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Top Rated Cleo de Nile Dolls

Save $11.00No. 1
Monster High Cleo De Nile Fashion Doll with Blue Streaked Hair, Signature Look, Accessories & Pet Dog
  • ​School is back in session, and the Monster High ghouls are strutting the hallways in scream-tastic style.
  • ​Cleo De Nile doll wears a royally cool fashion featuring a blue and golden dress with mummy wrap-inspired sleeves and a scary-chic chain belt.
  • ​Gore-geous details include killer knee-high boots, a creepy-cool collar necklace, matching earrings and glam sunglasses.
  • ​Take Cleo De Nile doll's look to the next level with a freaky-fabulous fringe jacket and freaky-fab accessories, like a scarab beetle-studded pyramid backpack, burrito snack, beverage, smartphone...
  • ​Inspire spooktacular storytelling with her creepy-cute pet pup, Tut.
Save $14.60No. 2
Monster High Monster Ball Doll, Cleo De Nile in Party Dress with Themed Accessories Including Scepter & Cupcakes
  • Cleo De Nile doll arrives to the Monster Ball in royal style. She rocks a party lurk that is sure to make a statement on the dire Monster High dance floor.
  • This mummy’s scarably cool outfit radiates regal drama. Her brightly printed mini dress peeks out from the gathered folds of a glimmering black fabric overlay.
  • Cleo De Nile steps out of her sarcophagus like a queen with her eye of Horus handbag. It opens to fit her pyramid compact inside.
  • Her shimmery hair is pulled into a high pony, while pyramid earrings, a snake-inspired bracelet and platform heels complete her lurk.
  • Additional storytelling accessories make for a screamtastic soirée: a group selfie to remember the night, a scepter and tiara photo prop, and a three-tiered cupcake stand with a fork.
Save $22.11No. 3
Monster High Doll & Accessories, Cleo De Nile Golden Glam Case Beauty Kit with Tattoos, Stickers & Necklace for Kids
  • Ready to shrine. This Golden Glam Case includes a Monster High doll and mummified wear-and-share accessories like tattoos, highlighter and more.
  • Cleo De Nile doll shows off her top-of-the-pyramid style in a hieroglyph-printed dress paired with a scarably cool necklace and peep-toe heels.
  • The beauty kit comes with a matching kid-sized necklace, too. Its scarab pendant opens to reveal shimmer highlighter so that kids can add a touch of sparkle to their day.
  • Kids can customize their look with the included hieroglyph body tattoos. They’ll have so much fun rocking Cleo De Nile doll’s signature royal aesthetic.
  • Oh my Rah… the boo-tifully sculpted sarcophagus case is displayable in itself. Everything fits inside for easy storage and travel: the doll, her ornate handheld mirror, and all her beauty treasures.
No. 4
Monster High Doll and Fashion Set, Cleo De Nile with Dress-Up Locker and 19+ Surprises, Skulltimate Secrets,Black
  • Biteology class just ended at Monster High and it’s time for an after-ghoul outfit change! This Skulltimate Secrets Cleo De Nile doll comes with a creeperific locker and fashion surprises.
  • Can you creep a secret? Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.
  • After the fearsomely fun unboxing, the coffin-shaped locker doubles as both a storytelling device and storage container for Cleo De Nile doll and all her clothing and surprises.
  • Cleo De Nile looks regal with shimmery bangs and magestically mummified fashions that encourage mix-and-match play -- all catered to her unique royal scaritage!
  • From metallic fabrics and pyramid heels to a burrito wrap, Skulltimate Secrets comes with lots of pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them in creative ways for 125+ looks!
Save $4.00No. 5
Monster High Doll and Fashion Set, Cleo De Nile, Skulltimate Secrets: Fearidescent Series, Dress-Up Locker with 19+ Accessories, HNF76
  • Cleo De Nile doll and her fashion surprises shine with gore-geously glam, metallic details in this Fearidescent edition of Skulltimate Secrets! Open her locker for magestically mummified finds.
