What is Baby White Birthmark and How to Remove It?

What is Baby White Birthmark and How to Remove It

What Should Parents Know About White Birthmarks Appeared On Baby’s Skin?

Birthmarks are small or large size skin blemishes, which are easily noticeable. These spots can appear on the skin from birth or a few days after the birth. Most of the birthmarks are harmless, but a few can be a symptom of a serious health condition.

People get birthmarks in various sizes, shapes, and colors. A white birthmark occurs due to the lack of melanin. Even though it is a rare condition, several babies get this type of birthmarks. This type’s skin blemishes do not cause any serious health risk. However, parents should try to remove it if the baby got this birthmark on his face or another visible organ.

What Are White Birthmarks?

White birthmarks are a type of maternal spot, which appear like depigmented spots on the skin. This birthmark can look like bluish-brown skin in certain areas. It occurs due to the lack of melanin in the affected region of the skin.

Some white birthmarks appear like a leaf with two pointed ends whereas others can appear in an irregular shape. These birthmarks commonly occur on the abdomen, chest, thighs, and also on back. Many babies get these birthmarks on their calves and feet.

Just like most other birthmarks, white birthmarks are not itchy, painful, or desquamable. These birthmarks do not exudate. Even though it may appear like a skin problem, the baby does not face any trouble due to this birthmark.

White birthmarks are rarer than other types of birthmarks in babies. It is pretty tough to find such birthmarks on the skin of light-skinned babies. You cannot see them under normal light. You will have to use ultraviolet light to find such spots if your baby got any.

Hence it is quite a rare kind of birthmark, many parents don’t even look for such skin abnormalities. It won’t be noticeable on light-colored skin. Therefore, many parents don’t even search for the cure. Treatments are available to remove this type of birthmarks. Continue reading to learn more about this type’s birthmarks!

What Should You Do If Your Baby Got White Birthmarks?

White birthmarks are not as common as red birthmarks. They may look like white splashes on the skin. Some babies get these skin blemishes with raised skin and some appear with flat skin. Most of the doctors believe these birthmarks do not cause any health issue.

However, some people get permanent loss of pigmentation. It is a concerning issue if your baby got a white birthmark on a visible body part! Therefore, you should think about removing it if you notice white spots on your baby’s skin.

1. Consider why do some babies get white birthmarks

Poor blood circulation is mainly responsible for white birthmarks. Lack of essential elements can also cause irregular growth of ectodermal nerve spinal pigment cells. It will slowly change the skin pigment from inside. Effects will also be visible from the outside. White spots can spread more rapidly than red birthmarks. Therefore, parents should not take them lightly.  

2. Consider laser treatment over conventional birthmark treatment

Conventional treatment is not quite effective against white birthmarks. Discolored tissues remain in the epidermis. Therefore, it takes surgery to remove the epidermis and then the infected skin cells. It will be a painful treatment if you are planning to remove white spots at the early age of the baby. It can leave an ugly scar on your baby’s skin which will remain as it is forever.

Consider a safer alternative to conventional birthmark treatments. Laser birthmark treatment has emerged as the best alternative to remove white birthmarks. It is painless, safe, and it does not leave any scar on the treated skin.

Highly-skilled and highly-trained doctors use a ruby laser to remove white birthmarks from the skin. It is currently the most advanced birthmark removal equipment used by doctors across the globe.

The treatment will be carried out in 4-5 cycles if you decide to remove white birthmarks at the early age of the kid. It will require 7-10 cycles of treatment if white birthmarks are removed in adult age.

Treatment cycles and time is taken for complete removal of birthmarks can also vary depending on birthmark location, skin type, and doctor’s expertise. Some white birthmarks are extremely easy to remove. White birthmarks with raised skin portion may take a slightly longer time for complete removal.

You should go to the doctor for a complete examination of the birthmark. The doctor will check the size, shape, and underlying skin condition. This examination will reveal the amount of time it may take to remove the birthmark.  

What Precautions You Should Take After White Birthmark Treatment?

There are certain precautions patients must take after removing white birthmarks. These precautions will ensure the result will last forever. Your doctor will suggest certain things to do after the treatment. Follow the below-given tips if the doctor does not suggest any special precaution.

1. Apply honey on birthmark treated skin

Apply some honey gently on the treated region of the skin if the baby experiences inflammation. Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also relieves pain, helps in edema reduction and it is hemostatic. Its wound healing effects will play a crucial role in restoring the natural pigment of the skin.  

2. Start consuming fresh fruits and vegetables

You should encourage your child to consume more fresh fruits and veggies. Include spinach, pepper, tomatoes, bitter gourd, cauliflower, and other fresh veggies in his diet. Fresh fruits and vegetable play a crucial role in reducing inflammation. These vegetables also speed up the healing process. Vitamin C containing foods are the best to eat after birthmark removal treatment.

3. Don’t scratch or pull blisters

Sunburn marks may appear on the birthmark removed skin. This type’s marks are pretty common and they will disappear after a day. Some patients may also experience blisters or scabs in the treated region. These are highly uncommon, but some patients may get them.

The patient should not pull or scratch those blisters. Scratching can leave scars on the treated skin. Ignore prolonged sun exposure to the skin and do not apply hot water over blisters or scabs. Such type’s skin issues heal automatically within a few days.

4. Hypopigmentation may occur after the laser resurfacing treatment

Many patients experience milk bruising after the laser resurfacing procedure. Some people also experience the lightening of the skin, which is described as hypopigmentation of the skin. It is quite a common side-effect of this treatment and it does not last too long.

Hypopigmentation indicates that the laser has worked effectively to remove birthmarks. Treated skin may whiten a little bit and that whiteness will disappear automatically. Hence laser treatment takes more time than surgical treatments, it feels more effective after each cycle of the treatment.  

Patients should also not worry about redness on the skin. It will disappear after a few days and the skin will gain its natural color within the next two days.

5. Swelling is normal

If your baby got his white birthmark removed through the laser resurfacing treatment, his skin may swell. It is another common side effect of laser treatment. Parents should not apply any ointment to reduce swelling. It will disappear within 24-48 hours.

Is White Birthmark Harmful for Health?

Millions of people get birthmarks. White birthmarks are rare, but many people got them. It usually does not pose any risk to your baby’s health. It can be accompanied by tuberous sclerosis in some babies.

The baby may start nodding for no reason, raise hands, bend, twitch, or kick both legs. The baby may experience a series of convulsions and seizures. These seizures will not harm the baby as he grows older, but they may also turn into a different kind of epilepsy in some babies.

If your baby got a white birthmark, you should consult with the doctor. The doctor will examine your baby to diagnose health issues and ensure he is fine. There is no need to take your baby to the doctor if he behaves normally!

Is White Birthmark Removal Procedure Painful?

Many parents do not decide to remove white birthmarks because they think it will be a painful treatment. Some parents also worry about scars the treatment may cause! Conventional treatments can cause surgical scars on your kid’s body, but laser treatment is safe.

Many people got their birthmarks removed through the laser resurfacing procedure. They have experienced hypopigmentation for a few days, but no scars at all. It is a reliable treatment for white birthmarks and you should consider it!


Birthmarks and moles can severely affect a person’s charm. Many kids have been bullied by other kids due to their different appearance. It can also happen to your kid if he got white birthmarks on exposed body parts.

Take your kid to a renowned doctor, who specializes in birthmark removal. The doctor will suggest the best treatment for the quick removal of white birthmarks. Follow the precautions shared by your doctor and mentioned in this post to get the best results. It will fade away after the treatment and your baby will enjoy a normal life! Therefore, White Birthmark treatment is important for your child.

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