Top 10 Best Baby Dressers Reviews of Dec 2022

Top Best Baby Dressers

Top Pick Baby Dressers

These are the best baby dressers you can buy right now:

1. Sorbus Dresser with 7 Drawers

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You can give your home items a cozy landing spot with this seven-drawer dresser from Sorbus. The beautiful chest of drawers features a table surface and pull-out drawers for storing the clutter of the house. The thoughtful design is ideal for small living spaces and works just as well next to the bed or sofa. It’s designed to be used alone as a single unit or to be combined with any drawer configuration of the Sorbus collection.

With a streamlined design, the chest of drawers is portable and lightweight. The hardware as well as instructions on how to assemble it are included. The drawers include an integrated handle and are made of breathable and non-woven fabric which ensures a soft closing.

According to parents who have purchased the furniture, it’s a great addition to any bedroom, closet, hallway, and more for instant storage. In the nursery, this dresser keeps baby products, toys, and history books organized and within easy reach.

2. KOUSI Kid Clothes Storage Organizer with 8 Cubes

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The KOUSI dresser is a portable 8 cubic kids wardrobe storage cabinet. It is a cartoon color animal-themed model with closed doors. The cubes can be stacked or used separately. The closet provides plenty of extra space for all children’s clothes and belongings and is perfect for storing children’s seasonal clothes, like ski jackets and summer dresses.

With spacious storage, the wardrobe measures 42 x 14 x 56 inches. The storage organizer can be used as a cabinet for storing children’s clothes, toys, or shoes. It can also be used as a storage rack for CDs and folders. You can also use it as a bookcase in your kids’ living room or bedroom.

According to organization enthusiasts who have the wardrobe, it’s a free DIY, easy to assemble, and disassemble model. It’s easier to stack in no time with the detailed installation manual provided.

3. Seseno 7 Drawers Dresser

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The Seseno 7 Drawer Dresser is a furniture storage unit designed to be used in the closet, hallway, bedroom, and even in the office. It has a steel frame and a wooden top. The drawers are made of easy pull fabrics.

The fabric storage organizer has seven drawers in all and will fit, dimension-wise, your closets, bedrooms, or children’s playrooms. The sturdy steel frame and wooden top are designed with smooth finishes. The soft fabric drawers have easy-to-remove fabric handles. In addition, it has height-adjustable plastic feet to prevent swaying and damage to the floor.

According to customer rating, it is ideal for small spaces, is easy to assemble, very sturdy, and has optimal storage capacity. It is taller and wider than most baby dressers as it measures approximately 25 inches in length, 11.87 inches in width, and 28.75 inches in height. 

4. Sorbus Dresser with 5 Drawers

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The Sorbus Dresser has a wooden surface and up to five storage drawers. The wooden top provides a hard surface to display items such as lamps, books, alarm clocks, glasses, a charging station, etc. The drawers are perfect for storing your clothes, blankets, baby clothes, sheets, lingerie, handbags, socks, accessories, scarves, gadgets, toiletries, cosmetics, papers, knitting supplies cosmetics, toys, and household clutters.

The dresser can be used as a bedroom dresser, drawer dresser, storage cube dresser, small storage cabinet, sofa side table, living room dresser, children’s desk table, or even as a baby table. The drawers are removable and foldable. They are made of soft fabric as well as a reinforced base. The handle is easy to pull for quiet and quick opening and closing.

According to homeowners and parents, it’s suitable for the bedroom, guest room, living room, closet, hallway, children’s room, dormitory, and small apartments.

5. ROMOON 5 Drawer Dresser Organizer

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This is a multi-functional cabinet with five foldable fabric drawers include. It comes in two sizes to meet the varying storage needs of everyone. This fabric dresser is not only a closet organizer but also a great dresser for the bedroom, nurseries, playrooms, hallways, and more. It is ideal for small spaces such as condos, apartments, and dormitories.

Made of an environmentally friendly material and sturdy structure, it has a sturdy steel frame, with a cross support bar and added drawer support shelf. Hence, the dresser will not shake under full load. The fabric drawers are combined with an MDF panel with breathable fabric.

We found a lot of happy users who say it looks great and has an elegant design. According to them, there are various colors to match all styles of interior decoration. It’s trendy and has a simple design that saves a lot of space.

6. DaVinci Charlie 3-Drawer White Dresser

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You can take a look at the features of this product if you still don’t know which is the best baby dresser on the market. The model is made with solidly engineered New Zealand pine wood that is TSCA compliant. This guarantees its resistance over the long term. Natural, wood is suitable for children because it has the merit of not being harmful to their health. It’s also easy to maintain. Just wipe it clean.

It has a moderate dimension. It measures an overall size of 35 by 19.75 by 34 inches. This model is not bulky even for a small bedroom. In other words, you will have no trouble installing it. Thanks to its height, this product does not require you to bend your back while changing your baby or picking items from the drawers.

Many moms liked that you can easily change it from a dresser to a baby changing station. Many say it looks great, is easy to assemble, and that the piece of furniture can be paired with a toddler bed.

7. Delta Children Sutton Dresser with 3 Drawers and Changing Top

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This baby changing dresser from Delta Children is worth a try. It is quite compact in dimension and has a more streamlined design. It is made of premium quality metal and has a matching white design that leaves no one indifferent. It includes a changing top.

