Top 10 Best Baby Changing Toppers Reviews of Dec 2022

Top Best Baby Changing Toppers

Top Pick Baby Changing Toppers

These are the best baby changing toppers you can buy right now:

1. Storkcraft 03663-101 Brookside Changing Table Chest with 2 Drawers

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The Stork Craft furniture is a bedroom dresser with three drawers made of wood and composite materials for kids. It’s recommended for use in nursery and toddler rooms. It has a beautiful design as it is timeless in design. It will therefore bring your kids’ nursery rooms elegance.

The dresser and changing topper is easy to assemble and has an elegant design and practical function. The metal handles give it a safe and stylish look, giving the chest a modern flare.

The spacious drawers can fit clothes, toys, and accessories to keep your kids’ room organized and clean. While a few parents commented that it took them three hours to assemble the furniture, many others rave about how easy to put together it is.

2. LA Baby P-3400-32Q 30″ 4 Sided Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad

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The LA Baby P-3400-32Q changing topper is a 4 sided diaper changing pad that measures 30 inches. Because it is waterproof, it is easy to clean. It has a quilted cover, a non-slip bottom, a safety strap and is ideal for all standard sizes of changing tables.

Made in the United States, the pad is safe to use and fits most types of changing tables as it measures 30 inches x 16 inches x 4 inches. It has four high sides that cocoon your baby, keeping him or her sage in the pad. The quilted cover isn’t just waterproof, it is free from phthalates, toxins, and is non-allergenic. It is therefore easy to clean with water and soap and can resist stain.

These qualities are confirmed by nursing moms who have the changing pad. They say it is lightweight, comfortable to use, easy to clean, soft, durable, and giftable.

3. Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress

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The Graco premium baby changing pad includes a buckle cover that is ultra-soft and water-resistant for premium comfort. For the safety of your baby, it has a safety belt as well as a no-skid bottom that fits most standard changing toppers.

The Graco pad has been designed to provide maximum stability. It makes sure it doesn’t budge from where it sits while effectively holding your baby in place. This is done thanks in part to its raised contour which restricts the lateral movements of the child. It is also equipped with a seat belt to prevent it from getting up or turning. Like most models with a belt, it is a plastic clip that makes the connection. However, it is covered with soft protection, protecting the fragile skin of your baby.

According to several moms online, it exceeded their expectations. It’s exactly as described, won’t slip, and keeps the baby in place. It is also quite easy to clean. The clip connects easily and does not irritate the baby. It is recommended to all parents.

4. Delta Children Changing Kit

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The Delta Children Changing Kit is a simple wooden topper that can be easily placed on a standard-sized changing table and lay your baby in and change him or her. This has no padding, underlay, or strap. Meanwhile, a changing pad is sold for this type of kit which you can purchase separately.

The kit is finished with Bianca white and will fit with most changing tables. It is easy to assemble, fits any stuffy dresser too with up to 35.5 by 17.25 inches.  When assembled, the dimensions are 36.25 by 18 by 5.5 inches. It can therefore be used on bigger dressers than that.

According to users, it is slightly longer and easy to assemble. While a few think it could be cheaper and that it is cheaply made, others say it is a real space and money saver.

5. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing Pad

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You can turn your dresser into a comfortable changing table with this wide changing tray. This changing tray differs from the Delta Children model above as it has two compartments; one for placing and changing your baby in and the other for holding other changing accessories such as the diapers.

This model has a universal fit. It can convert your standard double dresser and tabletop to a good baby changing area. The tray has two small compartments but also safety brackets. The structure is made of New Zealand pinewood as well as an MDF material that is TSCA compliant.

Additionally, it’s safe from lead and phthalates and has no toxic painting. Most customers describe it as a nice changing tray that fits most standard dressers and changing tables.

6. DaVinci Universal Removable Changing Tray

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The DaVinci removable changing tray is designed in espresso and skate colors. The espresso model is more expensive and is the most elegant of the two. It is a broad changing tray with no compartment like the previous model. The tray is designed by DaVinci Baby, one of the best brands with the widest selections of GREENGUARD Gold-certified cots on the market.

The DaVinci changing tray also has a safety bracket to attach your dresser top included. The inner tray measures around 31.875 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 3 inches high. It fits changing pads with a size of 31 x 16 inches, which are sold separately.

The tray is designed to complement the 3-person dresser DaVinci Kalani Drawers which are sold separately. According to moms and dads who have the tray, it is sturdy, easy to assemble, and fits perfectly on a dresser.

7. Summer 92040Z 4 Sided Contour Changing Pad

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The Summer changing pad is ideal for the home, no matter where you drop it. Its dimensions allow it to adapt to most dressers or changing tables. It has a security strap on one of its longer sides. This keeps everything in place and stabilizes it. The bands are also present under the pad to make it non-slip. Several people, however, noted that they were not the most effective. They are rather practical against weak movements.

This model is intended to be comfortable for your baby. It is made of a 100% waterproof material. Much of it is vinyl. This, therefore, provides softness for the skin. Plus, it’s ideal for kids who wriggle a lot when it comes time to change their diapers. It is equipped with a safety strap to keep it in place as well as contoured sides to prevent it from leaving the mattress.