  • Can you creep a secret? Take the four keys and wash off their spooky black coating for a Color Reveal moment, then unlock all four matching compartments to discover hidden items stashed inside.
  • Once unboxed, use the coffin-shaped locker for screamtastic storytelling, as well as storing Cleo De Nile doll and all her clothing and accessories.
  • Cleo De Nile has shimmery golden makeup and hair streaks. Her regally chic fashions are catered to her unique mummy scaritage and encourage mix-and-match styling play!
  • From a furry stole and sleek turban to a handbag and jewelry, Skulltimate Secrets comes with 19+ pieces to spark imagination and style expression. Combine them for 125+ looks!
No. 6
Monster High Dolls, Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon Howliday Love Edition Collector 2-Pack with Valentine's Accessories
  • Reunited love never looked so good. Monster High presents creeproductions of Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon dolls in their original sculpts, courtesy of a deluxe Valentine’s Day two-pack.
  • Cleo De Nile doll is royally chic in a satin dress with asymmetric knit sleeves and a ruffled gold mesh hem. Stunning golden hardware at her bodice features two snakes who are smitten.
  • A bespoke purse features the same print as her dress, which is a skullette version of the devoted couple. Matching golden accessories -- a detailed headband and serpent heels -- polish her look.
  • Deuce Gorgon brings his sweetheart a spiderweb balloon for the morbidly romantic day. He looks dreadfully dapper in a shimmering scale-printed suit and signature tinted shades.
  • Oh, my creepy Valentine. Cleo De Nile gifts her boo a heart-shaped box of his favorite dark chocolates, while Deuce Gorgon offers her a rare monster flower from his mother’s garden.
No. 7
Mattel Monster High Haunt Couture Cleo De Nile Doll
  • The Monster High Haunt Couture collection features the original Monster High ghouls wearing hauntingly chic, runway-ready renditions of their iconic looks.
Save $7.10No. 8
Monster High Scare-adise Island Draculaura Doll with Swimsuit, Sarong and Beach Accessories Like Hat, Sunscreen, and Tote
  • It's time for a vamptastic vacation! Monster High Draculaura doll is ready to fang-out at the beach with a blood-chilling drink and SPF 500.
  • A faboolous getaway on Scare-adise Island calls for fangtastic fashions! Draculaura rocks a bat-ruffle bikini with a sheer sarong.
  • With her wide-brimmed hat, oversized shades and high-powered sunscreen, the sun doesn't stand a chance against this vampire!
  • Additional accessories like spiderweb earrings, a basket tote, tropical drink and strappy sandals add to styling and storytelling play.
  • Kids can collect all the Monster High Scare-adise Island dolls to inspire friendship storytelling and frightfully fab adventures in the Bermuda Triangle!
No. 9
Monster High Dance The Fright Away Cleo De Nile Doll
  • In the movie “Welcome to Monster High,” the students of Monster High unite to revel in the opening of the high school at the Dance the Fright Away celebration.
  • Cleo de Nile doll comes alive in a red dress with a trendy blue and golden wrap that mixes Egyptian prints; a snake detail necklace wraps the look together.
  • Golden and blue hairstreaks and matching gem makeup detail complete the dance party look.
  • Golden snake-decorated shoes are perfect for dancing the fright away.
  • A golden hieroglyph-inspired eye mask for the photo boo-th will make for some fierce party pics!
No. 10
Monster High Creepateria Cleo de Nile Doll
  • A fashionably fierce ghoul, Cleo de Nile doll dresses to see and be seen in the Creepateria.
  • She’s ready to do lunch in a colorful one-shoulder look has a scary cute sheer ruffle sleeve, scary cool straps and a Nile blue belt.
  • Her bowl of grapes and goblet fit on her golden coffin-shaped lunch tray.
  • Killer accessories include a pink necklace, blue triangle bangle, regal headpiece and Egyptian-inspired golden shoes.

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