Top 10 Best Infant Car Seat Window Shades Reviews 2022

Best Infant Car Seat Window Shades

Top Pick Infant Car Seat Window Shades

These are the best infant car seat window shades of 2021 you can buy right now:

1. Best overall window shade – Enovoe Car Window Shade

2. Premium window shade – kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades

3. Best economy window shade – Winsall Auto Sun Shade

4. Best static cling window shade – Coindivi Car Window Shade for Baby

5. Best magnetic sun shade – Munchkin Brica Sun Shade

6. Best universal reversible shades – ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

7. Best breathable shades – GOLDFLOWER Car Window Shade

8. Best mesh shades – Veneev Car Sun Shades

9.Best large vehicle shades – Enovoe  Car Window Shade

10. Best rear car mirror – Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

1. ENOVOE Car Window Shade

Enovoe is one of the best brands you can rely on, and the Enovoe car window shade for kids has thousands of positive reviews. This sunshade comes in a pack of four and is available at a great price. The shade measures 19 X 12 inches, and you will need at least two of it to cover your car window. These shades come in a double-layer design and are made of the best quality mesh material. It has a little bit of transparency and gives your baby up to 97% protection from UV rays.

The shades also come with a static back that makes it easy to install without the need for adhesive residues or a suction cup. The material can be folded when not in use for easy storage, and also the manufacturer provides a guide on how you can use their product to protect your kid.

The Enovoe shade for kids is a trusted product for most parents. It has garnered over 5000 reviews online and is one of the best-selling car window shades. It is reliable and will keep your baby safe from UV rays.

2. Kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades

This car window shade for baby speaks quality. It is not only a certified sunshade but also one that has a track record of blocking ultraviolet rays from penetrating your car. This shade blocks UVA and UVB rays. You should protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s harsh effects, and this sunshade does exactly that.

The Kinder Fluff sunshade comes in 20×12 inch size, which is not enough to cover your entire window, but with a combination of the two shades, you can easily prevent the rays of the sun from penetrating. Luckily it comes in a pack of four which is enough to give complete protection.

Both parents and their little ones love this sunshade. This brand won the Mom’s Choice awards, and their products are best sellers. The car window sunshade from this brand is a reliable and quality product.

3. Winsall Auto Sun Shade

The Winsall shade is perfect for all vehicle types and has enough coverage to keep the sunlight out. Whether you own an SUV truck or a medium-sized automobile, these shades will fit perfectly. It is easy to set up and comes with a self-retracting system that allows you to remove and fold it up. The sunshade connects firmly to your car window with the help of its suction cups.  

The material is quality and will block out 97% of UVA and 85% of UVB rays. It also helps keep the sunlight away, especially if your chil is sensitive to light. The Winsall shade comes with a retractable solar blocker display screen that mirrors your car’s inside temperature.

It is a great product, and the price is affordable. The Winsall shade has received lots of reviews and is one of the favorites for mothers. They mentioned that it protects their child from solar glare and keeps their skin safe from the harsh effects of the sun.

4. Coindivi Car Window Shade

This car window sunshade for babies by Coindivi is another quality product that you should get to protect your kid. It is made from quality materials and is durable. The premium polymer material will ensure your baby stays protected from UV rays.

Coindivi sunshade features the latest static cling technology and comes with the best quality mesh material. Its opaque surface is reflection absorbent and has a 98% success rate of preventing UV rays from getting into your car.

Most users appreciate having this sunshade. It is excellent for parents wanting to take their kids out on a sunny day. They also have a choice to choose between two shades, the two lighter or darker shades. The sunshade has a coverage of 21″ X 12″, which is the standard size for most car windows and SUVs.

5. Munchkin Brica Sun Shade

This shade is one product we recommend for your kids. It offers full window protection, and it is easy attaching it to your window’s metal door frame. It has five magnets, and even if your window is smaller, it still has hooks that can help you gather the fabrics together.

This shade does a great job at blocking UVA and UVB rays that can cause burns on your baby’s skin. Setting up and removing this shade is a breeze which makes transferring it to another car easier.

The Munchkin Brica sunshade is liked by most buyers and also has lots of positive reviews. Most parents recommended and confirmed it keeps their kids safe. It is a quality product and also budget-friendly.

6. ggomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

This shade looks like a window curtain and is quite different from the regular sunshade. This unique window shade comes with 5 built-in magnets that allow you quickly attach it to your car window. It provides extra security for kids with an additional 4 suction cups to ensure there is no reason why it won’t stick to your window surface.  

The shade is one of the biggest in the market, and because of the easy-to-attach magnet, it doesn’t require any complicated setup. It is made from polyester material which gives protection from the harsh sun. Another feature you would love is that you can easily slide it to the side or tie it up when you no longer need the shade.

The ggomaART shade is recommended by most users and is one that most parents will find convenient to use when going on a trip. The shade will stay in place and protect your kid from getting burned by the sun.

7. GOLDFLOWER Car Window Shade

This is yet another effective solution for blocking the harsh UV rays of the sun from getting into your car. It will protect your baby, especially if they are sensitive to light. This universal shade gives complete cover and won’t leave any space open.

