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Top Rated Electronic Pets

Save $5.02No. 1
Bitzee, Interactive Toy Digital Pet with 15 Animals Inside, Virtual Electronic Pets React to Touch, Kids Toys for Girls and Boys
  • DIGITAL PET YOU CAN TOUCH: Bitzee goes beyond the 2D screen; it’s the virtual pet you can really touch and feel in our 3D world! Each Bitzee toy pet reacts to your swipes, tilts, and touch!
  • NURTURE & PLAY: Bitzee pets need your love and care! Each Bitzee starts as a baby – feed and play with them, rock them to sleep and give them love to help them grow from baby, to adult, to Super...
  • 15 TOY PETS IN 1 POD: The more you play, the more Bitzee pets you’ll unlock! Use treats to attract a new Bitzee pet. Collect all 15 interactive animals like a cat, bunny, unicorn & more!
  • SO MANY WAYS TO PLAY: When adult Bitzee digital pets evolve to Super Bitzee, discover quirky surprises like fun outfits and unique kids games you can play together!
  • GIFTS FOR 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS & BOYS: Experience electronic pets collectibles like never before! Bitzee interactive toys for 5 year old boys & girls are a screen-free alternate to a handheld game console...
No. 2
Pets Alive Hamstermania (Orange) by ZURU Hamster, Electronic Pet, 20+ Sounds Interactive, Hamster Ball Toy for Girls and Children
  • Scurry around: Hamster Mania pets can run in and outside of their ball!
  • Real sounds: Listen close to hear 20 adorable hamster sounds.
  • Smart technology: These clever pets can sense doors, walls and more!
  • 4 to collect: There are 4 adorable hamsters to adopt. Which will you unbox?
  • Perfect gift: Hamster Mania are the perfect furry friends to gift to any child who would love a pet! With real movements and sounds they're just like the real thing!
Save $20.06No. 3
Tamagotchi Pix - Floral (Pink)
  • Tamagotchi Pix Is The Next Generation Of Your Favorite Interactive Virtual Pet In Which You Can Nurture And Raise Your Tamagotchi Character On A Color Screen.Recommended age : 6 years and up
  • Includes A Camera To Take Photos With Your Character, Cook, Find New Tamagotchi Friends And Have Your Character Go On Playdates. Touch Buttons Allow You To Interact In A Whole New Way By Customizing...
  • Connect To Your Friend’S Device To Go On Play Dates, Exchange Gifts And Explore Together. With 17 Various Games, You Can Earn Gotchi Points Or Keep Your Character Happy
  • Collect Numerous Characters And Raise Them Differently For A Variety Of Play. Plus Help Your Characters Find A Profession That They Can Bring Back To The Tamagotchi Planet
Save $1.99No. 4
Tamagotchi Original - Sprinkles (Updated Logo)
  • The Original Tamagotchi digital pet you loved in 1997 is back with the original programming! Feed it, turn lights on/off, play with it, give it medicine, flush after it’s used the bathroom, check...
  • Includes Character game where you have to guess which way the Tamagotchi will move next!
  • Pink with sprinkles shell with pink 'Tamagotchi', brown buttons and yellow frame, and original programming and characters, and updated logo
  • Raise your Tamagotchi from egg to child to Adult and how you take care of it will decide which of the 7 Adults you’ll get. Comes with 1 Tamagotchi on a chain to take with you everywhere!
  • Battery (CR2032) included. For Ages 8+
No. 5
Little Live Pets Chameleon - Interactive Color-Changing Light-Up Toy with 30+ Sounds & Emotions, Repeats Back, Beat Detection (Ages 5+)
  • LIGHT UP, COLOR CHANGING CHAMELEON: Sunny is an interactive chameleon that lights up and changes color to their moods, just like a real chameleon!
  • 30+ SOUNDS AND EMOTIONS: Sunny is a funny chameleon with colorful personality who expresses themselves through lights and funny sounds.
  • INTERACTIVE CHAMELEON THAT REACTS TO YOUR TOUCH: Soft and squishy chameleon that reacts to petting, feeding and the sound of your voice when in Nurture Mode.
  • LIGHTS UP TO MUSIC BEATS: Sunny lights up and changes color to the beat and rhythm of the music when in Party Mode.
  • REACTS TO WHAT YOU SAY & CHATS BACK: Sunny gives you a happy reply when you speak to them in a friendly voice. Too loud, and Sunny gets scared!
