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Top Rated Hotel Board Games

No. 1
Hasbro Gaming Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game, Easter Gifts for Kids, Ages 7+ (Amazon Exclusive)
  • A twist on the classic battleship game: This battleship game features airplanes in addition to Ships for awesome strategic gameplay and epic battles
  • Sink Ships and crash Planes: with this edition, fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win
  • Portable Game: the battleship game includes 2 portable battle cases so players can take it with them, and Dive into an instant game on the go
  • A childhood favorite: remember playing the battleship game as a kid. Kids and adults can enjoy playing this entertaining game together. It's also a great strategy game. Play it in the classroom
  • Convenient storage: The game has convenient ship, plane, and peg storage on the side of the ocean grid
Save $8.92No. 2
Lookout Games Grand Austria Hotel Board Game | Action Drafting Strategy Game for Adults and Kids | Ages 12+ | 2-4 Players | Average Playtime 60-120...
  • HISTORICAL IMMERSION: Step into the vibrant Viennese Modern Age of the 20th century, a major center of European culture.
  • HOTELIER'S CHALLENGE: Test your skills as a hotelier, expanding your establishment and creating new rooms.
  • EMPEROR'S FAVOR: Pay homage to the emperor to maintain your status and avoid disgrace.
  • STRATEGY AND ELEGANCE: A captivating blend of strategy and elegance in a luxurious setting.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR HOSTEL: Aim to turn your humble hostel into the magnificent Grand Austria Hotel.
Save $2.52No. 3
Clue Escape: The Midnight Hotel Board Game, Clue Escape Room Game, 1-Time Solve Mystery Games, Family Games for Ages 10+, 1-6 Players, 90 Mins. Avg.
  • ESCAPE AND SOLVE MYSTERY GAME: What happens after Boddy's murder? The story continues in Clue Escape: The Midnight Hotel game, offering the intrigue of classic Clue in an escape room board game
  • DECODE THRILLING PUZZLES: The infamous cast returns—and one of them tries to steal Boddy's blackmail files! Players work together to figure out who it was by cracking puzzles that unlock new clues
  • EXPLORE A DYNAMIC GAMEBOARD WITH 3D INNOVATION: Escape the hotel through a board that literally builds up as the suspense does! As players solve puzzles, the board grows to reveal rooms and new...
  • COLLECT CLUES: Deduce the WHO, WHERE, and with WHAT to win! Track down clues and collect evidence for the final solve. The more info players find, the easier to make the correct accusation.
  • AN EXCITING, 1-TIME SOLVE COOPERATIVE GAME: In this cinematic, single-play strategy game, players join forces and use sleuthing skills to escape the hotel, then solve the mystery. Or play solo for the...
Save $8.26No. 4
Plunder - Family Board Games - Board Games for Kids - Strategy Board Games - Fun Family Game Night - Ages 10 and Up - 2 to 6 Players
  • STRATEGY GAME: Adventure awaits any swashbuckler brave enough to command a fleet. Conquer islands to gain valuable resources. Build and upgrade your ships with masts and cannons. Wage war against...
  • EASY TO LEARN: The thematic and intuitive gameplay allows new players to quickly grasp the rules and will have you helming your battleship through the Caribbean in no time. The rulebook also contains...
  • HIGH REPLAYABILITY: The game board is created by combining six different double-sided ocean tiles which create a unique map configuration each time you play. You’ll never play the same map twice,...
  • GIFTS: This modern classic appeals to both beginners and veteran gamers. Fun for adults, couples, families, kids, teens, high school and college students. Perfect for birthday gifts and Christmas...
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This pirate game is designed for 2 to 6 players, plus a team play option. Average playtime is 20 minutes per player. There is no player elimination, so every...
Save $5.65No. 5
Renegade Game Studios | Acquire Strategy Board Game for 2-6 Players, Ages 12+ with 2 Play Modes
  • Strategic Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the world of powerful real estate tycoons, where you'll compete against other players in a gripping game of manipulation, mergers, and strategic stock trading...
