10 Best Baby Learning Toys Reviews and Buying Guide Dec of 2022

Best Baby Learning Toys Reviews and Buying Guide

Top Rated Baby Learning Toys

Save $3.50No. 1
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Frustration Free Packaging), Green
  • Interact With Friends: Meet learning friends Turtle, Tiger and Monkey who will introduce the alphabet through more than 100 age-appropriate words chosen by learning experts
  • Learn Categories: This baby activity book includes word categories such as pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside and more
  • Learn Sounds: Touch the words on the pages to hear new vocabulary, sound effects, and fun facts; hear the two theme songs by pressing the light-up star button
  • Learn Languages: This highly engaging book for kids includes words, songs, and instructions heard in both English and Spanish to promote both language skills
  • Included Features: This toy is intended for ages 18 months and up; requires 2 AA batteries; included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use
Save $3.02No. 2
My First Library : Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids
  • Wonder House Books (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 220 Pages - 04/25/2018 (Publication Date) - Wonder House Books (Publisher)
Save $3.02No. 3
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby & Toddler Toy Smart Stages Puppy Interactive Plush Dog With Music And Lights For Ages 6+ Months
  • Snuggly plush toy that teaches over 100 first words with 75+ songs, sounds, tunes and phrases
  • Puppy’s hands, foot, ear, and light-up heart respond to baby’s touch (5 activations in all!)
  • 3 Smart Stages levels teach parts of the body, shapes, counting, the alphabet and more
  • Press and hold Puppy’s light-up heart to hear all his songs
  • For infants and toddlers ages 6-36 months
No. 4
Baby Toys Infant Crawling Crab: Tummy Time Toy Gifts 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Babies Boy Girl 3-6 6-12 Learning Crawl 9-12 12-18 Walking Toddler 36...
  • 🦀 Crawling Crab Baby Toy: It moving fast, skitters sideways like a real crab, and plays fun sounds and music and lights up. It has sensors that reverse its direction when it nears an obstacle.
  • 🦀 Baby Tummy Time Toys: 0 to 6 months baby love to watch the crab moving run around during tummy time! Great for infants to follow it and work on their neck muscles. Great toy to motivate kiddos...
  • 🦀 Helps Baby Crawl: Your 6 to 12 months little one will absolutely attracted by the way the crab crawls. The baby will try to crawl towards and catch it. Of course, because of the obstacle...
  • 🦀 A Huge Hit Crab: Not only does it entertain your little guy but also your pets. Older kids love it too. The whole family will be mesmerized by this delightful montessori toy crab. Fairly fun and...
  • 🦀 Personalized Gifts: The cute crawling crab is a unique gift for enhancing 0-3 6-12 months infant tummy time, encouraging 0-6 6 to 12 months baby crawl, helps 1 year old 12+ months todder walk,...
No. 5
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby to Toddler Toy Let's Connect Laptop Pretend Computer with Smart Stages for Ages 6+ Months
  • Pretend laptop computer activity toy with multi-color lights and 55+ songs, sounds and phrases
  • 3 Smart Stages learning levels teach the alphabet, colors, counting, greetings, and Spanish words
  • Number and letter keyboard buttons, screen slider, and roller help develop fine motor skills, plus mirror and light-up "touchpad" help foster baby's visual skills
  • Hinged screen folds like a real laptop for storage or take-along play
  • For infants and toddlers ages 6-36 months
No. 6
Aboosam Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months - Musical Learning Infant Toys 12-18 Months - Babies Ocean Rotating Light Up Toys for Toddlers 1 2 3+ Years Old Boys...
  • 360 Degree Rotation Baby Toys: The ocean rotating projector toy can play kinds of melody, and sea animals can rotate 360 degrees with colorful light, which build-up a wonderful undersea world...
  • Animal & Melody Sounds: The musical toys come with 7 animal sounds and 6 kinds of melody music. Those melodies can help develop the brains of babies 6 9 12 18 months. Toys with star shape buttons can...
  • Educational Infant Toys: The toys can roll across and down, two play ways. The crawling toys are equipped with changeable light and music, which can attract the baby's attention to follow crawling,...
  • Safety for Babies: This light-up toy is made of ABS material, BPA-Free. Its round edges and smooth surface keep your baby's hands and mouth away from hurt when they play with the toy. Suitable for...
  • Best Baby Gift: Each parent would like to purchase newborn toy for baby as an accompany gift. It is a great gift toy for 6-12 months babies, also a birthday toys for 1 2 year old. How impressive when...
Save $1.02No. 7
Fisher-Price Stacking Toy Baby's First Blocks Set of 10 Shapes for Sorting Play for Infants Ages 6+ Months
  • Set of 10 colorful blocks to sort, stack and drop
  • All blocks fit inside bucket for storage
  • Easy-carry handle for take-along play
  • Introduces baby to colors and shapes
  • For babies ages 6 months and older
No. 8
Fisher-Price Baby & Toddler Toy 2-Sided Steady Speed Panda Walker With Smart Stages Learning & Blocks For Ages 6+ Months
  • Interactive 2-sided walker that grows with baby from sitting to pulling up and walking all around
  • Walk from either side! Steady Speed wheels keep slower pace for beginner walkers
  • 3 Smart Stages learning levels with 100+ songs, sounds and phrases that teach the alphabet, counting and opposites
  • 10+ activities help keep baby busy, including friendly-faced panda steering wheel with light-up nose, ABC/123 buttons to press, 3 shape blocks to sort, and more
  • Helps develop fine and gross motor skills while introducing early academics for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years
No. 9
50 First Words Flashcards: Scholastic Early Learners (Flashcards)
  • Scholastic (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 26 Pages - 08/29/2017 (Publication Date) - Cartwheel Books (Publisher)
Save $14.99No. 10
Fisher-Price Baby & Toddler Learning Toy Dj Bouncin’ Beats With Music Lights & Bouncing Action For Ages 6+ Months
  • Interactive musical learning toy with a spring bottom for motorized bouncing action as babies play
  • 3 Smart Stages learning levels teach the alphabet, colors, counting 1-10, and opposites
  • Press the music and learning buttons for 75+ songs, sounds and phrases, multi-color lights and fun bouncing action
  • Press the mic button to record and play back with fun remix effects
  • Encourages babies and toddlers ages 9-36 months to dance, move, and bounce along

