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What is a Crib Rail Cover?

Crib rail covers are specially made paddings used in protecting the edges of the crib rail. The crib rails are usually made of plastics, metal, and woods. They are finished with chemical products such as paints or wood finishings to prevent rust or pests. For safety reasons, the rails should not be bitten or come in contact with the baby’s skin. Crib rail covers are therefore layers of materials that are meant to encase the rails of the cribs, offering the baby some safety and comfort.

Why Should You Buy a Good Crib Rail Cover?

As there is a coincidence in the age of crib users and babies who are just teething, the crib rails are going to be some of their chewing and sharpening tools. Meanwhile, crib materials and finishing are usually toxic. For the safety of your child, the crib rail must be encased with good covers that are easy to teeth and non-toxic. They also offer a cushioning effect, in case the baby hits the head on the rail.

How to Choose the Best Crib Rail Cover?

While choosing a crib rail covers, you have three options, and these are based solely on the materials they are made of:

  • Crib rail covers made of fabric: These are the most popular and safest types. Consisting of cotton and sometimes some foam paddings, they offer a good cushioning effect against hits and absorb the baby’s drools.
  • Plastic rail covers: These are simple and quick to install and easy to clean. However, some plastics still contain harmful components such as BPA, lead, PVC, etc., some of the chemical components in the rail you’re protecting. Also, they can be easily removed by your baby.
  • Rubber rail covers: Unlike plastics, these are soft and easy to chew on without deteriorating or causing the baby some harm, physically or chemically. They are easy to install and clean.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Crib Rail Cover?

Some of the key features to consider while buying a crib rail covers are as follows:

  • Choose non-toxic materials: If you prefer to choose plastic models, ensure they are environmentally friendly and safe. That is, they must be free of BPA, PVC, lead, or phthalates. Models made of fabric paddings are the safest in terms of non-toxicity.
  • Safe and breathable paddings: The goal of crib rail covers isn’t to prevent the baby from teething the crib structure, but to do this safely. Made of hard plastics, the cover could pose some physical harm to your child, especially when they are easily removable. Models made of cotton fabric or thick microfiber paddings are usually breathable and will even absorb the baby’s drools. Because of the drool buildup, these types must be cleaned often.
  • Waterproof paddings: Models with plastics may be too hard for some babies. However, the upside is that these are waterproof and will not cause any drool buildup. With plastic and rubber paddings that are waterproof, wiping is sufficient for cleaning and maintenance as there are no drool build up.
  • Choose darker colors: Lighter colors are going to be attractive to your baby and adapt better to the baby room’s decor. However, lighter colors are more susceptible to stains and will be more difficult to maintain than darker colors.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Crib Rail Cover Cost?

Microfiber polyester covers are usually the most popular cheap crib rail covers. They have a starting price of $7 to $8. Affordable crib rail covers in the price range of $15 to 25. High-end crib rail covers with beautiful floral designs, reversible designs, brushed microfiber, plastic, or rubber materials, are sold for more than $30.

Final Verdict

The crib rail covers are essential accessories for teething babies using the crib for sleeping and playing in. Most cribs are made with wooden materials finished with chemical coatings, plastics, and rubbers which contain bisphenol-A, or even allergens such as phthalates or latex. The crib cover shields these chemicals and paints from the baby and gives the crib a softer and cushioned feel should they hit their head on the rail. It is therefore essential to ensure these products are devoid of harmful chemicals and materials, that they are waterproof, easy to clean, breathable, and easy to clean.

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