz Dust, name your Mixie Plushie with the naming scroll and then pour in water with your included wand! Watch the magic unfold as your Cauldron bubbles and fizzes before a magical...
  • Discover a magical Glow In the Dark, color-changing ring inside!
  • Tilt your Magic Mixies Plushie forwards and backwards to see fire Magic in the Gem on their forehead!
  • Who will you magically create? There are 2 fire Mixie Plushies to collect!
No. 2
Magic Mixies Mixlings Magicus Party Fizz & Reveal 2 Pack Cauldron | with Magical Confetti Fizz Unboxing | 4 New Magicus Party Mixling Powers to...
  • Mix your Potions, to create all new Mixlings with this magical new confetti fizz unboxing!
  • 30+ Mixlings to collect across the Magicus Party Series!
  • Includes 2 surprise Mixling and 3 accessories inside.
  • There are 4 teams to discover within the Magicus Party Series!
  • Discover the inner party magic within the Magical Dress-Up Party Mixlings. Magically reveal a masquerade makeover surprise with the Mixlings from the Mystical Masquerade Party, Reveal a party surprise...
Save $13.18No. 3
Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron with Exclusive Interactive 8 inch Rainbow Plush Toy and 50+ Sounds and Reactions, Multicolored
  • Watch as magic happens right before your eyes! When you finish your spell, real mist will rise from your Magic Cauldron! Something magical is happening inside...all will be revealed as the mist...
  • The Magic Mixie Cauldron has all the magical ingredients you need to make your Mixie appear and come to life! Follow the Spell Book and watch as each ingredient helps to create your Mixie; add Sound...
  • OVER 50+ SOUNDS & REACTIONS - Your Magic Cauldron comes to life through magical sounds and lights as it guides you through the spell! And once you've created your Magic Mixie, use your wand to...
  • TAP! TAP! TAP! - As you perform each step of the spell, the Magic Cauldron guides you with lights and sounds. Drop your magic ingredient into the potion and when you hear a 'Tap! Tap! Tap!' coming...
  • MAKING MAGIC WITH YOUR MIXIE - You can perform all sorts of magic with your Mixie! Your magical little friend has 3 different modes that can be activated with your wand. Tap your wand on the Mixies...
No. 4
Candide Magic Mixies, Magic Cauldron, Blue
  • Who will you magically create?
  • Discover the pet that will come out of the magic potion!
  • Over 50 sounds and reactions!
  • Collectible, Candide
Save $5.00No. 5
Little Tikes Magic Workshop Roleplay Tabletop Play Set for Kids, Boys, Girls, 3+
  • PICK YOUR POTION - Flip through the easy-to-follow spell book to select the potion you’d like to make
  • MIX ENCHANTED INGREDIENTS - Wizard it up and mix the enchanted ingredients into the cauldron
  • WATCH THE MAGIC – Scoop a sample of your potion from the cauldron and pour it over the frog to see the magic
  • 6 POTION RECIPES – Will the frog fall in love, sing a silly song, make goofy animal noises, change colors, laugh uncontrollably, or mimic your own voice? With over 20 reactions, it's a magical...
  • SO MUCH TO DO – With 50+ magical lights & sounds, there’s so much to see and do
No. 6
Tasty Labs Wizard Potion Science Kit - Make 5 Magical Potions, Chemistry Experiments Safe to Drink, Includes Cauldron & Wand - Study Reactions,...
  • A fun, mystical chemistry kit in disguise: Brew up a cauldron of sweet, magical potions that are safe to drink!
  • Follow an illustrated story to conduct a series of potable potion-making experiments while learning about a range of chemistry topics such as chemical reactions, polymers, solutions, indicators,...
  • Includes instructions and ingredients to make five different "magical" potions that you can safely drink, including a fizzing citrus elixir, strawberry "frog's eggs," a color-changing...
  • Comes with a plastic cauldron, a magic wand (aka a dual-purpose mixing rod/measuring spoon), ingredient packets, and a variety of scientific tools needed to create your potions.
  • Fun, giftable option for any science-loving wizard and a great choice for a magic-themed birthday or Halloween party activity.
No. 7
Magic Mixies Mixlings Mystery Collectors Cauldron - Sealed Case of 18
  • You will receive 1x sealed case containing 18 collectors cauldrons.
  • Your magic wand reveals your Mixlings magic power! Will you find the wand that activates your Enchanters, Morphers and Fliers' Gem? Or will you find the Pippette wand that unleashes your Vanishers...
  • Channel your inner magic to create your very own Mixling! Rub the gem on the Cauldron to find out if your Mixling is Common, Rare, Ultra-Rare or a Limited Edition, then say the magic words 'Magicus...
  • What magical power does your Mixling have? Are they an Enchanter with enchanting eyes? A Flier with magical appearing wings? A Morphling who can change their shape? A Vanisher that can become...
  • Repeat the magical gem reveal unobxing again and again or use your Cauldron to store your Mixlings and trinkets!
No. 8
Magic Mixies Mixlings 2 Pack Cauldron with Magical Fizz and Reveal Unboxing. Double The Magic and Reveal 2 Mixlings from The Crystal Woods Series. 40...
  • Magic Mixies Mixlings Fizz & Reveal 2 Pack Cauldron contains 2 Mixlings, 2 Accessories and 3 ingredients.
  • Get ready to make more REAL MAGIC with the all-new Magic Mixies Mixlings from the "CRYSTAL WOODS" Series.
  • There are 5 new magical powers for your child to unlock from the Crystal Woods - Glowlings, Lucklings, Loxies, Aqua Chanjas and Flutterfliers!
  • Glowlings magically glow in the dark. Lucklings reveal the fortune your child may soon receive. Loxies reveal their amazing hair. Aqua Chanjas change color. Flutterfliers can reveal their angel wings!
  • Discover 2 Mixlings in this pack including one rare Mixling!

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