Last update on 2023-05-10

What Are Baby Learning Toys?

Baby learning toys are play items fashioned to encourage learning in babies. Research has shown that babies like playing and can learn a lot when learning incorporates play. Baby Learning toys help babies learn numbers, sounds, colors, and motor skills at various stages of development. For babies, playing and learning are intertwined and pivotal in brain development.

At the early stage of their life, babies enjoy learning that their actions cause some effects. They learn that shaking a rattle creates sound, and pushing a ball makes it roll. This discovery happens as kids play with the toys. The baby gets encouraged to continue with such actions, and they learn specific skills over time.

Why Should You Buy Baby Learning Toys?

You should consider introducing baby learning toys to your kids as early as three months. Babies can use their hands at this age and are excited to hold, grasp, and shake things. It’s beneficial to introduce light and small baby learning toys because they enable the babies to discover that their actions can make some changes in the surrounding. This realization encourages them to play on and develop concentration skills.

As the children progress, they can learn motor skills through toys. They like it when their senses get stimulated through puzzles and block toys. These baby learning toys ensure the hands and eyes are well-coordinated, thereby promoting sensory and motor skills. Baby learning toys encourage creative thinking that prepares your kids to be problem solvers. Toys such as puzzles require well-thought solutions while playing. Your kids get used to creative thinking to solve different puzzles. In the long run, your children become creative thinkers and problem solvers.

What Factors Should You Consider While Buying Baby Learning Toys?

We have seen that baby learning toys are a game-changer in your kid’s developmental journey. You have up your mind that you will buy some for your kids. How do you go about it? Well, you don’t have to rush. Take time to avoid costly blunders. You need to consider a few factors when buying baby learning toys for your young ones. As you start your journey to buying baby learning toys, you need to consider these factors to buy good baby learning toys that your kids will appreciate. Factors to consider:

1. Intelligence Level of Your Kid

You need to consider the Intelligence level of your kid as you buy baby learning toys. Intelligence refers to the mental capabilities of your kid. Babies of specific intelligence levels can only handle certain tasks, and they require specific baby learning toys based on what they can do. Therefore, the baby learning toys you buy should be the ones that your kid can play with productively. You don’t bring home number or puzzle learning toys for a kid who is only three months. It will not be helpful as kids of that level don’t like counting or solving puzzles.

2. The Desired Results

You ought to determine the desired results in buying baby learning toys. Every parent has a desired goal when buying baby learning toys for their kid. Some intend to have their children be quick in solving problems, others want their children to have concertation and become focused, and others want their children to learn sounds and music. These are varied desires indeed. The results you intend to have can be determined by your interests or that of the child.

