10 Best Baby Sorters Reviews and Buying Guide September of 2022

Best Baby Sorters Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Rated Baby Sorters

Save $1.02No. 1
Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks
  • Set of 10 colorful blocks to sort, stack and drop
  • All blocks fit inside bucket for storage
  • Easy-carry handle for take-along play
  • Introduces baby to colors and shapes
  • For babies ages 6 months and older
Save $6.25No. 2
LiKee Sensory Toys Shape Sorter Baby Blocks Colorful Textured Balls Sorting Games Montessori Learning Activity for Fine Motor Skills Early...
  • Keep Baby Occupied for Hours: It’s hard to keep the babies occupied for a while, but LiKee can help. Their hands can reach in and grab the toys inside and out them back, they will do it again and...
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills: Box is designed with “double bands” on 1 side, and “single band” on the other 4 sides, it can provide a difficulty level to help develop fine motor skills by sliding...
  • Sorting and Learning: As they get older, they can sort the shapes in the correct holes, good for learning shapes and early logic. It can start younger and grow with a child while using it for...
  • More Ways to Play: Blocks with a variety of textures, help stimulate the fingers for tactile exploration and sensory development. And they can be used in bath for more fun.
  • Makes a Great Gift: Their eyes will surely light up when this shape sorter comes home! They will have an absolute blast every time playing with it and love you for it. Perfect gift for infants, babies...
Save $5.00No. 3
Melissa & Doug K's Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter Baby Toy With 2-Sided Activity Bag and 9 Textured Shape Blocks
  • PADDED SHAPE-SORTER: The Take-Along Shape-Sorter is part of the K’s Kids line of early developmental toys. It includes a padded case with 2 activity sides, a take-along handle, and 9 textured blocks...
  • CRINKLY FLAPS: Our toddler shape-sorter toy includes crinkly flaps that have pictures of familiar items above and matching shapes beneath.
  • HELPS SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: This toy bag for travel helps babies and toddlers develop sensory, fine motor, and communication skills.
  • GIFT FOR KIDS 9 MONTHS AND UP: The Take-Along Shape-Sorter Toy makes a great gift for kids ages 9 months and up. Add the Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy to round out the enriching...
  • “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold...
No. 4
Fat Brain Toys Take-Along Shape Sorter Baby Toys & Gifts for Babies
  • CLASSIC EARLY-LEARNING, ON-THE-GO! Simple, timeless, educational fun for little ones
  • SLIDE THE SHAPES THROUGH THE SLOTS and - CLUNK! - Every match is met with playful satisfaction!
  • PERFECT FOR AGES 12 MONTHS AND UP; Made of high-quality wood materials; Chunky blocks, easy to grab
  • STRENGTHENS FINE MOTOR SKILLS, spatial reasoning; An ideal shape-learning experience
  • INCLUDES 12 COLORFUL BLOCKS; Features sturdy rope handle; Measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
No. 5
HOOLYUK Baby Shape Sorting Toy, Sensory Sorting Bin with Elastic Bands, Bands Colorful Shapes Sorter Sorting for Ages 12 Months and Up (12pcs)
  • 【Shape Sorter】Exquisite packaging box include 1 cube (7.08x 4.72x 4.72inches) with Contains 6 balls and 6 color block, Sturdy construction, premium craftsmanship, soft and elastic rope It's easy...
  • 【Develop Fine Hand Movements】The baby sensory toy has12 bright-colored, easy-to-grip shapes, The string around the box gives enough tension for kid to strengthen their fine motor skills, and...
  • 【Logical Training】Colorful design and cute patterns attract the attention of the kids. Frustration-free learning helps develop the spatial reasoning while having fun. Innovative, contemporary...
  • 【Stimulate Curiosity】The baby sensory toy is suitable for ages 10 months and up. With this toy, babies and toddlers can practice important developmental areas, including but not limited to motor...
  • 【Fun to Baby Gift】Baby will have tons of fun exploring each side of the Cuboid. Suitable for kids over 10 month to play, Give your little angels all the chances in life and kick-start their early...
Save $9.00No. 6
Green Toys Shape Sorter, Green/Blue
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings
  • English (Publication Language)
Save $5.00No. 7
GEMEM Shape Sorter Toy My First Wooden 12 Building Blocks Geometry Learning Matching Sorting Gifts Didactic Classic Toys for Toddlers Baby Kids 2 3...
  • SHAPE SORTER CUBE TOY: It comes with 12 shaped multiple color blocks. Bright colors and chunky size make it easy to little hands to grasp. As they drop into the shape sorting cube, fit the pieces in...
  • TIPS: It is not washable, please use wipe to clean and make it dry. Durable wood and non-toxic painted. The design of a big hole on the top of the cube instead of lid to protect kid's hand avoid...
  • BUILD GOOD MOTOR SKILLS: Put 12 different shapes in the correct 12 holes and put them out to exercise the child's observation and practical ability to promote hand-eye coordination so they can learn...
  • PERFECT GIFT TO PRESCHOOL CHILDREN: Our shape sorter cube allow child to stay focused for a long time, a good toy to your kids instead of playing computer games, travelling with our gift is also...
  • LOTS OF FUN TO TODDLERS: Little boys and girls will have tons of fun exploring each side of the cube. Comfortable string handle for easy carrying. This will help you to exercise your child's hands-on...
No. 8
Baby Sorter
  • Box with colors: for learning different colors. The child have to fill the cans with relevant colors. There are tips with color names for parents, to be said aloud when the kid is working with a...
  • Room with a box: for learning to discern different shapes, also introduces the child to the understanding of order. The kid has to put the toys in the box at their right places.
  • Pyramid: for learning to differentiate the shapes by size. The kid has to build the pyramid up in correct order.
  • Christmas tree: for learning shapes of objects, also introduces to the conception of beauty. The kid has to dress the Christmas tree with toys.
  • Numbers: helps to learn digits and count to 9. The child has to put the digits in relevant sections of the box.
Save $7.02No. 9
Sassy Sushi Sorter, Multi
  • Designed to look like a Jack, this baby Jack has tons of activity to discover
  • From about 6 months allow baby to engage with the sushi shapes. Baby will use their sense of touch to explore the textures and forms. Name the colors of each shape to baby. Repetition will help them...
  • As baby matures, help them line the sushi's up in a row. This activity is the first step in understanding principles of Engineering and building. Show baby that there are 2 of each shape, group the...
  • As baby becomes comfortable with discovering the properties of each shape, show them how to put the shapes into their corresponding holes in the top of the sorter.
  • Once baby has mastered this skill, demonstrate the color match. "Put the purple square sushi piece in the purple square" And so on. Make up your own games and have fun!
Save $1.00No. 10
Bright Starts Sweet Cupcakes Shape Sorter Toy for Infants​ 3 Months and up, Multicolor
  • Practice shapes and discover colors with pull-apart cupcakes
  • Easy to grasp and pull apart for shape matching fun
  • Cupcakes store in shape-matching pan
  • Infant toy for ages 3 months and up
  • Easy to wipe down and clean

