Top 10 Best Crib Bedding Sets

Top Best Crib Bedding Sets

Top Pick Crib Bedding Sets

Bedtime Originals Blossom Pink Watercolor Floral 3-Piece...
  • This charming 3-Piece crib bedding set includes one quilt/comforter, one crib skirt, and one fitted crib sheet
  • A gorgeous floral watercolor print decorates the quilt
  • The fitted crib sheet and quilt are decorated in shades of pinks and grays. They have been digitally printed...
  • The solid pink crib skirt is shirred for a more luxury/designer style
  • Coordinates with the Blossom Baby Nursery Collection
Bedtime Originals Rainbow Unicorn 3Piece Crib Bedding Set,...
  • Included is one quilt, one fitted crib Sheet and one crib skirt
  • The fitted crib Sheet features a rainbow of stars and is fully elasticized all around ensuring a secure fit
  • Quilt features a beautiful white Unicorn with appliqued mane and tail
  • Star-studded crib skirt with a soft pink ground
  • Coordinates with the Rainbow Unicorn baby bedding accessories

Last update on 2021-12-05

What are Crib Bedding Sets?

A crib bedding set is a collection of sleep accessories for the baby. They include the bedsheet, the duvet cover, blanket, pillows, bumpers, pillowcases, mattress cover, the canopy, and more.

Why Should You Buy a Good Crib Bedding Set?

A good crib bedding set involves everything that makes the baby have comfortable sleep and resting experience in the cot or crib. Some of the items in this collection are not only meant for the crib. Out of the cot, the baby blanket for example can be used in wrapping the baby. So, choosing a good and complete set isn’t a question, but a necessity for the comfort, adaptability, and survival of the baby.

How to Choose the Best Crib Bedding Sets?

Some models can be more complete than the other. While choosing, some of the most important items in a crib bedding set to consider are:

  • Baby blanket: This is for covering the baby in and out of the cot. It should be as breathable and soft as possible. It should also be sizable so you can reduce or double the wrapping, depending on the weather condition and the baby’s comfort.
  • Mattress cover: Although most crib mattresses come with removable covers, some sets include this. But in any case, the crib mattress must have a breathable cover that is removable and easily washable.
  • Bed bumpers: The cot bumper is considered a must. Its main function is to prevent your baby from banging his head or having his hand or foot caught against the bars while sleeping. But a recent study has shown that it may increase the risk of infant death from suffocation. So, if you want to install a bed bumper, preferably avoid fleece models. There are models of semi-rigid bed bumper that will minimize this risk.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Crib Bedding Set?

Between dimensions, quality of materials, and safety certifications, the main factors to be evaluated while buying a crib bedding set include:

  • Dimensions: Before buying a bedding set for the baby’s crib, it is necessary to pay adequate attention to the dimensions, i.e. the width and length. This must adapt perfectly to the mattress of the crib in which the baby will sleep. For its safety, the sheet must be neither too small nor too abundant. The folds of the fabric could cause even very serious accidents: it is, therefore, good to keep to the dimensions of the mattress in the cot.
  • Materials: The material for making the sheets must be natural, breathable, hypoallergenic, and soft yarn. Cotton is the ideal fabric because it fulfills all of the described requirements.
  • Resistance to washing: The bedding set for the crib comes in different colors, patterns, and have a lot of tenderness, but the main requirement is that it should have high washing resistance. The baby could soil the sheet more than once a day and changes will be very frequent. For this reason, the material of the sheet will have to withstand an innumerable series of washing in the washing machine, with detergent and disinfectant additives, spin cycles and possibly drying in the dryer.
  • Quality and certifications: The quality of the sheet fabric is a feature also guaranteed by the certifications. These are issued by independent organizations to producers who comply with the regulations in force on the use of eco-sustainable materials and procedures.

How Much Do Top-Rated Crib Bedding Sets Cost?

The price range of these products is quite varied and ranges from around $15 to $150. To buy a good quality set, it is not essential to incur a high cost; the classic middle ground of the mentioned price range where you can find affordable crib bedding sets is the most acceptable option. However, high-end crib bedding sets are a good choice for those who want luxury items that are more complete. They are made by reliable brands under strict compliance with safety standards certified by industry regulators.

Final Verdict

Buying a crib bedding set that matches the cradle theme and reflects personal tastes helps you relax in the few moments of rest between feedings. It helps the baby sleep better and arouse positive emotions. It helps the baby have a playful and fun atmosphere that reigns in the environment dedicated exclusively to him or her.

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