If your kid shows interest in sounds, you can consider buying sound toys to nurture your kid’s interests. You could also be looking for toys that nurture concertation in your ever-restless kid. Go for baby learning toys that you think will bring the desired results in your kid. If you want your kid to gain development in several areas, you can go for the baby learning toys giving multiple sensory stimulations.

3. Developmental Journey Of Your Kid

Know that the developmental journey of your kid matters. Children keep growing and learning every day. Today, they could be learning motor skills, and after one year, they can learn more complicated skills. Therefore, the toys they use today may not be helpful after one year. You will have to buy others. Baby-leaning toys are not cheap to buy annually.

Therefore, it’s good to choose baby learning toys that your kids can grow with and use even at a later date. It will save you from buying baby learning toys that become irrelevant after a short period. Know what your kids need now and what they will need later so that you can buy toys that will serve them continuously.

You are now aware of the crucial factors you need to consider first when buying baby learning toys. The next step now focuses on the features of the products you intend to buy. Different baby learning toys have various features, which may be confusing, especially for first buyers.

What Features You Should Consider When Buying Baby Learning Toys?

There are several features in different baby learning toys, but not all features are a priority. Many people go wrong at this point, and we don’t want you to be one of them. We offer to guide you at this point so that you know what features you give priority to. Knowing what to look for enables you to pick quality baby learning toys without much struggle. Factors to consider are:

1. Color, Design, and Theme

Consider the Color, design, and theme of the baby learning toys you want to buy. Give priority to toys with several colors, designs, shapes, and patterns. Baby learning toys with various colors, patterns, art, and designs are known to induce stimulation in several parts of the brain, thus giving a holistic development in a child. This variety expands the imagination and creativity of the child.

If you choose baby learning toys without this diversity, some parts of the brain may not be well activated, making your kid lag in some areas of development. Colorful toys are also hard to misplace because of their conspicuous colors.

2. Adherence to Any Regal Requirement In Your Area

When buying baby learning toys, find out whether they adhere to any regal requirements in your area. Some governments, schools, and institutions may have laws that guide infant products’ manufacture, sale and use to ensure they are qualified and streamlined with the country’s educational policy.

It is essential to ask yourself whether such regulations exist in your area so that you buy baby learning toys approved in your area. Remember that your kid is preparing to go to school, and the foundation you build now is what the school will build on later. Therefore, ensure what your kid learns through toys is in line with education policy in your area.

3. Sturdiness Of The Baby Learning Toy

The Sturdiness of the baby learning toy you buy should not be assumed. Your child will spend most of their time with these toys subjected to pressures through knocking on the ground, banging on the walls and floor, and at times receive some bites. The baby learning toy you buy should thus be strong and resilient enough to ensure they continue serving your kid.

Going for baby learning toys that are fragile will only prompt you to go back to the shop after they get crushed by your kid in a matter of days. Different materials have different strengths and sturdiness. Chose that one you think will withstand your kid’s energy.

4. The Size of Baby Learning Toys

You should consider the size of the baby learning toys you select seriously. Children playing with these toys, like putting things into their mouths, will be tempted to swallow baby learning toys too small. Small baby learning toys can also get into the wind pipe causing air blockage. Such an occurrence can be a life-threatening experience we don’t want to imagine. We also don’t want your kid to keep misplacing learning toys that have a comparatively small size.

 Baby learning toys measuring 4 cm by 7 cm are hard to swallow and misplace, but they should not be too big or too heavy for the kid to lift. You now have a roadmap in your baby’s learning toys buying journey. This writeup prepares you to become a wise buyer who knows what they want and is not ready to compromise. You can get to the final step of paying for your chosen baby learning toys.

How Much Do Top-Rated Baby Learning Toys Cost?

There are many baby learning toys on the market which are cheap and affordable. However, even as you get concerned about affordability, consider the quality of the toys. The rating a product gets from users indicates its quality. High-end brands are top-rated have a higher price. You may pay $90 for the top-rated baby learning toy.

Final Verdict

Baby learning toys are essential play items you should consider buying for your kids. These playing items help your kids learn, starting as early as three months. Good learning toys help your kids develop motor and sensory skills, be more creative and imaginative, and nurture their interests and skills. The factors we have highlighted in this article are crucial when buying good baby learning toys to create a good foundation for your kids’ learning process. Heed to these guidelines so that you can pick the best baby learning toys that your kid will appreciate.

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