The window shades are easy to install, and you won’t need any suction cups to hold them in place. You can use the car window shade to cover the window and door frames on both sides. The shade will cover the entire sides and back flatten out. It fits perfectly over the frame and won’t come off when driving.

Most reviews say that this shade blocks the light out and ensures your baby is safe from UV rays. They also like that it comes at an affordable price and that the material is quality.

8. Veneev Car Sun Shades

This sunshade for cars by Veneev is also an effective option that blocks out the sun’s rays. It comes in a pack of four and will provide full coverage for your car windows. The window shades are easy to install and come with a static back system that easily clings to the window surface. You won’t need to use any adhesives that can cause a mess.

The Veneev car shades block out 98% of the harsh UV rays. It is made from a quality mesh material of up to 80 GSM. The lack comes in two sizes, so you can easily sort them out to pick the one that best fits your car size. The shades come in two 20 “x12” and two 17″ X 19″, for your convenience.

The Veneev car shades are great, and most users recommend them to keep your kids safe. The mesh material effectively blocks out the rays of the sun. It is also very affordable, and you get value for your money.

9. Enovoe Car Window Shade

This is another quality product from Enovoe and is specially designed for large vehicles like minivans and SUVs. The 25″ x16″ shade comes in two packs and will fit your windows perfectly. It provides safety and also gives your kid a chance to enjoy the view of the sunlight without its burning effect.

The shade comes with a  static-cling technology that makes it easy to install. The sunshades are portable, and you can easily remove them to transfer them to another vehicle. It also comes with a convenient storage pouch that comes in handy when going on a road trip.

Most users are satisfied with the fine material. The reviews for this product are positive, and users say the Enovoe sunshade is durable. They also like that it has a see-through material that gives your kid a great view of the scenery around them.

10. Shynerk Baby Car Mirror

One of the most reliable products you can get for your baby is the Shynerk baby car mirror. It comes at a great price and comes with amazing perks. One of the benefits you get from this mirror is that it comes with a ball and socket pivot system, which is easy to adjust. You can move it around 360 degrees, and you get a view which most mirrors can’t provide.

The mirror can easily be adjusted using its straps and plastic buckles. The straps are durable, and you can easily install them on the front seat headrest or backrest. The Shynerk mirrors allow you to watch your kids, so they don’t get injured while you drive. You can still keep an eye on them to be sure they are comfortable. The mirror is made with shatterproof acrylic glass and a high-quality plastic frame.

This product has lots of reviews online and is recommended by most users. It is completely safe and does not put your kid at any risk. Instead, it keeps them safe by allowing you to watch your kid.

Infant Car Seat Window Shades – Are They Essential Investments?

Infant Car Seat Window Shades – Are They Essential Investments

Are you about thinking about whether or not to buy an infant car seat window shade? You should be aware of its importance for the safety of your baby. Read on to learn more about this car accessory:

What Is An Infant Car Seat Window Shade?

An infant car seat window shade as the name implies will provide the right kind of shade from the sun’s rays to your baby. You know that the skin of the baby is too soft. When the harsh rays reach the soft skin of your baby, it can harm him. The right window shade will provide the required protection.

Why Should You Choose A Good Infant Car Seat Window Shade?

A good infant car seat window shade will provide the best protection to your baby from the UVA Rays. Car window glasses do not provide this protection as they protect only against UVB Rays. Remember that to prevent issues caused by excessive exposure to UVA rays, you should get these shades.

How To Choose The Best Infant Car Seat Window Shades?

Now, you have decided to buy an infant car seat window shade. How to select one will be your question. Here are some points you will have to consider in your shopping:

Look at the suction cups: Most infant car seat window shades attach to the car window using suction cups. Check whether the cups will stay securely attached to the window.

Covers larger window area: When you buy an infant car seat window shade check whether it covers a larger window area. The larger the area covered, the better will be the protection for your baby.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying An Infant Car Seat Window Shade?

An infant car seat window shade with the following features will provide better protection to your baby from the UV Rays:

Consider the percentage of blockage: A good infant car seat window shade will have details about the percentage of sun protection it can offer. When you find that the manufacturer has assured 97% protection, you can confidently choose the shade.

Facility to roll up and down: When you can easily roll up and down the infant car seat window shade, you can use the shade when sun blockage is essential. Otherwise, you can roll it and keep it aside.

Attachment clips: An infant car seat window shade with attachment clips will easily attach to your car window. In other words, the installation should be easy and this is one of the key features to consider to ensure that you can easily use it in your car window.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Infant Car Seat Window Shade Cost?

The average cost of an infant car seat window shade will be around $15. You can get a cheap infant car seat window shade at around $9. At times, an affordable infant car seat window shade would not have used the best material. When you intend to choose a high-end infant car seat window shade, it will cost you around $25.

Final Verdict

Do not hesitate to invest in an infant car seat window shade. It will safeguard your kid from UVA rays that are known to contribute to many health issues. Examples include corneal sunburn, skin cancer development and immunity suppression. So, let your baby stay safe with the right infant car seat window shade.

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