Beautiful and deep, its raised sides keep the baby safe, according to moms online. A few of them also said it’s just big enough for the dresser. It is completely white and washes easily. Its strap allows you to attach the baby when you need to get away from him.

8. Baby Changing Basket with Foam Pad

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The Diaper Baby changing basket is a new take on the changing table. Original and timeless, the changing basket is a unique creation that you will love. To change your baby from birth or to wash him, the Moses basket will perfectly welcome him.

For its comfort, the set also included an oval changing mat. It’s a changing basket like no other for the happiness of your baby and parents. Later, the wicker basket can be turned into a storage basket for your child’s toys and stuffed animals. Very beautiful, the changing basket will bring softness and a touch of nature to the children’s room. It is certified by the CPFA for safety

The changing basket is much loved by parents that love comfortable babies. It is comfortable to handle and use, thanks to the handles. The product is also natural, decorative, and classic.  

9. Bluesnail Super Soft and Comfy Changing Pad Cover 

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Would you like a space dedicated to changing your baby’s diapers? Whether you have a changing table or a simple dresser in the newborn’s room, it is possible to fit a pad such as the Super Soft and Comfy pad, which will stay in place for as long as you want.

This is a two side changing pad that is made of bamboo, a material that is safe for use for babies. While the Bluesnail pad may be more slip-resistant, it can stay in place when you secure it to furniture.

Most parents like that it is easily washable in the machine. It is safe for your baby and very easy to clean when the baby gets it dirty. It is therefore the ideal model for the home.

10. INFANS Portable Baby Diaper Table and Changing Station

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The Infans baby diaper furniture is a changing table made of waterproof, healthy and environmentally friendly Oxford cloth. It is wear-resistant, dirt-proof, tear-resistant, washable, and easy to clean.

It has the right dimensions, height especially, to prevent aches and back pains when bending over or kneeling while changing baby diapers. This will therefore not add to your burden and pain as a mom.

The changing table is a favorite of many moms as it’s designed at the right height, so there’s no need to bend over to change fabrics or diapers. You can even fold it up easily when not in use.

What are Baby Changing Toppers?

Let us first clarify what a baby changing topper is and why it is necessary to have at least one at home. A changing topper is a piece of furniture on which you can comfortably clean and change your baby. It is one of the best tools to have when having a baby. Thanks to these items, it’s easier to keep the changing table clean. Quick and practical, just put the cover directly in the washing machine and it comes out like new.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Changing Toppers?

When we become parents, especially for the first time, there are times when everyday life becomes insurmountable. At such times, it would take a thousand hands to accomplish everything. This is particularly the case with the baby’s bath and hygiene. In this sense, good baby changing topper covers are the ideal complement to make things easier for parents. 

How to Choose the Best Baby Changing Toppers?

What types of changing mat are there to choose from. Below is a guide:

  • Inflatable Changing Mat: Usually made of plastic, best for easy carrying. Just inflate and deflate it with each use.
  • Bed with changing table: widely used for its practicality, because it is usually included in a large cabinet with a child’s bed and a few drawers to store clothes or diapers.
  • Changing table: These are very similar to the bed with a changing table. It is placed on a chest of drawers to have everything you need for the change at hand.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying Baby Changing Toppers?

A few factors should be considered before choosing to buy a set of baby changing toppers.

  • Components: The most popular component is the ecological fabric. It is characterized by its freshness and the fact that it lets your baby’s skin breathe. Waterproof plastic or cotton covers are also good alternatives. As the skin of the little ones is very delicate, there are now covers made with materials specially designed to improve their comfort. For example, the very soft textile fibers prevent the baby from slipping and ensure better safety.
  • The cover: If the cover is too loose, it may move and the baby will fall. But if it’s too tight, it might tear or not be comfortable at all. It is better to take a larger cover, as you can adjust it easily. Of course, the ideal is for the cover to adapt perfectly to the type of mattress you have to ensure the comfort of your baby.
  • Waterproof, absorbent, or disposable? Some covers are waterproof, which is very useful for dressing the baby after the bath. Others may be absorbent, so it doesn’t feel like it’s on a wet surface. Finally, there are disposable covers. These are very practical to carry in your bag and to use, especially when you change in public toilets.
  • Patterns and design: Pediatricians recommend using covers with eye-catching and stimulating patterns. This way your child will be entertained and attracted by the figures and colors that surround him during the change.

How Much Do Top-Rated Baby Changing Toppers Cost?

Cheap baby changing toppers but with good quality can be found for an under $20 price. The affordable baby changing tables can be made of bamboo or vinyl pad. However, there are high-end baby changing toppers sold by established brands, featuring easy-clean design, removability, and/or waterproofness. These can reach up to $100 or more.

Final Verdict

There are different types of solutions for changing a child, depending on tastes or needs. It’s up to you to choose the best model that suits you best to buy the right cover. It should be comfortable for you as well as for your baby.

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