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What are Baby Armories?

Equipped with several drawers or storage compartments, baby armories allow you to organize clothes, socks, bibs, as well as small baby fashion accessories. At birth, your baby’s clothes are small in size and it is easier to store them in drawers. You can also store their diapers and toys there. Know that as the baby grows up, he begins to wander in his room to find his toys. These can be placed in the last drawer of the dresser to be accessible to your child. However, for items that you want to keep away from them, a good baby armory acts as a safe.

Why Should You Buy Good Baby Armories?

By choosing to buy a good baby armory, you can say goodbye to toys and stuff lying around carelessly. Choosing this kind of item should not be done blindly. Our buying guide will give you some great advice.

How to Choose the Best Baby Armories?

To choose a baby armory, you have a couple of choices ahead of you:

  • The classic armory: These are the traditional types of baby storages. They are often made of durable plastics and may be stationary or portable. They also have locks to keep baby items safe.  
  • Baby armory with dressers: The chest of drawers can also be used as a changing table. There are models equipped with a changing plan. Thus, you will no longer have to acquire an independent changing table. Care products and toiletries can be organized in the first drawer to avoid back and forth when changing diapers. If you have a changing table, the top of the dresser is ideal for placing decorative items. You can also put a night light, soft toys, and why not his first books.

What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Baby Armories?

Below are some of the features you should consider while trying to buy a good baby armory

  • Safety features: Safety is the top priority in all children’s furniture and supplies. Above all, the storage cabinet should be well constructed and not easily fall if children pull or push it. It should not tip over easily either. Manufacturers sometimes include levelers to remedy this problem if the surface on which the furniture is placed is uneven.
  • No toxic materials: The paints on the armory, when not made of plastic, must be non-toxic and contain no harmful products. When made of plastic, the cabinet should be BPA free.
  • The color and decoration of the furniture: It’s psychological. Colors have an effect, either negative or positive on consciousness. They can affect your child’s psychological development in one way or another. It is therefore essential for the psychological well-being of your child to choose brightly colored armory shades. This kind of color essentially contributes to the awakening of your little ones. Thus, it is better to opt for dynamic, bright, and clear tones, such as pink, blue, yellow, or even light green. If you want to go for a neutral color, white is a good alternative.
  • The size of the cabinet: Children’s storage items should also match the age and height of the children. There are different sizes and you have to choose the right one for your child. 15-20 x 15 x 15 to 20 (L x B x W) inches dimensions are a good size generally for horizontal modsls. But it all depends on what works best for you and your kid.  

How Much Does a Top-Rated Baby Armories Cost?

You can find cheap baby armories online for as low as $50 to $70. These affordable baby armories have limited storage spaces or compartments (one or two) and are made of plastics. However, you can find high-end baby armories for sale for around $100 and more.

Final Verdict

Baby armories are types of furniture that can help you keep your baby items organized. Today, baby’s armories come in countless models. From a simple structure, through basic models with three drawers to very designer models, expectant parents are spoiled for choice. The safety, size, material, and colors they are made of are key criteria that should guide you towards making the best choice.

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