10 Best Baby Dolls for Girls Reviews and Guide Dec of 2022

Best Baby Dolls for Girls Reviews and Guide

Top Rated Baby Dolls for Girls

No. 1
Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy Bruny - 12" Baby Doll | Pink and Purple Shirt with Dragon Themed Hoodie and Baby Pink Pants with Metallic Details
  • She cries real tears when you remove her pacifier! Put her paci back in her mouth or lay her down to get her to stop crying!
  • She has rooted hair, sparkling eyes and wears a super cute trendy outfit.
  • She makes 10 realistic baby sounds!
  • Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy doll comes with a changeable adorable outfit, a paid of shoes and a matching pacifier!
  • Kids will enjoy taking care of their Cry Babies doll and dressing them up!
No. 2
Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll, 22 inch Weighted Baby Girl, Lifelike Reborn Toddler Doll, Christmas Reborn Gift Set
  • LIFELIKE:She has hand set eyes & eyelashes and realistic wig hair,hand painted details,wrinkled little fingers,3/4 movable vinyl arms and legs allow you to sit her in many poses.
  • SIZE:22 inches from head to toe,with soft cotton cloth weighted body for a real baby feel,newborn infant clothes is suit for her.
  • APPLICATION:Birthday present, Christmas gift, Preschool activity, Home activity, Role play, Nurturing play,Doll collection.
  • SAFETY:Conform to or exceed the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+, which is safe to your children.
  • PACKAGE: Reborn doll*1,Suit*1,Panda ring rattle*1,Pacifier*1,Feeding bottle*1,Birth certificate*1,Gift box*1.
No. 3
Little Darling Talking Baby (3114), 12” Soft body baby doll, 6 different baby sounds. Age 1+
  • Talking Baby is one of Little Darling’s must have baby dolls for 1 year olds +
  • 13 inches from head to toe
  • Her cute baby doll outfit includes a matching cap
  • Talking Baby will say 6 different baby sounds when you press her chest
  • Little Darlings Babies are 100% Safety Tested & Made with Absolute Love
No. 4
New Adventures Baby Magic 12" Crib Time Fun Baby Arican American (6697), 2+
  • Suitable for ages 2+ Baby doll is lavendar scented
  • Includes 3-LR44 Batteries
  • Squeeze right hand of baby doll to hear 6 fun baby phrases
  • Includes 12" baby doll with sound, blanket, baby bottle, play bottle, BONUS outfit & plastic crib
  • Doll is surface washable
Save $7.36No. 5
Glitter Girls Lacy 14 Inch Doll Wearing Pink Tunic, Striped Leggings, Hair Bow And Ballet Shoes - Dolls For 3+ Year Old Girls
  • [INTRODUCING LACY]: Lacy loves sparkles, stars, and unicorns! She has bright purple eyes and a bow in her long, blonde hair styled with a twist.
  • [POSABLE DOLL]: Lacy has bendable arms and legs making it easy for her to sit on her horse, ride her scooter and drive her car! Her fully posable body makes playtime extra exciting and imaginative.
  • [INCLUDES]: Included with this posable doll are a pink graphic tunic, striped leggings, sparkly bow, and pink glitter shoes.
  • [MIX & MATCH OUTFITS]: When you collect other Glitter Girls outfits and accessories, pick which look Lacy will wear for the day! With the easy open closures, your child will have no trouble dressing...
  • [MADE RESPONSIBLY]: Made from solid plastic, which is durable, easy to clean, and certified-free from BPA, phthalate, and lead.
Save $17.00No. 6
CARANOVO Reborn Baby Dolls - 18 inch Realistic Newborn Baby Doll Girls, Real Life Baby Doll with Weighted Soft Body, Cute Lifelike Baby Sleeping Doll,...
  • Here's the Reborn Baby Doll You Want: She's the lifelike newborn baby doll you were looking for, She was just born and still sleeping with her eyes closed, She needs your careful care. The soft body...
  • Stunningly Realistic Design:If you don't look closely, you can't even tell if she's a real baby or a fake doll, with realistic pastel paint on the body, lifelike eyelashes, and folds at the joints...
  • Suitable Size & Excellent Quality: She has an 18 inch lifelike body, her head, all of her legs and 3/4 of her arms are made of full vinyl. The rest of the body is filled with soft cotton, so you can...
  • A Heartwarming Gift:No matter what age you are, you can have her and she can be your kid's playmate, a toy for you to pass the time, and a companion for your parents when you're away. her...
  • What You Get:Newborn Baby doll*1, Clothes as pictured*1, Feeding bottle*1, Magnetic pacifier*1, Birth certificate*1, Gift Box*1
No. 7
Ecore Fun 10 Inch Newborn Reborn Baby Doll and Clothes Set Washable Realistic Silicone Baby Dolls with Cute Sunflower Jumpsuit Clothes-Best Gift for...
  • Size: 10 inch newborn baby doll with cute sunflower jumpsuit and hat. Perfect size for 1-8 years old kid.
  • Realistic Baby Doll: Pink lovely mouth, hand applied eyes & eylashes, flexible sunflower painted clothes, hand painted fingertips & toe. Looks truly realistic, Newborn lifelike from her delicate face...
  • Premium quality: Made from non-scented and washable vinyl, soft and smooth. Wipe it down with a damp cloth if doll gets dirty. The doll clothes also can be washed by washing machine or hand, it will...
  • An ideal gift: Perfect as a Xmas gift, Birthday gift, New Year gift, party favor and other holiday gift for your kids. Helpful to create a world of fun, imagination and creativity for all children.
  • Note: We concerned your purchase experience and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.If you have any question and advice, please click your order page or go to the EC2TOY store homepage, click "ask...
Save $18.43No. 8
MGA'S Glitter Babyz™ Marina Finley Baby Doll with 3 Magical Color Changes, Pink Glitter Hair, Mermaid Squad Outfit, Diaper, Bottle, Pacifier...
  • SPARKLY BABY DOLL: Follow the sparkle into the sunset, take a left at the moon and you’ll discover the magical world of Glitter Babyz. Glitter Babyz are glittering, beautiful, magical babies that...
  • MERMAID SQUAD BABY DOLL: Each baby has a unique personality expressed in their style. Marina Finley has bubbles & seashells in her eyes and on her bottles and pacifier, and ‘mermaid squad’ on her...
  • 3 MAGICAL COLOR CHANGES: (1) Her hair color changes over and over again, when you give her a bath (bathtub sold separately); (2) The magical shampoo bottle changes color each time you add ice cold...
  • SO MANY WAYS TO NURTURE: Show them all your tender loving care to keep their magic alive and sparkling. Feed her a bottle, change her diaper, give her a bath (bathtub sold separately) and then lay her...
  • NCLUDES: Removable T-shirt, reusable diaper, pacifier, magical color changing juice bottle, magical color changing shampoo bottle, sparkly baby with color changing hair.
No. 9
Lissi 16" Interactive Baby Doll with Accessories, 16 inches , Pink
  • Doll measures 15.75 x 9.84 x 4.75 inches
  • Doll comes dressed in pink pajama set.
  • Includes bottle and pacifier.
  • 3 piece set.
  • For Ages 2 and up
Save $3.70No. 10
Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Dinos Stella- 9" Baby Dolls, Cries Real Tears, Dinosaur Metallic Themed Pajamas
  • Stella is dressed in a cute metallic dino themed pajamas!
  • Each doll is over 9 inches tall with a super soft cuddly body with a dinosaur themed pajamas with metallic finishes! Soft body makes them super light weight and perfect to take on the go!
  • Collect all 5 different dino characters to collect - Phoebe, Tina, Stella, Tilo and Mia!
  • Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles cries real tears! Add water and press their head to watch them cry!
  • The softest version of all the Cry Babies making them extra cuddly!

