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Top Rated Barbie Dolls

Save $2.36No. 1
Barbie The Movie Doll, Margot Robbie as, Collectible Doll Wearing Pink and White Gingham Dress with Daisy Chain Necklace
  • Take home a part of Barbie The Movie with this collector Barbie doll! Wearing a pink gingham dress, she’s all set to have the best day ever in Barbie Land.
  • Barbie doll models a vintage-inspired pink and white gingham dress with a matching belt and full, pleated skirt.
  • Her long blond hair is styled in a half-up do and tied with a pink ribbon, perfectly showing off her daisy drop earrings.
  • She looks just like film Barbie with her daisy chain necklace! An adorable pink bracelet and heart-adorned pink pumps complete her look.
  • This posable doll comes in a collectible Barbie The Movie box. Check out the whole collection for more fantastic ideas! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
No. 2
Barbie Inspiring Women Doll, Kristi Yamaguchi Collectible in 1992 Winter Olympics Costume, Sparkly Black and Gold Leotard and White Skates
  • This Barbie Inspiring Women doll honors Kristi Yamaguchi, an exceptional athlete who became the first Asian American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating.
  • Her Barbie doll sparkles in a black leotard with shimmering golden accents; it’s a stunning reproduction of the costume she wore when she won gold at the 1992 Winter Games, designed by Lauren...
  • She even wears a gold ribbon in her hair, just like she did during her iconic 1992 performance! Silvery earrings, a celebratory bouquet, and white skates complete her look.
  • In her post-skating career, Kristi has authored several best-selling children’s books and founded an early childhood literacy organization called Always Dream.
  • The Kristi Yamaguchi Barbie Inspiring Women doll comes in displayable box, making her a wonderful toy for children and collector’s alike to cherish for years to come.
No. 3
Barbie Signature Birthday Wishes Doll, Collectible in Satiny Lilac Dress with Wavy Brown Hair and Giftable Packaging
  • ​Make a wish upon a doll! This beautiful Barbie Birthday Wishes doll is an enchanting toy for a loved one on their special day.
  • ​Barbie doll wears a lilac satin dress with a dreamy floral print. Ruffled shoulder straps and a sky-blue ribbon at the waist add luxe detail to her bouquet-inspired look.
  • ​Pearly earrings pop against her wavy brown hair, while a bracelet and strappy blue heels complement her perfectly polished birthday ensemble.
  • ​Special occasion box not only features a sweet birthday wish from Barbie, but also customizable space to write a note to the recipient!
  • ​Explore the entire Barbie collection for more collectible dolls. Each sold separately, subject to availability.
No. 4
Barbie Pop Star Fashion Doll with Pink Hair & Brown Eyes, Iridescent Skirt & Microphone Accessory
  • Dream big with Barbie career dolls!
  • Barbie pop star doll is ready for the stage in an outfit that will help her shine -a sparkly silvery top, iridescent skirt, trendy purple shoes and long pink hair.
  • This musician doll can rock a performance with her microphone stand and removable microphone.
  • Barbie pop star doll makes a perfect gift for young music lovers and musicians.
  • Explore all the Barbie career dolls and playsets because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become (each sold separately, subject to availability).
No. 5
Barbie Soccer Fashion Doll with Brunette Ponytail, Colorful #16 Uniform, Cleats & Tall Socks, Soccer Ball
  • Celebrate one of kids' favorite sports with this Barbie soccer doll!
  • Barbie soccer doll (11.5 in) features a uniform inspired by a globally popular color scheme!
  • Ready to go for the goal, Barbie soccer doll sports a green shirt with red stripes, the number "16" and a team patch plus white shorts, cleats and tall green socks.
  • Barbie soccer doll also has a brunette ponytail and comes with a soccer ball accessory.
  • Makes a great gift for kids 3 years old and up, especially those interested in soccer, sports and fitness!
No. 6
Barbie Careers Doll & Playset, Teacher Theme with Blonde Fashion Doll, 1 Brunette Toddler Doll, Furniture & Accessories
  • Explore a world of learning fun with the Barbie Teacher playset!
  • Wearing an alphabet letter print dress with pink strappy shoes plus an adorable top-bun hairdo, Barbie teacher doll (blonde/11.5 in) is ready to teach!
  • Bring the storytelling to life with these accessories for learning fun: a flipping board that offers two lessons, a toddler desk, backpack, student sheet, scissors and a drink.
  • Barbie teacher doll has a laptop so she can help her students learn virtually, too! There's even a classroom pet turtle who comes in a clear, open container.
  • Makes a great gift for kids 3 years old and up, especially those interested in learning, creativity and fun!
No. 7
Hot Wheels Barbie RC SUV & Stickers, Can Hold & Store 2 Barbie Dolls & Accessories, Kid-Applied Stickers for Customization
  • Drive off in Barbie style with the Hot Wheels RC Barbie SUV!
  • Two Barbie dolls fit in the front seat and there's room in the truck bed to store all the necessary accessories for an epic road trip! (Barbie dolls and accessories sold separately.)
  • It includes a set of stickers for kids to customize the vehicle and make it their own.
  • The full-function remote-control SUV works indoors and outside and can reach speeds up to 5.3 mph!
  • Makes a great toy for Barbie and Hot Wheels fans who love toys that inspire creative storytelling.
No. 8
Barbie Totally Hair Doll, Star-Themed with 8.5-inch Fantasy Hair & 15 Styling Accessories (8 with Color-Change Feature)
  • The Barbie Totally Hair star-themed doll rocks her own hairstyle, hair texture and fashion look and is inspired by the best-selling doll that first debuted 30 years ago!
  • Barbie doll has 8.5 inches of extra-long playable hair and comes with 15+ additional pieces: 8 are color change hair clips, a comb, 1 set of hair ties, 2 scrunchies, metallic vest fashion, purse,...
  • Color-change clips come in 4 different colors and will change color with the heat of fingerskids will have fun with all the styling possibilities!
  • Featuring an original body shape, the star-themed doll comes with side-swept bangs as a nod to the original Barbie Totally Hair doll plus has beautiful purple and blue highlights.
  • Her dress features a star print with puffed sleeve detail.
Save $6.00No. 9
Barbie Fashionistas Doll & Playset, Ultimate Closet with Barbie Clothes (3 Outfits) & Fashion Accessories Including 6 Hangers
  • The Barbie Ultimate Closet playset includes Barbie doll, clothing and accessories and has style inside and out.
  • The closet has a purple exterior with a pink interior and is decorated with clear double doors for a glimpse into Barbie doll's wardrobe.
  • A fold-out rack is used to hang clothes and is handy for dress-up style changes. Six hangers are also included.
  • Barbie doll wears a striped dress and has two additional dresses to switch up her outfit.
  • Three pairs of shoes, two necklaces and two purses create different looks in an instant.
Save $3.00No. 10
Barbie Careers Doll & Playset, Baby Doctor Theme with Blonde Fashion Doll, 2 Baby Dolls, Furniture & Accessories
  • You can be a baby doctor with the Barbie Baby Doctor playset!
  • Includes baby doctor environment with Barbie Baby Doctor doll, 2 adorable baby doll patients and toy play pieces for examinations and caretaking.
  • Wearing light green 'scrubs,' and with a stethoscope around her neck, Barbie Baby Doctor doll is ready to take care of her baby doll patients. Barbie notes in her chart: the babies are doing great!
  • Toy play items include an examination table with lotion bottle and other accessories, overhead mobile and clear compartments for the 2 baby doll patients.
  • Explore a world of creative play and storytelling fun with the Barbie Baby Doctor Playset!

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