Top 10 Best Baby Changing Tables Reviews of Dec 2022

Top Best Baby Changing Tables

Top Pick Baby Changing Tables

These are the best baby changing tables you can buy right now:

1. Delta Children Drawer Dresser

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It is expected that your little one will quickly outgrow their changing table but what if you could convert it to a dresser. This drawer dresser from Delta Children is one of the most versatile designs from this company. It comes in a stylish design and has enough storage space to keep your baby’s essentials. The four-sided standalone dresser comes with a removable pad which is sold separately.

It is made from high-quality material and its three large drawers are enough to keep items like clothes, diapers and other baby wares. This Delta Children dresser fits perfectly in your little one’s nursery. It does not take up a lot of space and can be placed close to the wall. The dresser isn’t difficult to put together and you can do it within an hour.

Most parents appreciate the quality wooden construction and also that it has ample storage despite its compact size. The topper is usually sold as a separate product but the best part is you can convert this dresser to furniture after your baby outgrows it.

2. Modern Baby Changing Table

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This baby changing top comes at a very good price and quality. It comes with a hamper and three extra storage baskets. The storage baskets are easily removable and very silent when opening. If you are looking for drawers that won’t make any squeaky noise, this Badger Basket’s changing table is what you need. The table is easy to clean and it comes with a foam changing pad to save you the extra cost.

This Badger Basket’s Changing Table makes it easy to organise your baby’s clothes. The dresser has enough storage space to hold your baby’s diapers, wipes, blankets, tours, lotions etc. The basket drawers come with easy access handles making it easy to change your baby’s diapers fast.

Parents will love this baby dresser because of its sufficient storage space. You also have the option to choose from a variety of colors to match your baby’s nursery. It is a sturdy design and will be perfect for parents looking for quality at an affordable price.

3. Graco Lauren Changing Table

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This changing table comes in a functional design and has enough storage space for your baby’s essentials. The Graco table comes with a water-resistant pad and safety strap.  The best part is that you can convert it as storage furniture when your baby outgrows it. This changing table has everything your little one needs to get dressed.

It provides extra storage space with its deep surface design which can conveniently hold your baby’s toys, dolls, baskets, blankets and other essentials. This quality baby furniture by Storkcraft is very compact and will not take up space in your nursery.

What most parents love about this changing table is its versatile design. They like that it will serve as extra storage for their baby’s items even after they have outgrown the table.

4. Costzon 3 Drawer Baby Changing Table

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The Costzon baby dresser comes in a 2 in 1 design. It holds 3 drawers that have enough storage space. The changing table makes it easy for you to do a diaper change and even give your little one a loving massage. It is a quality and durable dresser for babies.

Looking at its design, you will appreciate the 39″ height of this table. It allows you to take a comfortable position when attending to your baby without needing to bend or kneel. The table comes with an adjustable strap feature and an additional security feature that makes it safe for your baby. You won’t need to worry about the table falling apart because it has a very solid construction. The Costzon baby table is made from premium pine, MDF and rubberwood material. It can take a heavy load and has a balanced base.

 Parents won’t have to worry about the safety of their little ones on this dresser. It has non-slip foot pads that keep the table balanced and prevents it from falling over. Also, this dresser can serve as a storage cabinet as it has ample storage space for your baby’s essentials.

5. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

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This is another quality changing table from Delta Children. This brand is known to make the best quality furniture for babies and you should expect nothing but the best from the Delta Children Eclipse.  You should add it to your baby’s nursery furniture because it is functional and provides enough storage space for their toys. This changing table comes with a water-resistant changing pad and a safety strap. It helps you organize your little one’s clothes, games, toys etc.

The design of this changing table is beautiful and it offers enough security when changing your baby’s diapers. The storage space is large enough and comes in an open design. It is quite high and you won’t need to bend down when changing diapers.

New moms will find it easy assembling this table compared to most changing tables. It will complement your baby’s nursery as it comes in a stylish design.

6. INFANS Baby Diaper Table

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The Infans Baby Diaper table comes in a foldable design and is also one of the best changing tables sold today. You can use it for a diaper change and as a massage care table for your baby. The table’s height is convenient making it easy for parents to care your their baby without stressing their spine.

The table is waterproof and comes with a bottom shelf for extra storage. You can conveniently fold this changing table after use, to save space. The table has three compartments that have enough space while your baby’s essentials. You can store diapers, towels, baby blankets, nursing bottles, toys and many other items in it. The table comes with a safety belt at the top for added security.

What most parents would like about this changing table is its foldable design. If you want to manage space, this is the perfect option for you. The table is also very convenient to use and you won’t need to bend or kneel when changing your baby’s diaper.

7. Rolling Baby Changing Table with Wheels

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This is one of the most comfortable changing tables, especially for parents. It will be easy to change your baby’s clothes and diapers without having to bend over. The Rolling changing table also comes in a foldable design which makes it easy to store after use. It won’t take up space in your home and you can easily keep it behind the door. This changing table works for newborns and babies up to 36 months.