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Baby Dolls for Girls Buying Guide

Baby dolls for girls are dolls meant to be toys for little girls. They usually have soft bodies and have options of wearing many different outfits and accessories. Sometimes baby dolls for girls can come in the form of stuffed animals or even figurines that resemble humans but are still dolls. Baby dolls For girls also have a variety of different types. There are Asian, African, Caucasian, and Latin baby dolls for girls.

The African dolls are usually the ones that are made from cloth. The Asian baby dolls have vinyl material, and the Caucasian baby dolls for girls are made of plastic. Latin baby dolls for girls tend to be the most popular among them. They are great for portraying a variety of ethnicities but can also be used as an excellent tool for creating and developing character. 

Buying a good baby doll for your girls is a way of helping them understand both the physical and mental parts of motherhood. The right purchase will help your daughter become more attached to her children and help increase the bond between you. It can also give your daughter some time away from her real baby and teach her that being a mom is hard work and rewarding.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Dolls For Girls?

Baby dolls benefit girls of all ages and encourage them to play, such as role-playing and teaching them lessons. Baby dolls are great for little girls who have a hard time talking because they are used to help teach speech. It also helps with their attachment process of seeing the doll, allowing them to understand more about themselves. Plus, girls tend to lose their imaginations and become more creative when playing with their dolls, which helps with the way they approach learning new things in school.

Most importantly, little girls can easily take care of baby dolls. Baby dolls can be used in the same way as a real baby and encourage the children to feed, bathe, dress up and care for them. They are also good aids in the teaching of first aid. A Baby Doll is an excellent toy to buy your daughter. It also helps her to develop confidence and social skills.