Save $3.04No. 6
Giga Pet Virtual Pet for Kids Ages 5 and Up, 90s Throwback, 2-in-1 StarCat & CompuKitty, 25th Anniversary Edition Upgraded Collector’s Edition, Kids...
  • 2-In-1 Giga Pets Cats: Choose between 2 retro games! StarCat is a laid-back feline perfect for beginners while CompuKitty loves attention and is great for challenging play. Scroll down for all games...
  • 90s Throwback: Bring back a classic with these retro nano pets from Giga Pets! Experience GigaPet as they were in the 90s with a re-coded version of the original CompuKitty game.
  • StarCat Tells Your Fortune: Once a day StarCat will look up to the stars and give you a fortune reading! Each of the star patterns create a symbol which represents something that StarCat sees in your...
  • Virtual Pet Keychain: GigaPets put magic in the palm of your hand wherever you go!
  • Learn to Care for a Digital Pet: Feed your pets, take them to the vet, teach them tricks, and more! The more you care for them the more they will grow. Take a GigaPet home today!
No. 7
Little Live Pets - Mama Surprise Minis. Feed and Nurture a Lil' Bunny Inside Their Hutch so she can be a Mama. She has 2, 3, or 4 Babies with...
  • Little Live Pets Mama Surprise is now available in a mini format for everyone to be amazed!
  • This Mama Surprise Mini is a Lil' Bunny. She is going to be a Mama… But when?
  • Feed, love and give water to your Mama Bunny and wait to see how many babies she has! Remember to remove the lock on the side of the hutch.
  • How many babies will arrive? 2, 3 or 4?
  • Each baby comes with a unique birthmark and an adorable pose - which babies will you find?
No. 8
Little Live Pets - My Pet Pig: Piggly | Soft and Jiggly Interactive Toy Pig That Walks, Dances and Nuzzles. 20+ Sounds & Reactions. Batteries...
  • AN INTERACTIVE PIG - Discover Piggly; your new pet pig that moves and expresses itself like a real little pig
  • HIS SKIN IS VERY SOFT - Piggly's skin is very soft. In addition; its big drooping ears and corkscrew tail wriggle when it moves
  • MORE THAN 25 SOUNDS AND REACTIONS - Discover the mischievous personality of your pet pig, you can feed it; give it kisses and even walk around and dance with Piggly
  • WALK AND DANCE - Take Piggly on a leash or watch him waddle and dance to his own music
  • FEED AND CUDDLE HIM - Give Piggly his bottle and watch his little nose move when he drinks; burps and laughs.NOTE - Requires 3 1.5V AA/LR6 batteries, (The batteries included are meant to be tested)
No. 9
Robo Alive Robo Fish Robotic Swimming Fish (Teal + Orange) by ZURU Water Activated, Changes Color, Comes with Batteries, Amazon Exclusive (2 Pack)...
  • ZURU Robo Fish: Drop your Robo Fish in water and watch it come to life with ZURU’s advanced water activated technology!
  • Hyper Realistic: Robo Fish look and move just like real fish and swim in 5 different directions.
  • Color Change Technology: Watch your Robo Fish magically change colour when dropped in water!
  • 6 to Collect: There are 6 different colored Robo Fish to collect to complete your Robo Aquarium!
  • Prank your friends: Prank your friends with the ultra-realistic technology of Robo Fish!
No. 10
Conagel 21 pcs Mini Virtual Electronic Digital Pets Keychain Small Interactive Handheld Game Toy Keychain Electronic Pet Key Chain for Kids Video Game...
  • 【Size Details】: The size of heart-shaped virtual pets keychains is 2.3 x 2 x 0.6 inch, round-shaped virtual pets keychains is 1.3 x 1.7 x 0.4 inch, egg-shaped virtual pets keychains is 2.3 x 2 x...
  • 【Durable Material】: Our mini digital pet interactive toy keychain is made of plastic material, which is strong and durable and does not break easily. In addition, it is safe and reliable for kids....
  • 【Internet Companion for Kids】: Kids can choose their favorite pet from virtual electronic digital pets keychain game keyring and feed it in nine interesting modes, such as: Feeding, playing,...
  • 【Perfect Gift 】: Our small virtual pets keychain game not only help kids spend their entertainment and rest time, but also help kids learn important skills, such as cultivating children's...
  • 【Package Includes】: You will get 9 pcs heart-shaped virtual pets keychains ( transparent white/ blue/ green/ purple/ pink and solid color white/ blue/ purple/ pink ), 4 pcs round-shaped virtual...

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