Top 10 Best Baby Nightstands Reviews of Dec 2022

Top Best Baby Nightstands

Top Pick Baby Nightstands

These are the best baby nightstands you can buy right now:

1. Sorbus Nightstand [3 Drawers] for Home and Office

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Every room needs a nightstand, including your child’s. A stylish and corporate one you can go for is this Sorbus Nightstand. It has space to house various things like diapers, baby clothes, beauty products as well as children’s storybook

It comes with three removable and foldable fabric drawers. The base of these drawers is reinforced to keep things from falling out. Opening and closing the drawers is as swift and quiet as possible. This nightstand comes with a wood top which can be used to display items such as lamps, books, alarm clocks, etc. It can also be used as a charging station. The drawers are housed in a strong steel frame which is lightweight but also durable. Storage is easy when not in use, these drawers can be fold flat.

Moms love the extra space this nightstand gives and its sturdiness. Many also mentioned how easy it is to put together, making no noise after being screwed together. This nightstand is lightweight and works for parents that are on a budget.

2. Sorbus Nightstand [7 Drawers] for Home, Office, and Dorm

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Extra space is always best. This nightstand has 7 fully functional drawers for storing different kinds of items from beauty products, baby clothes, toys, blankets to even books and electronics. Having this in your baby’s room will help keep everything in one place and make room for some more. It comes in a kid-friendly design that will fit in with almost any nursery color.

This stylish nightstand has 7 foldable soft fabric drawers with reinforced bases and they all come in different colors. They can easily be folded and stored when not in use. It is easy to open and close these drawers, making no noise when doing so. The MDF wood top is strong enough to hold things like lamps, books, electronics, alarm clocks, etc. Moving it to different spaces is quite easy as it is lightweight and portable.

Moms expressed that they liked how well this nightstand fits in their child’s room, mentioning how spacious it is. They also complimented the nice colors it comes in. The drawers are of excellent quality and are easy to clean.

3. Sorbus Nightstand [2 Drawers] for Nursery or kid’s room

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Looking for something portable and stylish for your child’s room? This nightstand is a great choice for you.  It comes with a middle shelf and two drawers for extra storage. These drawers can be used to store any of your baby’s stuff.

The top of the nightstand is made of wood which provides a hard surface and can be used for holding items such as lamps, books, eyeglasses, and many more. Its two drawers are quite stylish, made with soft fabric with a grommet handle. The handle aids the opening and closing of the drawers quietly. They can easily be folded when not in use or needs to be moved to another space in the room. It is very sturdy as the frame is made with strong steel.

Parents were able to put the nightstand together easily and loved this about the product. Many mentioned its multifunction capability and also how easy it is to move around the room due to its lightweight.

4. Sorbus Nightstand [2 Drawers] for bedroom

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If you want something that doubles as bedside furniture and nightstand, this portable Sorbus Nightstand is an excellent choice. It comes with just two drawers that can store your kid’s toys, diapers, towels, bedsheets, and more.

The nightstand is made with a strong steel frame to ensure it holds your items without falling apart. It also features a hardtop made with durable MDF wood. This can be used for displaying lamps, alarm clocks, and also to hold books, eyeglasses, and more. Its drawers are made with breathable fabric and the bases are also reinforced. The removable drawers can also be folded when they are not being used. With handles that make the drawers easy to open and close quietly. It is easy to relocate this nightstand to a different space due to its lightweight feature.

Many users said they love the design of this nightstand. They also mentioned that it is quite easy to put it together even without the instructions. It is a portable nightstand that helps save space and serve the purpose it is intended for.

5. WLIVE Nightstand [2 drawers] for bedroom

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Sometimes, all you need is a nightstand with just a few but very spacious drawers. This is exactly what this nightstand offers. It comes with 2 drawers that hold spaces for storing things like toiletries, blankets, baby clothes, underwear, toys, and many more. It is a quality and durable nightstand suitable for your kid.

This nightstand has a simple but elegant design. Featuring a steel frame to ensure the sturdiness of the product. Its wooden top is also waterproof, and can be used to hold items like your alarm clocks, electronics, lamps, and can also be used as a charging station. The drawers are made with fabric coupled with easy-pull handles for smooth opening and closing. They are removable and can be folded easily when not in use.

Moms find it easy assembling this nightstand. They also love the spacious drawers that can hold quite a number of things. It is also very sturdy.

6. Frenchi Furniture Magazine Table

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This Frenchi Table features an excellent oval design for its top and perfect legs to keep it sturdy. It can be used as a nightstand, especially for a kid’s nursery.

The table is made of engineered wood which makes it strong. Its top can be used to hold items like lamps, alarm clocks, house plants, books, eyeglasses, etc. Also, it has a magazine holder where you can keep your kid’s storybooks and other writing materials.

Most parents found it easy to put it together. They gave reviews on its sturdiness and loved the extra space it provides for storing magazines.

7. mDesign Night Stand & Storage Dresser

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This is another nightstand that blends well with the room with its appealing modern design. It comes with 2 removable drawers that are quite spacious and can be used in storing baby items, blankets, and more. The mDesign nightstand is made to help conserve space in your room.

Featuring a lightweight design, it is slim enough to fit in small places and still provides the adequate space you need to store things. The wood top can also be used to hold books, lamps, alarm clocks, home decor, and more things. It comes with adjustable plastic feet to avoid scratching. The drawers are removable and are made with breathable fabric. Its handles make it easy to open and close quietly. Ensure the drawers have the firm insert inside before putting in items, this is to provide additional support in the drawers.

