Top 10 Best Full-Size Baby Mattresses

Top Best Full Size Baby Mattresses

Top Pick Full-Size Baby Mattresses

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  • STAIN FIGHTING TECHNOLOGY -- Stain repel and release technology helps prevent stains on the mattress.
  • WATERPROOF PROTECTION -- 100% waterproof barrier protects mattresses from leaky messes and spills for a fresh,...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT -- Quilted filling offers added softness and comfort for infants and toddlers. Soft cotton...
  • SECURE FITTED DESIGN -- SecureStay full fitted stretch skirt helps prevent sliding and shifting for extra...
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Last update on 2021-12-05

What are Full-Size Baby Mattresses?

Full-size baby mattresses are toddler mattresses which measure at least a dimension of 27-¼ and 51-¼ inches (width x length). The best baby mattress must be comfortable and have a firmness level that will prevent the baby from choking while sleeping face down.

Why Should You Buy Good Full Size Baby Mattresses?

Your baby’s sleep is very important because it helps his development, growth, and wakefulness. For this, you need to buy the best full-size baby mattress to help him fall asleep better and be able to continue using it as he keeps growing.

How to Choose the Best Full-Size Baby Mattresses?

The choice is wide in the market that you can quickly get lost in a limbo. The advice is to draw out a few well-established criteria to make the right choice.

  • The features: Choose the right dimensions and materials to adapt the mattress to the box spring.  Then, choose a model that is firm enough to avoid any risk of suffocation.
  • Usage criteria: For a question of hygiene and practicality, it is better to bet on a natural, medical-grade mattress with a removable cover that is machine washable.  
  • New or used? You can choose between a new and used mattress. A new mattress is the most ideal for a baby. But, if you find a product that hasn’t been used for a few days or weeks and it’s very clean and fairly new, it may do the trick.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Full Size Baby Mattresses?

The following features are essential while choosing a full-size baby mattress:

  • The size: First, you need to choose the appropriate dimensions. In general, a standard full-size baby mattress measures 27-¼ inches wide and 51-¼ inches length.
  • Firmness: Then you have to look at the density of the product. A baby mattress should be firmer than that of an adult to avoid the risk of choking. We suggest a density of 20 to 22 kg/m3. If you opt for latex: it can go up to 55 kg/m3 while providing maximum comfort to your toddler.
  • Thickness: In terms of thickness and weight, these are secondary criteria: But, to perfect your choice, you can always consider them. In general, a baby mattress is between 4 and 12 inches thick and weighs 2 to 4 kg.  
  • The filling or material: The filing of the mattress guarantees the baby’s comfort. There are many types of filling materials. First, there is the foam mattress which is the most popular model. This material is very comfortable since it is light and conveniently adapts to the baby’s morphology. Then there is the coconut mattress, an ecological material that is breathable to prevent moisture from stagnating and causing the proliferation of bacteria and mites. Finally, the wool mattress is also ideal for lovers of natural products. It stands out for the fact that it is thermoregulatory and insulating. This product is perfect for babies who sweat a lot because it dries very quickly.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Full-Size Baby Mattress Cost?

It’s not advisable to opt for cheap full-size baby mattress for hygiene and safety reasons. However, there are good-quality affordable full-size baby mattresses with a starting price of around $40. High-end full-size baby mattresses with hypoallergenic filling materials, dual sides, removable and 100% cotton covers are sold for a price range of $120 to $200.

Final Verdict

Full-size baby mattresses will accompany the baby from infancy, to his or her toddling age, and to his early age before requiring a more standard bed. The best models have around 4 to 6 inches thickness. They must be hypoallergenic, have removable and washable covers and must be made of natural materials that can wick moisture away quick.

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