How to Choose the Best Baby Dolls For Girls

Choosing the best baby doll for girls is hard at times due to its wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, prices, and types. To help you decide which doll is perfect for your child, know the factors that should be considered when choosing the best baby doll for your girl. Many different factors should be considered when deciding which baby dolls are the best for your daughter. These factors include:

1. Appearance

It’s important to consider the appearance of the baby doll when choosing the best one for your daughter. Make sure the doll has realistic features and is well-made. As your daughter gets older, she may want a baby doll with more mature features; you should be able to find a variety of dolls with different faces and skin tones at most toy stores.

Also,  choosing the appearance of the baby doll for your daughter, it’s important to consider what clothes and accessories she will need. Some dolls have various clothing options, while others only have one or two special outfits. Most dolls are dressed in either a tee shirt and diaper or a nightgown or pajamas. It is important to remember that many accessories are available for baby dolls, including bottles, pacifiers, blankets, and shoes.

2. Age

Your daughter’s age is also essential when choosing which baby doll to buy. Some dolls are recommended for babies only, while others have parts that adults can use. Most baby dolls are recommended for children ages 3 to 6; however, you should consider your child’s size when selecting the best baby doll. The smaller your child is when they receive a new doll, the younger they may need a smaller doll later on.

The size of the doll is essential because you want your daughter to be able to hold the doll easily. If the doll is too small, very young children will have trouble grasping it, but if the doll is too large, it won’t be as easy for them to carry around. Dolls around 12 inches tall are the ideal size for small children.

3. Your child’s preferences and interests

Your child’s preferences and interests are critical when buying a baby doll. Your child will decide what is best for her. Some children like dolls with realistic features, while others prefer ones with cutesy features. Therefore involve your daughter and let her pick her doll.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Baby Dolls for Girl?

Before buying a baby doll for your girls, it’s also essential to know some of the features to look out for. These features will depend on what you’re looking for and your budget. The features of a baby doll will make it the perfect companion for your daughter. Consider these features when you buy your daughter’s first baby doll.

1. The type and size of the body doll

The type and size of the body doll you buy depend on several factors. The first thing to consider is whether it’ll be a baby doll for girls or boys.  In the latter case, you can choose between boy and girl dolls.  However, if it’s a baby doll for girls, you should buy one that is not too big or too small. It should also be composed of cloth to provide ample playtime.

An essential aspect of the body is its weight. The weight of the doll should vary according to its size. For example, a larger doll will be heavier than a smaller one.  However, you need to note that some manufacturers produce baby dolls that are very light in weight despite their larger size. This is so that they can provide better playability.

When buying a doll for your child, it’s crucial to consider their capabilities, especially when carrying it around. When children are young, they will be unable to carry heavy dolls around easily. Baby dolls weighing ten pounds or more are fully functional dolls. They sit in a highchair and fit into car seats. However, before buying one of these dolls for your child, make sure that your child can carry it around easily.

2. The outfit

The outfit should be able to complement your daughter’s look and personality. You can buy a baby doll with typical attire, such as diapers, hats, and shoes. As your daughter grows up, she may want to use the doll to model her dresses. In this case, you should opt for one that has clothes that are easy to remove and put on. Also, it is a good idea to check that the outfit is durable, as this will make it possible for your daughter to use the doll with ease.

3. The skin tone of the doll

Depending on the manufacturer, the doll’s skin tone can be in different colors. However, it would be best to choose a skin tone that you like that fits your daughter’s. Some children prefer light skin, and others may have a preference for dark skin. However, you are advised to follow your child’s wish.

There are also baby doll dolls that come in different skin tones. Choosing a doll with a different skin tone will allow your daughter to have fun with various outfits and have the doll portray other characters.

How Much Do Top-Rated Baby Dolls for Girls Cost?

The average cost for a top-rated baby doll for girls is about $18, making it affordable to most parents. If you are looking for low-cost baby dolls, you can get them at various price ranges. But if your budget is tight, then the best way to get the most affordable yet high-quality baby dolls is to buy from a local wholesaler or find a cheap online retailer. In the high-end baby dolls category, a top-rated baby doll for girls can cost you more than $100.


In conclusion, baby dolls for girls are an excellent gift for little girls to play with, which is also one of the best ways to teach little girls about motherhood. Remember that all baby dolls are not equally created, and it is worth spending some time researching which baby doll you want to buy your daughter before you purchase. The doll’s weight depends on its size, but you also have to consider if it’s a boy or girl doll as boys tend to be heavier. Therefore, when buying a baby doll for girls, you need to choose a lightweight doll.

Whatever you decide on, please keep all of them in check. The baby doll is an excellent way for girls to bond with their mothers and learn primary care. We hope this buying guide has helped you find the best baby dolls for girls and that your daughter will love playing with her new baby doll for many years.

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