Parents love the nightstand for its sturdiness. Many users comment on how easy it is to assemble. This nightstand will help you manage space while also ensuring you have enough room to store items.

8. BAMEOS Modern Nightstand 

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Here is a nightstand for you, if you love using environmentally friendly products. This nightstand has its surface made with MDF panel material and the legs made of bamboo. It is stylish and modern, with just enough space on the top to hold your home décor and lamp.

It has a very sturdy structure with its strong legs made of bamboo. The legs are made in such a way that it allows the nightstand to be steady on almost any surface. This table can be used as a nightstand, it can also be placed beside your sofa, couch, or in your office. It has an appealing modern design that catches the eye and also lightens the room. Assembly is very easy and can be done within 10 – 15 minutes. However, you need a Phillips screwdriver to do this.

Most parents love the simplicity of this table. It can be moved anywhere easily and can be used for more than one purpose.

9. mDesign Tall Dresser Storage Tower Stand

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This is another product that is sure to blend well with your home décor. It features a modern design with 4 drawers. With its multi-function feature, you can use it as dresser storage, or a nightstand.

Its drawers are well made and provide useful storage for baby’s toys, clothes, blankets, books, and many other things. They are made with breathable fabric materials that are easy to clean. Its handles also make it easy to open and close the drawers. The frame is made with quality strong steel to make it sturdy. Its wooden top can also be used to hold lamps, home décor, books, etc.

Customer reviews confirm that this is one of the most affordable nightstands in the market. Many moms love the product for the space it provides and also its very modern design. It is very easy to assemble.

10. Winsome Wooden Claire Nightstand

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Made of wood, featuring one drawer and a very sturdy structure, this makes a great nightstand. If you are looking for something simple for your child’s room, this is what you need.

The whole structure is made of solid and composite wood. This makes it quite strong and durable. Its surface can be used to hold lamps, books, alarm clocks, and even teddy bears. The drawer features a wooden knob that aids in opening and closing the drawer.

Parents love this portable nightstand for its price and quality. It can easily fit in a room and perform the function of which it is intended. Users gave reviews of its lightness and sturdiness.

What are Baby Nightstands?

A baby nightstand is used to place or store all the small objects that allow toddlers to have a good night’s sleep. These include a lamp or nightlight, handkerchief, glass of water, favorite figurines, etc. Making the right choice is therefore essential.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Nightstands?

When it comes time to create a large baby room (which is no longer a baby room), the question arises of choosing a bed, a chest of drawers, or a wardrobe. But we often forget to think seriously about the choice of a small yet essential piece of furniture: the baby nightstand. A good nightstand can make a difference between the ordinary and functional and esthetic baby room.

How to Choose the Best Baby Nightstands?

Discover the main criteria to help you with your choice.

  • Opt for a practical children’s nightstand: This small piece of furniture sometimes accommodates many objects. Bedside lamp, night light, alarm clock, a glass of water, book, stuffed animal… the list can go on. It is, therefore, necessary that the top is wide, and that the storage of the drawer or the niche below is sufficient. Beyond the storage volume, check that the height of the bedside is adapted to that of the bed. A bedside table that is too high or too low is not easily accessible by a child and thus loses its functionality.
  • Choose a nightstand according to the spirit of the room: Even if this small piece of furniture seems very discreet, its design must be in harmony with the furniture of the bedroom. A bedside whose style is offset from other furniture is likely to denote the atmosphere of the room.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Baby Nightstands?

A few features are essential during the decision making process. These include the:

  • Type and shape: A modern bedside table can take on many aspects. It’s up to you to determine which format is most likely to suit your bedroom and your needs. The followers of minimalism will be satisfied with a “table” in the strictest sense of the term, with a simple top-mounted on legs and without any planned storage. The presence of drawers most often forces you to choose a square or rectangular model, which also has the advantage of fitting well into one of the corners of the bed. But the creators have many other surprises in store for those who would like to think outside the box: you will be able to fall for a decorative bedside table in round or oval shape, or for a model drawing an arc of a circle.
  • Material: The wooden bedside table is a safe bet, which can suit a rustic style as well as a more ethnic and modern atmosphere, depending on the preferred species. Varieties such as solid teak or oiled oak are perfect for sleeping in peace. Beyond that, you will find an astonishing variety of materials to use for the baby room: the bedside tables in PVC or Mdf particleboard have for them a very reasonable price, while models incorporating tempered glass, metal, faux leather, or even bamboo allow you to set a unique style.
  • Dimensions: A common rule and common sense is that the height of the bedside table does not exceed that of the bed with its mattress. So, your baby will have no trouble grabbing an object in complete darkness. So choose large rectangular bedside tables only if you want to equip a 160 or 180 * 200 bed.

How Much Does a Top-Rated Baby Nightstand Cost?   

Classic and minimalist cheap baby nightstands are generally available for a price starting around $50. Affordable baby nightstands made of wood also have a starting price of around $70 and may go up as high as $400 for high-end baby nightstands.

Final Verdict

When choosing, linger a little on the material, design of the bedside, and the philosophy of the brand. More and more brands are opting for natural materials or wood from eco-managed forests. Others are not yet involved in this approach. Evaluate the available space. When you buy a piece of furniture, you take action. It’s the same for a child’s nightstand. This operation is all the more necessary when the chamber is small. A few inches more or less can change the balance and circulation of a coin.

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