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What are Crib Mattresses?

A crib mattress is a small-sized sleeping accessory for a baby.A new mattress is not necessarily healthy. The resurgence of breathing problems and allergies in toddlers can be due both to the age of the mattress and to the materials used to design it. A healthy mattress, therefore, is made from natural or recyclable materials, which do not contain products that are harmful to children. They generally have certifications that guarantee the absence of chemical treatment. They also have the advantage of offering adequate absorption capacity, some even having antibacterial properties.

Why Should You Buy Good Crib Mattresses?

The importance of sleep for building a baby’s brain and strengthening its immunity has been well established. So, during his first months of life, when they spend most of their time sleeping, you need to create a real cozy nest for them, and this requires the right choice of mattress for a crib.

How to Choose the Best Crib Mattresses?

Without mincing words, some of the tips for choosing the best crib mattress are:

  • Focus on comfort and safety: Always make sure that the mattress you want to buy for your baby meets the safety standards in force in your region. These include the criteria relating to the optimum thickness and fire-resistance. The comfort of the mattress is often linked to the types of materials used for its design (foam, wool, latex, coconut fiber, etc.). Foam mattresses and some models made from organic material generally offer a good level of comfort.
  • Choose a model that suits your needs: There are different types of baby mattresses on the market, with specificities for each model. Evolutionary mattresses have been specially designed to adapt to the baby’s growth, while reversible models have the advantage of offering better comfort of use. There are also models of removable baby mattresses, which are more hygienic because they are easier to maintain and do not require an anti-dust mite treatment. 

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Crib Mattresses?

Some of the features to consider in a crib mattress include, but are not limited to:

  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the baby mattress must be identical to those of the box spring. The right dimension is 60 × 120 cm.
  • Firmness: For the safety of the baby, the mattress should be firm. Most childcare sites recommend a density of 20 to 22 kg/m3. This may be insufficient. The density of the best models is around 30 kg/m3.
  • Removability: The absolute imperative for a crib mattress is to be removable and machine washable. It seems to go without saying but beware, some of the mattresses on the market are not.
  • Nontoxic: This is an extension of the material and safety criteria.  A good mattress should be made with natural materials to minimize health risks to your baby – allergies, respiratory problems, etc. So put a cross on mattresses whose materials are free of toxic products. These generally carry Certipur certifications.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Crib Mattresses Cost?

As with adult mattresses, the price of a seemingly high-end crib mattress does not guarantee a good mattress. There are, however, top-rated affordable crib mattresses that cost less than $100. Some cheap crib mattresses are also available for as low as $30-70.

Final Verdict

To avoid any risk of accident, the crib mattress’s dimensions and the bed base must be identical. The mattress must be firm, significantly more than for an adult. For hygienic reasons, the mattress must have a removable and machine washable cover.

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