Top 10 Best Baby Easel

Top Best Baby Easel

Top Pick Baby Easel

Delta Children Kids Easel and Play Station – Ideal for...
  • Recommended for ages 3+; 3 in 1 design features toy storage, and an adjustable easel that retracts to reveal a...
  • Set includes: magnetic dry erase board, stool and large removable fabric toy bin; Features toy organizer on...
  • Assembled dimensions: 20 Inches W x 19.5 Inches D x 34.5 Inches H; Stool measures: 11 Inches H; Stool holds up...
  • Meets or exceeds all national safety standards and CPSC regulations; Easy assembly; Surface wipes clean easily

Last update on 2021-12-05

What are Baby Easel? 

A baby easel is an organized place of art where babies can express their artistic skills by learning how to paint and carry out other creative activities. Most easels come with a board which could be either a chalkboard or dry erase boards. The standard easel is accompanied by a paper roll as well as storage units for keeping painting tools.

An easel solves the problem of babies drawing on walls, furniture, doors, and windows. A good easel should be easy to use and with a solid build that keeps them from falling.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Easel?

When children start growing up, their artistic skills develop. Hence, they need to express their creativity and imagination. This is the reason they start drawing funny looking diagrams on walls, doors, and furniture. An easel allows them to express their creativity on a board. However, the best easels are those that provide safety to your kids. This means they should be sturdy, so they don’t fall when blown by the wind.

How to Choose the Best Baby Easel? 

Choosing a good baby easel goes beyond design. You need to prioritize your child’s age as well as safety when using the instrument.

  • Child’s Safety: A good baby easel should be rigid. They should neither swing nor wobble to the ground easily. Your kid might be hurt in the process. A good easel should come with a crossbar which provides extra stability.
  • The Baby’s Age: Go for easels that are perfect for your baby’s age range. What’s good for a 2-year old might not be perfect for a 4-year-old. You should examine the height and size of the board.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Baby Easel? 

A perfect easel isn’t an aesthetically pleasing one. Certain features make an easel the best fit for your kid, and we’ve outlined them below.

  • Paper roll and chalkboard design: Not all baby easels come with paper rolls. Those that don’t, feature dry erase surface or chalkboard, so the kid doesn’t have to deal with changing papers. We recommend those with a chalkboard and paper roll; this allows the kid to switch from one surface to another.
  • Less storage space: Consider where the easel will be installed. Stand-up easels occupy more space; the reason kids prefer tabletop easels since they can easily sit on a stool when they’re tired of standing.
  • Cross-bar for stability:  If your child intends to paint with his easels, go for those with a crossbar for extra stability. Those without are likely to swing when in use, giving your kid more trouble than he needs to handle.

How Much Do Top-Rated Baby Easel Cost? 

Baby easels aren’t expensive. Cheap easels with chalkboards and a decent width cost around $50. There are affordable options with improved features like adjustable heights and convertible legs which cost around $80. High-end baby easel that comes with premium features like double paper roll, dry ease board, storage space, and paint cups costs above $100.

Final Verdict 

When buying baby easels, it pays to consider the basic need of your child. Don’t get your baby the same easel as your neighbor’s child, especially if your child is younger. Properly examine the easel to ensure it’s stable on the ground before allowing your kid to use it. 

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