Last update on 2022-09-30

Baby Sorters Buying Guide

Baby shape sorters are not only fun to play, but it has some educational value as well. It is an entertaining way to teach different shapes and colours to your child without them realising it. Each baby shape sorter is different from the other. If you need help picking the best baby shape sorter, you should read the guide below.

What is Baby Sorters?

Baby sorters is an early learning toy specially designed for babies and toddlers. It helps them to learn and identify different shapes and colours. To put it differently, it aids in the development of your baby’s motor skills.

Every kid loves to play with shape sorters. Parents should get it for their kids to improve their motor skills and problem-solving skills.

Shape sorters are ideal for both babies and toddlers. Besides learning, it will keep them occupied for extended hours. You can leave your child with shape sorters, especially when you don’t have the time to play with them.

But make sure that the baby sorters are safe for your kids. Avoid purchasing sorters that are too small as they can pose choking risks to kids.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Sorters?

First of all, baby sorters are versatile toys. These activity cubes are fun to play with and offer learning opportunities as well. With the help of these toys, you can teach your kids about different colours and shapes. It will help improve their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.

Shape sorters have been around for many years. They come in a pack consisting of a main sorter along with a set of shape pieces. Baby sorters are made colourful so that it looks appealing to small kids.

You will find different types of shape sorters. For example, some sorters are simple, while others are a little more complex. This is why you should choose sorters depending on your kid’s age.

A good quality shape sorter will be made of baby-safe materials. They will be designed in a way that is not harmful to kids. To ensure that you are purchasing the best baby sorter, you should check the material and size of the toy. Make sure that the shape pieces are large enough, so kids can’t swallow them.

Playing with shape sorters helps kids learn. It takes them several attempts before making the right move. This helps them to learn on their own. Once they start identifying the shapes, they will put the right shape piece in the right hole. It also improves their visual discrimination ability which enables them to associate different shapes with different objects around them.