With its three drawers, this chest of drawers is a must for children’s furniture. In terms of security, the chest of drawers has protections at its edges. It is rectangular and weighs 92.4 pounds. It’s not as heavy as wooden dressers.

Online, a lot of parents comment about how sturdy, easy to assemble, durable, and valuable the dresser is. It is easy to put together and takes a few hours. Also, the drawers are deep.

8. Dream On Me Universal Dresser and Drawer Chest

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The Dream on Me Changing Table and Dresser is a beautiful children’s piece of furniture that matches any child’s room. The beautifully constructed changing table features a white finish and three drawers. The style is mid-century modern. Asides from white, it’s also available in five cool colors such as blush pink, cool grey, mint, lavender ice, and silver grey.

The dresser however doesn’t include functional and safety features such as the safety rail, changing mat, and restraint strap which you can find in the Marcus Changing Table from the same brand.

This changing table has three spacious, easily accessible drawers underneath. These can house your baby’s wardrobe and essentials for added convenience. Customer reviews show that the product is easy to assemble and is sturdy in construction.

9. Amazon Basics 4-Drawer Fabric Storage Organizer

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Made of plastic, engineered wood, and alloy steel, the four-drawer fabric dresser is made for use as wardrobes or dressers in bedrooms and playrooms.

It has a contemporary and minimalist look that blends in perfectly with many decorating styles. The product has a solid steel frame and laminated wood top. The lightweight and removable fabric drawers measure 16 x 11 x 8.3 each. It has easy-to-handle fabric handles. There are also height-adjustable plastic feet that guarantee perfect stability and prevent damage to the floor.

Despite its height, the dresser is light in weight. It measures just 14.52 pounds and can be easily carried. Users give rave reviews of its lightness, ease of assembly, and sturdiness.

10. Delta Children Ava Dresser With 3 Drawers and Changing Top

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Very practical, the Delta Children Dresser has a changing top that is designed for the changing mat to have a place without shifting or sliding. Asides from this, you you can use the top as a shelf on which you can place decorative objects.

The 3-drawer dresser doesn’t come with a changing mat. With a height of 38.5 inches, this model allows you to easily change your little one without bending the back. Thanks to the edge protectors, you will no longer be afraid of possible mat slips and falls of the child. For more protection, this model is also made of wood. The risks of allergy are therefore eliminated because it is in no way harmful for use in the room of a young child.

Most parents like the usage and safety functionality of the dresser. With a  dimension of 36.50 inches in width, 38.50 inches in height, and 20.5 inches in depth, it’s not imposing in the playroom or children’s bedroom.

Baby Dressers to Organize Your Baby’s Soft Dresses

The right baby dresser will help with organizing the tiny dresses of your baby. What more do you know about this furniture for babies? Read on to learn more:

What are Baby Dressers?

A baby dresser is a piece of furniture with many drawers to store the dresses and other stuff of baby. As this furniture comes in different colors and materials, you can choose one to match the other interiors in your baby’s room. This furniture is available in different sizes to meet the requirements of parents. Also, baby dressers can be used until your baby becomes a grown-up kid as well.

Why Should You Buy A Good Baby Dresser?

A good baby dresser will stay with your baby for a long. Of course, initially, you can store many dresses. On the other hand, once your baby grows, you can store a few dresses as compared to the small dresses of babies. It will help with safeguarding your baby’s dressers from infection-causing pathogens present outside.

How to Choose the Best Baby Dresser?

When buying a baby dresser, you should consider the following things to make sure that it turns out to be the best:

  • Pay attention to the drawer glides: When you intend to buy the best baby dresser, you should be particular about the glides. The glides should move with ease and it should not be noisy and smooth. Some models come with tracks on both sides for smooth gliding. Also, the glides should be of good quality to withstand even harsh uses. When the glides are ball-bearing glides, it will ensure safe and easy operation.
  • Do you need a corner dresser? Do you have space constraints? If so, you should go for a baby dresser that will fit into the corner with ease. It will help you save floor space in your home to a great extent.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying A Baby Dresser?

When you in the verge of selecting a baby dresser, you can consider the presence of the features mentioned below:

  • Changing station: When the baby dresser has a changing station on the top, it will be easy for you to quickly grab a dress from the dresser and change it for the baby.
  • Glide and stop mechanism for drawers: It is better to make sure that the baby dresser that you intend to shop for has the gliding and stopping mechanism. This will ensure that there will not be any accidental hurting of fingers. Even, you might think that you are going to handle the dresser. But, just in case you are in a hurry, you can safely close the drawer without hurting the fingers.
  • Secured to the wall: It is better to check whether the baby dresser will stay close to the wall. To ensure this, some dressers come with an anti-tip kit for securing the dresser to the wall.

How Much Does A Top-Rated Baby Dresser Cost?

An affordable baby dresser will cost you around $145, while a high-end baby dresser will cost you around $2500. Yes, this huge cost is because of the features and material used in making these high-end models. So, be it a high-end or cheap baby dresser, you can get your requirement met. The average cost will be around $650.

Final Verdict

Baby dressers are among the pieces of furniture that every family with small babies should have. It will help with safely organize the baby’s costume and other things like wipes, diapers, etc. So, make sure to make the right shopping. Even, nowadays, you can find dressers made using a material with anti-bacterial and fungal coating to ensure double safety to your little one.

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