It is made from quality steel pipe and waterproof Oxford fabric. The caster wheels that come with this design also have lockable bearings so you can easily move them on rough surfaces conveniently. This Rolling Baby table can handle a heavy workload and can handle up to 80 pounds of weight. It is balanced and won’t fall apart.

It will help parents organize their baby’s clothes and accessories. The folding feature allows you to save space and wheels for easy mobility. Getting this changing table will make the whole process of diaper change very convenient.

8. EGREE Baby Changing Table

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The Egree baby table comes with lockable wheels that make it easy to move the changing table over your thick rug surface. Its adjustable height will allow you to change your baby’s clothes with ease. The table comes with a 4-level height adjustable feature. It also has enough space to do your baby’s diaper change or cloth change. This dressing table is safe on your baby’s skin.

It is made from quality stable steel material and Oxford fabric which is one of the best quality materials. The changing table comes with two baskets that provide enough storage space for your baby’s diapers, towels, toys and other items. The Egree Changing Table is compact and can be folded for storage. It has

It has a multipurpose function which most parents will like. You can use it as a dresser and storage organizer. The additional storage is enough to hold a lot of things despite its compact design.

9. Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

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This Delta Children changing table provides comfort for your baby when it’s time to change clothes or diapers. It comes in a sturdy design with high-quality wood material. This changing table is waterproof and also has a safety strap to support your baby. It is a multipurpose table that serves as both a dresser and storage furniture. When your little one outgrows it, you can convert it to furniture for organizing their clothes.

The furniture comes in a stylish design with a bell-shaped headboard. It has plenty of storage spaces to keep your baby’s clothes, toys, and nursing items. The table also includes a waterproof changing pad and the overall design has been perfect finishing. The table is balanced and your baby won’t fall off while you are doing a diaper change.

If you are looking for a classic design dresser for your baby, you should get this timeless furniture piece. This Delta Children changing table comes with added security for your baby and you can easily keep your baby safe using its safety strap.

10. Delta Children Bell Top Changing Table

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This quality changing table by Delta Children makes diaper changing stress-free. The bell-shaped headboard makes it easy to change your baby’s clothes and at a comfortable height. It also has a 2 in 1 function which allows you to use it as a storage organizer.

This changing table comes with four caster wheels for easy mobility. It has a safety strap and also includes a removable pad for your baby’s comfort. The solid wood construction makes it a durable product. Also, this Delta Children changing table comes in a compact design and won’t take up space.

This changing table is a favorite among parents. Its comfortable height and extra storage space are some of the reasons most parents recommend this changing table.

Baby Changing Tables to Make The Diaper Changing Task Easy

Are you wondering whether a baby changing table is really essential to buy? The thing to remember here is that it can double as a storage space as well with shelves beneath to store fresh diapers so that you easily take the diaper out and use it for replacing the dirty diaper. Read on to learn more about this baby furniture.

What is a Baby Changing Table?

A baby changing table otherwise called a diaper changing table is a parenting accessory or furniture. It will make the process of changing diapers hassle-free. You need not have to use a bassinet or have to run to the bathroom to change diapers when you have this furniture in your home.

Why Should You Get A Good Baby Changing Table?

A baby changing table will help you to easily place the baby on the top. Then, you can open the drawer or just reach the open shelf under the table and can get the diaper to easily change it. Of course, you love your baby a lot. But, the diaper-changing task can be one of the toughest things for you. But, you can make this task hassle-free with a good baby changing table.

How to Choose the Best Baby Changing Table?

When shopping for the best baby changing table, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Consider the dimensions: Before you buy a baby changing table, you will have an idea of where to place it in your home. So, first, you should measure this space and should consider the dimension of the table before buying to check whether it will fit the space in which you have decided to place it in your home. When talking about dimension, you should check whether the height of the table suits the caretaker.
  • Style and design: A baby changing table can look awkward when it does not go with the other interiors in your home. So, before you shop make sure that it fits the other interiors in your home.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying A Baby Changing Table?

The following features will make the baby changing table even more useful:

  • Guard Rails: Irrespective of the type of baby changing table you buy for your kid, you know that it should be safe for your little one. So, do not forget to check whether the unit that you have shortlisted has guard rails or at least raised edges. This will ensure that your baby will not fall from the table when he turns all of a sudden.
  • Storage space: When you have the right baby changing table with storage space, you need not have to look for a separate baby dresser. It will particularly help if you have space constraints in your home. The storage space will also ensure that you can quickly grab the diaper and dresses of your baby right under the changing table as against looking for them elsewhere.
  • Safety straps: To provide better safety to your baby, the baby changing table should have straps. You can use the straps around your baby until you change the diaper and move him from the table.
  • Hinged table: When you need only a baby changing table without storage space, you can look for a hinged table. It means that when you are on an outing with your baby, you can just fold it into the wall. Once you get back you can open it.

How Much Does A Top-Rated Baby Changing Table Cost?

You can find a cheap baby changing table at around $60. Not an affordable baby changing table but if you need a high-end baby changing table, you can find one at around $1400. The higher variants will have additional storage space and other features. The average cost will be around $175.

Final Verdict

A baby changing table will provide a place of hygiene to change diapers as against doing it in different places in your home. So, do make the right choice and you will get the benefits for sure.

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