  • Dynamic Experience: Each decision you make can have a ripple effect on the ever-changing board. Adapt your strategies as mergers occur, buildings rise, and fortunes shift, keeping you engaged and...
  • Updated Board Design: Enjoy an updated 9x12 space grid board with printed space designations, accompanied by improved legibility on the building tiles, ensuring a visually appealing and immersive...
  • Multiple Game Modes: Play in Classic Mode or Tycoon Mode, offering different gameplay variations, allowing you to tailor the game to your preferred style and challenge level.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Suitable for players aged 12 and above, Acquire provides an enjoyable and engaging family strategy game experience, fostering competition, critical thinking, and hours of...
No. 6
Secret Hitler
  • A fast-paced game of deception and betrayal
  • Beautiful wooden components
  • Solid game boards with foil inlay
  • Hidden roles and secret envelopes for five to ten players
No. 7
Adventure Games: The Grand Hotel Abaddon - A Kosmos Game from Thames & Kosmos | Collaborative, Replayable Storytelling Gaming Experience for 2 to 4...
  • This thrilling adventure starts when you take a vacation at the Grand Hotel Abaddon.
  • Strange things begin to happen all around you. Could there be ghosts in this hotel?
  • Explore the hotel, combine items, find clues, and talk to other guests to solve the mystery.
  • With each new action, the story unfolds, similar to a PC adventure game.
  • Enough story content to play multiple times with different endings each time, approximately 5 hours of playtime.
Save $2.11No. 8
Monopoly Game, Family Board Games for 2 to 6 Players & Kids Ages 8 and Up, Includes 8 Tokens (Token Vote Edition)
  • FAST-DEALING PROPERTY TRADING GAME: It’s a Family Game Night staple! Players buy, sell, dream, and scheme their way to riches with the Monopoly board game
  • BUY, SELL, AND TRADE TO WIN: Players compete to buy out neighborhoods, sell properties, charge rent, and grow an empire in the Monopoly game for adults and kids ages 8 and up
  • BUILD HOUSES AND HOTELS: Love that feeling when an opponent lands on an owned property? In this be-loved family board game, the more players build, the more rent money they can collect. Cha-ching!
  • WHAT’S YOUR TOKEN?: Includes 8 tokens: the Top Hat, Rubber Ducky, Scotty, Hazel, Race Car, Penguin, Battleship and either the Thimble
  • FAMILY GAME NIGHT FAVORITE: With its classic Monopoly gameplay, this Monopoly board game is a go-to game for Family Game Night or anytime indoor fun, and it makes a great gift for families and kids
No. 9
Plastic Hotels and Houses: Black, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Color Board Game Replacement Hotel and House (Colored...
  • Black, Grey, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Color Monopoly Replacement Hotels and Houses
  • High Quality Hard Plastic
  • 90 Total Pieces: 45 Hotels Included (1.1 gms each in Weight) and 45 Houses Included (0.5 gms each in Weight)
  • Hotel Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 13mm; House Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 9mm
  • Matte Finish, Injection Molded Polystyrene
No. 10
Grand Austria Hotel: High Season Roll & Write Board Game - Vienna's Top Hotel Experience! Strategy Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 12+, 2-4 Players, 45...
  • GRAND VIENNA EXPERIENCE: Immerse yourself in the world of Vienna's finest hotel in this charming Roll & Write game.
  • QUICK AND ENGAGING: Enjoy the full Grand Austria Hotel experience in shorter playtime with dice selection, effect combos, and Emperor scoring.
  • VARIETY AND REPLAYABILITY: Explore different hotel plans and variable staff strips, both printed on both sides, ensuring high replay value.
  • WIPEABLE PLAYER TABLEAUS: Keep your player tableau clean and ready for the next game with wipeable surfaces.
  • STANDALONE FUN: This is a standalone game within the Grand Hotel series, offering a unique and enjoyable gaming experience.

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