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Top Rated Lagoona Blue Dolls

No. 1
Monster High Lagoona Blue Doll in Mesh Tee and Cargo Pants, includes Pet Fish Neptuna and Accessories Like a Backpack, Snack and Notebook
  • Monster High Lagoona Blue doll looks ready to rule the high seas in her faboolously trendy outfit! She comes with her pet piranha Neptuna, as well as accessories pulled from the ocean's depths.
  • Topped with two space buns, this sea monster's hair swirls around her like water! Lagoona Blue wears a mesh fish bone tee and cool cut-out cargo pants with working pockets.
  • Her creeptastically cute fish Neptuna swims by her side, ready for frightful fun! Kids can imagine endless adventures with this scare-dorable pet.
  • Accessories add to storytelling possibilities: a clear jellyfish backpack, notebook, chewed-on puffer fish pencil, sunnies, ice cream, gummy worms and a bubble drink.
  • Check out the whole Monster High collection of dolls and playsets to inspire more fashion fun and spooktacular adventures! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
Save $12.00No. 2
Monster High Monster Ball Doll, Lagoona Blue in Party Dress with Themed Accessories Including Balloons & Punch Bowl
  • Lagoona Blue doll arrives to the Monster Ball in bubbly, boo-tiful style! She rocks a party lurk that is sure to make a statement on the dire Monster High dance floor.
  • This sea monster’s fan-sea dress features a scaly bodice! Sheer, coral-detailed ruffles at the neckline and hem lend a gore-geously glam aesthetic.
  • Lagoona Blue emerges from the sea in fin-tastic fashion with her shell handbag. It opens to fit her special occasion lip gloss inside!
  • Her shimmery curls are pulled to the side with a fab-boo-lous flower, while octopus earrings, a beaded bracelet and platform sandals complete her lurk.
  • Additional storytelling accessories make for a screamtastic soirée: a group selfie to remember the night, a jellyfish photo prop, and tidal wave punch with drinking glasses, too.
No. 3
Monster High Monster Fest Doll, Lagoona Blue with Glam Outfit & Festival Themed Accessories Like Snacks, Band Poster, Statement Bag & More
  • Monster High Lagoona Blue doll scored a ticket to Monster Fest, the coolest music festival around! With her blinged-out lurk and fintastic accessories, she can't wait to eat, dance, and be scary!
  • This glammed up sea monster is ready to rock out on stage with her coral reef-inspired swimsuit and shimmery skirt. A boo-jeweled shell headpiece crowns her multicolored hair!
  • Whether she's singing along in the crowd or performing with the boo crew, her concert-ready outfit stands out with deluxe details like draped "pearls," sheer stockings, and bubble heels.
  • One of the best parts of any festival is the food! Lagoona Blue can't wait to stop for a bite and have a deep-sea burger and tentacle drink.
  • Later, she strikes a fan-sea pose for the camera! Themed accessories like a wristband, popstar poster, and more add to music festival storytelling possibilities.
No. 4
Monster High Skulltimate Secrets Doll & Clothes Accessories Set, Lagoona Blue with Dress-Up Locker & 19+ Surprises
  • Biteology class just ended at Monster High and it’s time for an after-ghoul outfit change! This Skulltimate Secrets Lagoona Blue doll comes with a creeperific locker and fashion surprises.
  • Can you creep a secret? Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.
  • After the fearsomely fun unboxing, the coffin-shaped locker doubles as both a storytelling device and storage container for Lagoona Blue doll and all her clothing and surprises.
  • Lagoona Blue looks fintastic with pastel-streaked hair and boo-tiful beachy fashions that encourage mix-and-match play -- all catered to her unique sea monster scaritage!
  • From hibiscus earrings to organic gummy snacks, Skulltimate Secrets comes with lots of pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them in creative ways for 125+ looks!
No. 5
Monster High Skulltimate Secrets Fearidescent Series Doll & Accessories Set, Lagoona Blue with Dress-Up Locker & 19+ Surprises
  • Lagoona Blue doll and her fashion surprises shine with gore-geously glam, pearly details in this Fearidescent edition of Skulltimate Secrets. Open her locker for fintastic finds.
  • Can you creep a secret. Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.
  • Once unboxed, use the coffin-shaped locker for screamtastic storytelling, as well as storing Lagoona Blue doll and all her clothing and accessories.
  • Lagoona Blue has colorful flowing hair and pastel lips. Her fab-boo-lous fashions are catered to her unique sea monster scaritage and encourage mix-and-match styling play.
  • From a furry stole and statement necklace to a handbag and snacks, Skulltimate Secrets comes with lots of pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them for 125 plus looks.
Save $7.00No. 6
Monster High Doll & Playset, Lagoona Blue Scare-adise Island Snack Shack with Food Accessories & Color-Change Drinks
  • Join Lagoona Blue doll for a bite at the Scare-adise Island Snack Shack! This Monster High playset comes with 10 fintastic accessories, including 2 color change drink goblets.
  • Lagoona Blue doll wears a swim top and colorful coverup skirt with fishnet details. Tinted drip sunglasses and rope sandals complete her lurk!
  • The Scare-adise Island Snack Shack features spooktacular storytelling pieces like a cash register, storage barrel, skull drinks, pizza slices, shrimp cocktail and sushi.
  • A color change feature adds an extra dash of monster magic to playtime: dip the 2 drink goblets in icy cold water to watch the colors transform!
  • Kids can play out all sorts of spooky beach tales with Lagoona Blue, from making juices behind the counter to chatting with ghoul friends over a plate of sushi!
No. 7
Monster High Doll, Lagoona Blue Spa Day with Wear & Share Accessories Including Hair Clips, Hair Chalk & Tattoos
  • Join Lagoona Blue doll for a fan-sea spa day of self-care! She comes with 20+ hair accessories, styling pieces, and wear-and-share beauty products for customizable fun.
  • Kids can look just like Lagoona Blue! From teal and purple hair chalk to shimmery scaly body tattoos and two pearly barrettes, there are so many ways they can express their inner sea monster.
  • Lagoona Blue doll wears a sporty-spooky outfit with a spa headband, earrings, and wedge sandals. She comes with a scale-print robe and face mask to enhance storytelling.
  • Inspire uhhh-mazing updos and reef-chic looks! A seahorse comb, six hair ties and 16 clips make for countless hair style possibilities.
  • Store the included hair accessories in the shelltastic case for easy clean-up when the spa day is over!
Save $1.99No. 9
Monster High Doll, Lagoona Blue with Colorful Streaked Hair in Signature Look with Fashion Accessories & Pet Piranha Neptuna
  • School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style!
  • Lagoona Blue doll wears a fin-tastic fashion featuring a hot-pink hoodie with mesh sleeves and a trendy, tie-dye bike shorts romper.
  • Gore-geous details include a sea monster-inspired waist bag, sunglasses and freaky-fab platform sandals, while her calves feature blue shading and delicate fins!
  • Take her look to the next level with a 'metallic', fish scale-detailed swimsuit and to-die-for accessories, like a seashell backpack, snacks and a smartphone.
  • Inspire spooktacular storytelling with her creepy-cute pet, Neptuna!
Save $20.21No. 10
Monster High Fan-Sea Lagoona Blue - Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • Fin-tastically detailed Lagoona Blue exclusive doll!
  • She's here to haunt the dark depths of your Monster High collection!
  • Accessories include seahorse earrings, starfish sunglasses, a jellyfish purse, and more!

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