Baby sorters are simple and versatile toys. But they play an important role in a child’s early development. This is why many parents get sorters for their kids. If you want your child to grow up smart, you should also get it for them.

How to Choose the Best Baby Sorters?

Choosing the best baby shape sorters can be a difficult thing. There are different types of sorters available. But you need to figure out which one is best for your child.

Shape sorters are colourful and fun to play with. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Baby sorters are not just mere toys, but they also serve as an important early learning tool. It helps improve a child’s motor skills and other important areas.

When buying baby sorters, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Type of shape sorter

Shape sorters for babies differ based on the material they are made with. The two most common materials used are plastic and wood. If you are buying plastic sorters, make sure that it is BPA-free. This ensures that the plastic is non-toxic for kids.

On the other hand, wood sorters are more durable and sustainable. Not just that, but it is also better for kids and the environment. Wooden sorters are also finished with chemical-free paint.

Sorters may also differ in terms of difficulty level. For example, sorters made for babies below 1-2 years are simple and easy. But sorters designed for older kids are a little more complex. So you need to consider these factors while getting the best sorter for your baby.

2. Shapes and colours

The purpose of shape sorters is to help kids learn and identify different shapes and colours. You can use them to teach your kids in a fun way so that they don’t get bored.

Most baby sorters are available in bright colours. This will help you to teach the names of colours and how they look. Teaching your little one about shapes and colours from an early age can be helpful. It is a foundational skill for math and literacy.

3. Age

When buying shape sorters you must also consider the age of your child. This is because shape sorters are designed according to age. There are easy sorters that are made for small kids, and then there are the complex ones for older kids.

If you give an easy sorter to an older kid, it will not be of much help to them. Check the label of the toy to see the age limit.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Baby Sorters?

There are certain important features that you must consider when buying baby sorters. To give you a better idea, we have explained the features below.

1. Safety

Your kid’s safety should be of utmost importance. Whenever you are buying baby toys, you must make sure that it is safe for them to play with. Manufacturers make toys considering the age of a child.

Always check the warning label on the package. Some shape sorting toys has small pieces which can be risky for kids. If you leave them unnoticed, they might end up swallowing it.

Besides that, you must also consider the material of the toy. Baby sorters are usually made of wood or plastic. While high-quality wood and plastic are safe for kids, cheaper ones can be harmful. Go for plastic sorters that are BPA-free.

You should also avoid buying shape sorters that have sharp corners or edges. If the toy is not made well, it can hurt your child.

The next important thing is the size of the shape pieces. Make sure that the shape pieces are big enough, so your kids can’t swallow them. Avoid buying the ones that are too small as it can be risky for your little one.

It is not always possible to keep a check on your baby. They tend to put small and colourful things in their mouth. Being careless with your kids can lead to serious consequences. This is why it is better to get big size sorters.

2. Durability

Whenever buying toys for kids, make sure it is made of durable materials. It should be able to withstand throwing, chewing, tossing, and rough usage. 

Wood sorters are considered to be more durable than their plastic counterpart. If you want a long-lasting shape sorter, you should opt for the wooden ones. However, you will also find durable plastic sorters. Those sorters are made of high-quality plastic.

3. Plastic vs wood sorters

The advantage of wood sorters is that they come in rectangular and cube boxes and often have more shapes than plastic sorters. Plus, wood sorters are finished with baby-safe paint.

On the other hand, plastic sorters come in containers with attached handles, so you can carry them conveniently. Not just that, but plastic sorters are lighter than wooden ones.

How Much Does Top-Rated Baby Sorters?

Baby sorters is a development toy for kids. They are not as expensive as other toys. Since it is an early learning toy, kids won’t use it once they grow up. So it’s better to get affordable baby sorters.

By affordable, we don’t mean cheap baby sorters. The problem with cheap sorters is that they are often made of poor quality and unsafe materials. So it’s better to avoid cheap quality shape sorters.

You will also find high-end baby sorters manufactured by big brands. Even though they are expensive, they are safe for kids to use.

Usually, everyone has a budget. So look for sorters that are both safe and budget-friendly. The average cost of baby sorters is $10 and it can go up to $25 or more.

Final Verdict

Baby sorters are one of the best kinds of toys you can get for your little one. It has an educational value, plus it keeps them occupied for an extended time. Playing with sorters will help your child learn and identify different shapes and colours.

These toys play an important role in the development of kids. It improves their motor skills as well as problem-solving skills. But make sure to get the best baby sorter. Look for sorters that are baby-safe, colourful, and fun to play with. Hopefully, you found this article helpful.

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